The UK is one of Canada’s most important trading partners and leading export markets. Jet Worldwide provides low-cost Canadian parcel shipping solutions for delivery to London, Manchester and all of the UK. Jet Worldwide provides the best economical shipping to the UK.

Jet Worldwide provides British, European, Canadian and global logistics. We support various systems and processes regarding UK international, domestic and Canadian movement of goods. This can include things like transportation, rate comparison storage facilities, and supply chain management. Our logistics support augments your team by not being beholden to a specific carrier or process.

How much is shipping from Canada to the UK?

The cost for shipping depends on your package size and weight. Up to 2 kg via Canada Post the cost is around $36 for surface and $74 for Air. Canada post is the best option for individuals shipping small packages and personal items.

Via FedEx or UPS, the cost for up to 5 kg is between $130 and $160 (depending on the level of discount and fuel surcharge).

How Can I Ship Sea Freight to the UK from Canada

Sea freight works best for heavier shipments, usually more than around 500 kilograms. For individuals shipping packages, Canada Post surface offer the cheapest option to the UK.  For heavier parcels and shipments up to around 100 kilograms, economy air is usually the lowest cost option.

How do I ship something from Canada to the UK?

The best way for individuals to ship is to visit Canada Post’s website or stop by their local post office. It Is important to confirm the goods you are sending are not prohibited and what the import fees will be. Shippers can also contact FedEx, UPS or DHL or their partner carriers via the internet.

What is the cheapest way to ship to the UK?

The best economical option for individuals shipping small packages and personal items to the UK is via Canada Post surface options. For e-commerce orders, the cheapest option is to direct airfreight to the UK. For containers, ocean freight is the often the best option. Contact our team for details.

There are a few ways you may be able to find a cheaper way to send packages to the UK:

  1. Compare rates: Compare rates from different shipping companies
  2. Consider weight and size (verify your chargeable weight)
  3. Use Canada Post surface shipping options
  4. Ship in bulk: If you are shipping multiple packages to the UK.
  5. Use a freight forwarder or carrier partner (such as Jet Worldwide.. of course!)

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Can I ship from Canada to the UK?

Canadians can ship most items to the UK via Canada Post, commercial parcel couriers or via a freight forwarder. You can also arrange for delivery to the UK even if you are not in Canada but the shipper may have to file an export declaration.

Can I send via DPD from Canada to the UK?

DPD is a leading UK carrier that can be accessed via Jet Worldwide Canada.Contact our team to build direct shipping solutions for Canadian e-commerce orders to the UK.

Useful information: Shipping e-commerce orders to the UK.

Can I Zone Jump by Shipping Direct to the UK from Canada?

Zone jumping refers to the practice of shipping goods direct to take advantage of lower domestic shipping rates.Bypass the international premium charged by local carriers.It is important to ensure compliance UK import and VAT regulations. Build a direct solution with our team.

Are Canadian imports to the UK duty free ?

All shipments to the UK are subject to duty and tax. Low value shipments and items that qualify as Canadian origin (via the CUKTCA free trade agreement) can be imported duty free. All shipments, even if duty free, are subject to UK's value added tax (VAT).

Understanding the difference between shipping from Canada versus Canadian origin goods

How are import fees to the UK calculated?

Import fees are calculated on the three main elements: The value of your shipment , the item being shipped, and country of origin. Read More About UK Import Fees.

Destination UK: Our complete guide to the cheapest prices, required documents, restrictions, and import fees.

Jet Worldwide provides North American logistics support including Canadian domestic, American cross border, reverse logistics and support for procuring, receiving and forwarding online orders. Contact our logistics team for details.

Complete shipping guide to the UK

Carrier shipping options from Canada to the UK
  • Insuring your shipment to the UK

UK Customs Clearance/ Import to the UK for Canadian Shipments

  • Importing process to the UK explained
  • Shipping terms to consider
  • Canadian Export Declaration (CERS/B-13)
  • Duty Free Status for low value parcels
  • UK duty rates for Canadian shipments
  • UK Canada Trade Continuity Act - Free Trade Agreement
  • Certificate of Origin and its benefits explained
  • Valuation for Goods Imported to the UKHM Customs clearance processes and costs
  • VAT collection for e-commerce/ online orders shipped to the UK from Canada
  • Shipping Canadian online orders to the UK and the EU

UK Customs clearance for specific categories of goods

  • Shipping documents to the UK
  • Shipping gifts to the UK from Canada
  • Shipping personal effects from Canada to the UK
  • Shipping food to the UK
  • Shipping product samples/ commercial samples to businesses in the UK
  • Shipping Advertising material to the UK
  • Shipping repaired equipment to the UK
  • Shipping to trade shows in the UK and ATA Carnets
  • EORI explained and why it is important when importing to the UK from Canada
  • CE labeling for goods imported to the UK
  • Shipping e-commerce orders to the UK from Canada direct
  • Get best shipping quote to the UK
  • Additional resources for shipping from Canada and shipping to Canada

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Best Options for shipping: UK from Canada

There are several shipping options available for sending goods from Canada to the UK.  

Here are some common shipping options that you might consider:

  • Shipping to the UK Canada Post: Generally the best option for personal shipments
  • Shipping via Ocean: Preferred option for large bulk orders and containers
  • Courier Options: Using FedEx, UPS, DHL directly or via one of their partners
  • Air Freight: Best for shipments over 50 kg chargeable weight
global Canada shipping options -1   

Ship Service to the United Kingdom via Canada Post

Canada Post is the preferred option for individuals forwarding personal goods to the UK. The cost of shipping to the UK be be as low as around $30 for up to 4 pounds/ 2 kg via Canada post surface. It can take several months but, hey.. it's cheap!

Home delivery to the UK for Canada Post is performed by Royal Mail

Canada Post shipping options to the United Kingdom Include:

  • Small Packet Surface, Air and "Tracked Packet"
  • Parcel Surface : Uncertain delivery time
  • Xpresspost: estimated delivery in around 2 weeks
  • Priority World Pak (service via FedEx)

Canada Post Sample Costs 2023 to UK

The services and transit times are estimated only.  You can confirm the services and transit times directly via Canada Post's website and local postal outlets.

Businesses seeking solutions for their e-commerce parcels to the UK can request a call back from our logistics team.

Shipping to the UK via FedEx and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and, along with DHL, offer reliable express delivery from Canada to the UK. The Best Economical Shipping to the UK often means using one of these carriers directly or via one of their partners.

FedEx and UPS shipping UK from Canada options include:

  • Priority international air express delivery to the UK
  • Economy international air economy delivery

Shipping to the UK via Purolator Canada

Purolator Courier is a leading Canadian domestic carrier. Purolator provides delivery to the UK via partner carriers such as UPS. Purolator is a division of Canada Post.

Delivery between the UK and Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide offers options for shipping between the UK and Canada for parcels, pallets, and online orders. Our team has decades of experience and provides transparency and best in class logistics support. 


  • Best in class parcels, pallets, air, ocean, e-commerce shipping solutions
  • UK - North American logistics consultations
  • Direct shipping solutions for online orders to the UK

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Additional resources for understanding international transport:

HS code vector image Understanding HS codes

free trade vector Benefit from Canada's Free Trade Agreements

declared value vector Verify you are declaring the correct value

shipping insurance Ensuring your goods are properly insured

chargeable weight graphic Understanding chargeable weight versus actual weight

IMPORT DUTY VECTOR Import duty explained and how it is calculated

UK Import fees Useful information for understanding UK import fees

value added tax UK Accounting for Value added tax to the UK

Shipping Air versus Ocean from Canada to the UK

We get many inquiries requesting the lowest cost for shipping between Canada and the UK. The best shipping option to Canada depends on several factors.  In general, the lowest cost for small personal packages via Canada Post surface options. For heavier shipments, economy air freight is often the preferred option. And less than container load is best with shipping palletized freight and large commercial orders. Useful information: Things to know about Ocean Shipping To and From Canada.

lowest cost ocean freight by weight graphic

DPD Delivery to the UK from Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide offers direct import to the UK sent via airfreight direct from YUL, YYZ and YVR. DPD is a leading UK delivery services.

Direct shipping to the UK allows Canadian retailers to scale their sales to the Britain and across Europe. Contact our e-commerce logistics team for a consultation.

info mail

Do you need an Export Declaration to the UK?

A Canadian export declaration is required for shipments to the UK valued over CA $2,000 (or if goods are otherwise regulated). Learn when a Canadian Export Declaration is required.

Insuring your shipments to the UK

Carrier insurance is fairly straight forward but - also - often disappointing. The advantages of having product insurance directly with the carrier has the benefit in the extremely rare event that the shipment is lost. Yet, carriers insurance or "declared value" programs are subject to frustrating and often inflexible.

Keep in mind that not all goods are insurable with the carriers and that the most common reason for refused claims is insufficient packaging. Individual parcels must be securely packed - and the packaging itself well documented with photographic proof prior to shipping and upon receipt. Jet Worldwide provides reliable third party insurance options to free shippers from having to use a carriers' policy. Read More About Package Shipping Insurance.

Import Process to the UK from Canada Explained

The process for importing goods into the UK depends on several factors, including the type of goods being imported, the country they are coming from, and the value of the goods.

The process is explained in more detail in the following sections but generally, the process for importing goods into the UK involves the following steps:

  1. If shipment is to a business, ensure the consignee / importer has a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number.
  2. Determine the applicable duties and taxes for the goods being imported. This can be done using the UK Trade Tariff tool. The importer should know of the likely import customs duties and fees prior to shipping.
  3. Ensure the necessary licenses and permits are in place. This is particularly important for restricted goods, including food.
  4. Make sure the necessary documentation is included. This includes a commercial invoice, a bill of lading, and any other required documents such as a certificate of origin or a phytosanitary certificate.
  5. Make sure the shipping terms are clear, particularly who is responsible for payment of any applicable import duties, taxes and fees.Read more: Import duty and how it is calculated.

It's important to note that the specific requirements for importing goods into the UK may vary depending on the type of goods, the country they are coming from, and other factors. Always confirm import details and compliance with the consignee/ importer prior to shipping.

Useful information:  UK Import fees explained

Shipping terms to consider when shipping to the UK

The default option for shipping internationally from Canada is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import related costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Shippers from Canada can choose to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver via a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP or DTP) options that commercial carriers offer.

The disadvantage of paying import fees on behalf of the receiver is that the bulk of the import fees are often from the UK's value added tax that the importing business may otherwise be able to claim back. Read More About International Shipping Terms

Note: Inco-terms is a registered trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce(ICC).

HM Revenue and the customs clearance for parcels from Canada to the UK.

His Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK government agency responsible for collecting import duties and taxes on goods coming into the country. The amount of duties and taxes you will need to pay depends on the type and value of the goods you are importing and their country of origin.

Goods shipped to the UK must be accompanied by an invoice for customs or other supporting documents.

Sending parcels from Canada to the UK requires clearly defined commodity descriptions and value. UK customs consider the transaction value to include Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF). When sending international shipments to the UK, ensure the commercial invoice includes a clear description of the item(s) being sent and the reason for export. Also, it should be noted that the value is a “CIF Value.”

An info graphic with information about the UK including currency and trade agreement with Canada.

Duty-free status for low-value parcels

Companies who send low-value international shipments from Montreal to the United Kingdom can take advantage of the “de-minimus limit” for relief from payment of customs duty below £135.

  • Up to £135: Exempt from duty. VAT is assessed.
  • Over £135 (around CAD 230): Both Duty and VAT are assessed

For imports valued under £135, the term "import vat" has been replaced with "supply VAT."

Read More About VAT Prepayment for E-commerce Orders Importation

Free Trade Between Canada and the UK: Trade Continuity Act/ TCA:

The Canada-U.K. TCA (CUKTCA) provides Canadian and UK businesses continued preferential access for goods shipped between both countries.

Simply purchasing  a good in Canada or the UK does not necessarily qualify them (as “wholly obtained or produced entirely”) for preferential duty free import.

For goods that do not otherwise qualify for preferential duty-free import, UK customs duty rates vary from duty-free for most electronics, such as computers, tablets and cameras to 4% duty for electronic accessories (10% for accessories with batteries) and 12% for clothing, shoes and other fashion items.

CUKTCA Rules of Origin

In general, a product will be considered to originate from the UK or Canada if it is wholly obtained or produced entirely in the UK or Canada, or if it has undergone sufficient production or processing in the UK or Canada to meet the agreement's rules of origin.

The origin of agricultural goods and commodities grown, raised or extracted can be clearly understand. Manufactured goods can be more complex and must have undergone sufficient transformation in Canada or the UK to qualify as a domestic product of that country.

  • There is a line between simple assembly that does not transform the nature of the product itself.  A product must undergo a sufficient change in tariff classification as a result of production or transformation in Canada or the UK in order to qualify as an originating product.
  • Also considered is the value of non origin content as a percentage of its total value.

The specific rules of origin for the CUKTCA are set out in the text of the agreement and in the related Protocol on Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures. It is important to verify compliance with the consignee/ importer and regulatory authorities prior to shipping.

Benefits of a certificate of origin to the UK

The country of origin used by HM customs to determine if preferential duty free import can be applied. The required origin declaration may be provided on an invoice or any other commercial document. We recommend including both a certification on the invoice as well as a separate certificate of origin. 


Valuation for Shipments to the UK

HM Revenue and Customs enforce the mandate of declaring the actual value. When shipping to the UK, you should include supporting documents that might be needed in case UK Customs challenges the declared value. UK customs use the CIF Value for assessing duty.

For online orders shipped to the UK, the imported value for purposes of the £135 low value threshold is the value of the total of all the items being shipped or the "consignment value." Understanding Import Cost to the UK.


An EORI Number to the UK Explained

An Economic Operators Registration and Identification number - or EORI number - is required for companies who are importing and exporting goods between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or the Isle of Man and any other country (including Canada)

The EORI identification number is actually a result of the UK's prior membership in the EU (and also used by European countries). A separate UK EORI registration was established following Brexit.

The EORI number exists out of two parts:

  • The country code of the issuing Member State; followed by
  • A code or number that is unique in the Member State

It is important for Canadian shippers to ensure the receiver of their goods are registered - or at least aware of - the EORI program (easily googled). When shipping from Canada to the UK, it is best to include the consignee's EORI number on the customs invoice and carrier paperwork.

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CE Marking Requirements to the UK

The UK government requires CE (Conformity Européene) markings on certain electronic and medical equipment. Visit HMCustoms Gov.UK website for information on CE marking requirements.

Contact our logistics professionals to get connect our UK brokers to get more information.

Sending E-commerce Orders to the UK

Sellers exporting from Canada to the UK should note that e-commerce platforms - such as Shopify, and eBay - are responsible for collecting VAT directly from Canadian sellers. TheUK VAT arrangement applies Value Added Tax for all online orders from Canada to the UK individuals**. Read about prepaid VAT requirement for shipping to the UK.

Direct Import E-Commerce to the UK - PDF

VAT Number of the Importing Business in the UK

The rules related to the collection of VAT apply to the value of the package being sent, not to individual orders or items in the package.

UK VAT plus duty graphic

Shipping from Canada to UK Businesses

The online marketplace must charge and account for VAT at the point of sale. If the consignment is a business to business sale the customer can provide their UK VAT registration number. If shipping to registered business, the businesses UK VAT registration number must be noted on the invoice. You can verify the businesses UK VAT number using the following website:

A sample VAT statement for orders to UK registered businesses: "Customer to account for VAT to HMRC: UK business customer: _______"

E-commerce sellers from Canada are required to keep records to ensure the correct application of VAT. Shippers should be aware that the UK's default Value Added Tax rate is 20% but less for some items, including books, food and Children's clothes.

A warehouse in the background and a flow chart explaining UK VAT payment

Understanding VAT Payment processing to the UK

Added VAT and the need for Lower Delivery Cost to the UK

Contact Jet’s team to stay informed on our new shipping options to the UK and EU.

Having a fully tracking low cost shipping option to the UK is more important than ever to offset the application of VAT and other costs.

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UK Customs clearance for specific categories of goods

Shipping documents needed when shipping to the UK

Shipping documents to the UK is simply a matter of declaring the goods as documents. Urgent shipments can be shipped via Canada Post express services or via a major commercial carrier.

When shipping personal effects to the UK, shippers should first apply for a Transfer of Residence tax relief and obtain a "Unique Reference Number" /URN. See more details below.

Articles sent as "Unsolicited gifts" are acceptable and will be allowed entry free of any duty or VAT providing the shipment is valued under £40 / CAD 70, consigned to an individual and is individually wrapped. See more details below.

In general, we advise against shipping food to the UK as it can happen that legitimate personal food items are subject to the restrictive for commercial imports. See more details below.

A commercial sample is an item that can only be used for demonstration purposes, with the aim of encouraging people to buy or to place orders.  See details below.

Advertising material - including promotional  items which are handed out free of charge to customers at trade shows- generally are subject to duty and VAT.  See more details below.

Shipping personal effects to the UK

When shipping personal effects to the UK, shippers should first apply for a Transfer of Residence tax relief and obtain a "Unique Reference Number" /URN. Once the information is submitted online, the shipper will get an email (see sample response above) and ultimate approval within 2 weeks. Once the URN approval comes back, the shipper can then import their goods to the UK duty free. Contact our team for details.

UK Customs Transfer of Residence Relief

Shipping of excess baggage: Generally, it is simpler and easier to ship your personal effects as excess baggage when you travel. Carrier excess baggage fees for a couple of bags is most often less expensive than shipping separately without having to manage separate entry requirements.

Shipping a box or several boxes: Jet Worldwide provides solutions shipping of international personal effects to UK for individuals who have acquired their unique number (issued by HM Customs).

Shipping a household/ container level: For shipping oversize pieces and a full household, it is best to contact a moving specialist to arrange for packing and ocean or air freight transport.

A sample letter from UK customs with the UK-URN-NUMBER-EMAIL-RESPONSE

Sending parcels to the UK containing personal gifts

Articles sent as "Unsolicited gifts" are acceptable and will be allowed entry free of any duty or VAT providing the shipment is valued under £40 / CAD 70, consigned to an individual and is individually wrapped. The parcel may contain multiple gifts as long as the individual parcels enclosed are individually tagged with the recipient's name, are individually wrapped and the value does not exceed the per-person limit of £40 (around CAD 70).

Shipments consigned to companies as gifts for an individual may be denied entry as gifts and will be subject to full duty and VAT.

To qualify for duty-free or tax-free status, the gift:

  • Must be clearly described on the commercial invoice (a common error is when shippers describe the item only as a “gift” without specifying what the item itself is)
  • Under £40 (around CAD 70)
  • Does not contain restricted goods and are of a “non-commercial character.”
  • Be addressed to a private individual (rather than a company)
  • Items subject to excise tax, such as cigarettes, perfume, toilet water and alcohol should be avoided. These are only accepted in limited quantities and are often forbidden for transport by courier.

Things to Consider when Shipping food to the UK from Canada

In general, we advise against shipping food to the UK as it can happen that legitimate personal food items are subject to the restrictive for commercial imports.

For individuals shipping food to the UK, we recommend Canada Post options keeping in mind the general guidelines below:

  • Less than 1 kg
  • Food must be non-perishable with an expiration date of six months or longer
  • Food must be in original manufacturer's packaging including a list of ingredients and expiration date.
  • Individuals cannot send any products containing animal products or potatoes

UK Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides a checklist to help businesses export food internationally.

Sending product samples to the UK

Companies who send sample shipments should be aware of the criteria necessary to qualify for exemption from duty and VAT:

  • Sample goods must have been “mutilated”.
  • The commercial invoice must clearly note that the item is a mutilated sample and not for resale.
  • An alternative to mutilated samples is for the item(s) to be clearly marked as “sample” in indelible ink.
  • Only single samples of each style will be considered. If shoes, only one shoe can be sent.

In the UK, a commercial sample is an item that can only be used for demonstration purposes, with the aim of encouraging people to buy or to place orders. UK importers can benefit by avoiding tax and duty if they have a valid EORI number (see section above).

Sending "salesman samples" UK containing commercial samples

Companies who wish to send an international shipment to the United Kingdom containing commercial samples or “Salesman’s Samples” should clearly note so on their commercial invoice. The importation of such samples may qualify for duty relief but may be subject to special handling, such as a Temporary Import. Such special procedures will result in extra clearance costs and potential delays.

Shipping Advertising material to the UK

Advertising material - including "SWAG"' items which are handed out free of charge to customers at trade shows- generally are subject to duty and VAT.

Advertising material can be entered duty-free if clearly noted on the invoice, under 1 kg total weight, and to a single receiver.

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Items from Canada Returned to the UK for Repair

The first requirement we mention to those wishing to ship goods back to the UK for repair is to be sure you have shipping information proving how and when the goods were exported from the UK

Items that must be mentioned on the commercial invoice for customs includes:

  • Shipping details proving export from the UK (see above)
  • Include wording "Being Returned for Repair"
  • Mention how long goods are expected to remain the UK for repair
  • Include repair contract agreement (and - on the commercial invoice - reference that the fact that the agreement is included with the shipment paperwork).
  • Include product details including serial number, product name, model number and cost of repairs.

Parcel distribution to the UK and the EU via DPD

Jet Worldwide offers bulk HM Customs clearance, warehousing, pick/pack and low-cost ground delivery solutions to the UK and across Europe. Jet Worldwide has distribution solutions to the EU via the UK with bonded transfer and EU based euro domestic distribution.

Ship your online orders direct to the UK from Canada and the USA via Jet:

  • Low per last mile delivery cost to the UK
  • Full tracking
  • Integrated clearance with no charges to the consignee

Contact our team for information on UK and European shipping and last mile delivery solutions.

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Shipping Canadian e-commerce Orders to the UK and the EU

Jet Worldwide has best in class shipping solutions for Canada's leading e-commerce platforms and retailers. Build direct shipping from Canada to the UK with final mile delivery via DPD.

Direct Import E-Commerce to the UK - PDF

Shipping direct is the best way to scale your sales to the UK using your local Canadian warehousing and distribution. The challenge of having sufficient volume is offset by low CAPEX costs and variable costs that get substantially lower. Often, the initial costs in the same range of what you are likely already paying. Once the UK processes are developed, you can then easily replicate the processes to expand to the entire EU!

Benefit from having a Canadian UK logistics partner

The UK is among Canada's leading trading partners. Benefit from Jet Worldwide's experience and transparency. We provide solutions that combine low cost access to major global carriers, UK clearance specialists, warehousing and last mile delivery via DPD.

Ship From Canada


Shipping Guide For Sending to Canada


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