The UK is one of Canada’s most important trading partners and leading export markets.   Jet provides low cost Canadian parcel shipping solutions for delivery to London, Manchester and all the UK.    Jet Worldwide provides best Canada to UK shipping options.

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In this blog, we review

  • Parcel shipping UK from Canada in 2020
  • H.M. Customs clearance processes and costs


Jet Worldwide provides parcel shipping from Montreal, Toronto and all of Canada for delivery to all the UK, including the entire island of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and the northeastern portion of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland).    



Canada Post International shipping Alternative UK from Canada:  Covid-19 UPDATE

Canada Post disruptions for international parcel delivery are resulting in many inquiries for parcel shipping  UK FROM CANADA.   Canada post is experiencing significant delays for both domestic and international parcels.

Canada to UK Shipping

UK from Canada Parcel Delivery Options


Shipping to the United Kingdom via Canada Post  

Canada Post offers low cost for delivery of small parcels to the UK.   Canada Post's "Small Packet" services offer the lowest cost for individuals sending small parcels to the UK.     Shipments sent via Canada Post are imported and delivered to The UK via Royal Mail. 

Canada Post Delivery Services to The United Kingdom Include:

For shipment  of packets to the UK under 2 kg/ 4 pounds

    • Canada Post Small Packet International Surface UK:  Uncertain delivery time
    • Canada Post Small Packet International Air UK
    • Canada Post Tracked Packet International Air UK:  Delivery within 2 weeks

For shipping parcels  to The United Kingdom 


Canada Post shipments to London, Manchester, Glasgow, and all The UK are imported and delivered by Royal Mail.    Canadian e-commerce shippers using Shopify can benefit from low cost for heavy parcels shipped to the UK from Canada.   


Shipping to the UK via FedEx Canada and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and offer reliable express delivery from Canada to the UK. FedEx and UPS Canada can be expensive for small and medium sized businesses and their processes are inflexible.

Fedex and UPS shipping UK from Canada options include:

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Shipping to the UK via Purolator Canada

Purolator Courier is a leading Canadian domestic carrier.    Purolator provides delivery to the UK via partner carriers, such as UPS.

Delivery UK from Canada can average around $100 for individuals shipping a  5 pound shipment with Purolator.     Purolator services to the UK include Purolator Express International and Purolator Express International 12 PM

Shipping to the UK via Jet Worldwide Canada

Jet Worldwide provides low cost delivery for Canada to UK. Our network of the world's leading carriers and local agents helps Canadian companies ship parcels to and from the UK.    Shipping UK from Canada?    Our experts can help you find the right solution.

Jet Worldwide Canada provides delivery to the UK that can include special services such as time specific pickups, storage in the UK or Canada, and domestic distribution.


shipping UK from Canada duty VAT Graphic2

Clearance information Canada to UK shipments

Below is useful information on HM Revenue and Customs clearance processes for shipping parcels from Canada to the UK. The information is provided for general reference only as UK customs regulations are subject to change. For rates and information on restrictions, contact Jet's team:

Sending parcels from Canada to the UK requires clearly defined commodity descriptions and value.     UK Custom considers the transaction value to include Cost, Insurance, Freight (CIF).   When sending international shipments to the UK, ensure the commercial invoice includes a clear description of the item(s) being sent and the reason for export. Also, it should be noted that the value is a “CIF value.”

Duty Free status for low value parcels

Companies who send low value international shipments from Montreal to the United Kingdom can take advantage of the “de-minimus limit” for relief  from payment of customs duty (below £135) and Value Added Tax/ VAT (below £15).   

For Imports of “negligible value”

  • Up to £15 (around $25 CD) :   Exempt from duty and VAT
  • Over £15 and up to £135:   Exempt from duty. VAT is due
  • Over £135 (around $240 CD) :   Duty and VAT due


Duty rates shipping UK from Canada

UK customs duty rates vary from duty free for most electronics - such as computers, tablets and cameras to 4% duty for electronic accessories (10% for accessories with batteries)  and 12% for clothing, shoes and other fashion items.


H.M. Customs are getting stricter on enforcing the correct declared value.   When shipping to the UK, be sure to include supporting documents that might be needed in case UK Customs challenges the declared value.     UK customs uses the Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) value for assessing duty.

For valuation of your package to the UK, the most common method is known as the '"transactional value."  Simply, what you paid or sold for the item is what should be declared to customs.

Sending Parcels containing Samples:

For companies who send sample shipments, they should be aware of the criteria necessary to qualify for exemption from duty and VAT:

    • Sample goods must have been “mutilated”
    • The commercial invoice must clearly note that the item is a mutilated sample and not for resale.
    • An alternative to mutilated sample is for the item(s) to be clearly marked as “sample” in indelible ink
    • Only single samples of each style.   If shoes, only one shoe can be sent.


Sending Shopify parcels from Canada to the UK 

The UK is a major shipping destination from Canadian e-commerce merchants using on-line shopping platforms including Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix and other sites.  Canada Post offers discounts via such e-commerce shipping platforms and is the lowest cost choice for small parcels.

Canada Post Small Packet Service offers a low cost to the UK for shipments under 4 pounds / 2 kilograms.

Jet Worldwide offers low cost parcel delivery from Canada to the UK for larger parcels shipped from Canadian e-commerce parcels.   

Contact our Canadian shipping experts for a quote on shipping heavy and multi lot / multi parcel Shopify international shipments from Canada.

Sending parcels to the UK containing Commercial Samples

Companies who wish to send an international shipment to the United Kingdom containing commercial or “Salesman’s Samples” should note this clearly on the commercial invoice.    The importation of such samples may qualify for duty relief but may be subject to special handling such as a Temporary Import.    Such special procedures will result in extra clearance costs and potential clearance delays.


Sending Parcels to the UK containing personal Gifts

Articles sent as "Unsolicited gifts" are acceptable and will be allowed entry free of any duty or VAT providing the shipment is valued at less than 40 UKL/ $70CD, consigned to an individual, and are individually wrapped.   The parcel may contain multiple gifts as long as the individual parcels enclosed are individually tagged with the recipient's name, are individually wrapped and the value does not exceed the per person limit of 40 UKL (around $70 CD)

Shipments consigned to companies as gifts for an individual may be denied entry as gifts and will be subject to full duty and VAT.  

To qualify for duty/tax free status, the gift:

    • Must be clearly described on the commercial invoice (a common error is when shippers describe the item only as a “gift” but does not specify what the item itself is.
    • Under 40 UKL (around $70 CD)
    • Does not contain restricted goods and are of a “non-commercial character.”
    • Be addressed to a private individual (rather than a company)
    • Items subject to excise tax, such as cigarettes, perfume, toilet water, and alcohol should be avoided.   They are only accepted in limited quantities and, anyway, often forbidden for transport by courier.

Parcel distribution to the UK and the EU

Jet Worldwide offers bulk H.M. Customs clearance, warehousing, pick/pack and low cost ground delivery solutions to the UK and across Europe.    Jet has distribution solutions to the EU via the UK with bonded transfer and EU based euro domestic distribution.  

Contact our team for information on UK and European shipping and last mile delivery solutions.

Sending Parcels to the UK for personal effects

Contact our team for rates and information on sending your personal effects to the United Kingdom from Canada.

When shipping personal effects to the UK, the goods must first be approved by HM Customs (via a unique number) prior to shipping

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CETA and Duty Free Shipping UK From Canada


The European Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CETA) allows for duty free import of Canada origin goods the the UK.   This duty free entry of Canada origin goods the UK under CETA is expected to continue during most of 2020.   

Canada origin goods can qualify for duty free access to the UK under CETA while the UK transitions away from the EU but  it is important to get an update prior to shipping  as the situation is subject to change.


Low cost parcel delivery to the UK from Canada. Contact Jet Worldwide for rates and information on our Canadian shipping services for delivery to the United Kingdom.

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Written by Timothy Byrnes