The UK is one of Canada’s most important trading partners and leading export markets. Jet Worldwide provides low-cost Canadian parcel shipping solutions for delivery to London, Manchester and all of the UK. Jet Worldwide provides the best shipping options from Canada to the UK.

This post provides an outline of the main elements of shipping from Canada to the UK including carrier options, import the UK, VAT payment for ecommerce orders, the UK Canada Trade Continuity Act (TCA),  and how to get a shipping quote and support from Jet's logistics team.


Important Things to consider when shipping between the UK and Canada

  • Carrier shipping options from Canada to the UK
  • UK Customs Clearance/ Import to the UK for Canadian Shipments
    • Shipping terms to consider
    • Duty Free Status for low value parcels
    • UK duty rates for Canadian shipments
    • UK Canada Trade Continuity Act - Free Trade Agreement
    • Valuation for Goods Imported to the UKHM Customs clearance processes and costs
    • VAT collection for e-commerce/ online orders shipped to the UK from Canada
    • Shipping Canadian Shopify orders to the UK and the EU
  • Informations required for a shipping quote to the UK:  See below

Shipping Personal Effects to the UK from Canada

  • Shipping personal effects from Canada to the UK

Jet Worldwide provides parcel shipping from Montreal, Toronto and all of Canada for delivery to the UK, including the entire island of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is for general information only and is not intended to, constitute legal and/or tax advice.  Producers, shippers, exporters, importers should confirm their processes with their customs brokers, carriers and regulating authorities. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this site are hereby expressly disclaimed. The content on this posting is provided “as is”; no representations are made that the content is error-free.

Options for shipping to the UK from Canada  

jet-logo-vector-post-indiciaShipping to the United Kingdom via Canada Post

Canada Post is the preferred option for individuals sending small parcels and personal goods to the UK. Canada Post shipments to the UK are imported and delivered by Royal Mail.

Canada Post delivery services to the United Kingdom Include:

  • Canada Post Small Packet Surface, Air and "Tracked Packet"
  • Canada Post Parcel Surface : Uncertain delivery time
  • Canada Post Xpresspost


jet-logo-vector-airShipping to the UK via FedEx Canada and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and, along with DHL, offer reliable express delivery from Canada to the UK. 

FedEx and UPS shipping UK from Canada options include:

Shipping to the UK via Purolator Canada

Purolator Courier is a leading Canadian domestic carrier. Purolator provides delivery to the UK via partner carriers such as UPS.  Purolator is a division of Canada Post.

jet-logo-vectorDelivery between the UK and Canada via Jet Worldwide

  • Jet Worldwide:  A trusted brand offering international shipping for over 35 years!
  • Jet Worldwide offers options for shipping between the UK and Canada for parcels, pallets, and online orders (with Shopify integration)
  • Jet Worldwide offers transparency and logistics support.  We are not shy to recommend alternative options that are better suited for your needs.  


jet world wide ecommerce parcel delivery specialists

For a quote for shipping online orders, provide details including shipping volume, item(s) being shipped, average value and weight of each parcel.  The more details the better :).

Shipping terms to consider when shipping to the UK

The default option for shipping internationally from Canada is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import related costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Shippers from Canada can choose to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver via a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) options that many carriers offer.

The disadvantage of paying import fees on behalf of the receiver is that the bulk of the import fees are often from the UK's value added tax that the importing business may otherwise be able to claim back.

See our blog on Incoterms and shipping terms for packages and online orders.

CUSTOMS-DOUNE-GRAPHICUseful information on HM Revenue and the customs clearance processes for shipping parcels from Canada to the UK.

Goods shipped to the UK must be accompanied by an invoice for customs or other supporting documents.

Sending parcels from Canada to the UK requires clearly defined commodity descriptions and value. UK customs considers the transaction value to include Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF). When sending international shipments to the UK, ensure the commercial invoice includes a clear description of the item(s) being sent and the reason for export. Also, it should be noted that the value is a “CIF Value.”


Duty-free status for low-value parcels

Companies who send low-value international shipments from Montreal to the United Kingdom can take advantage of the “de-minimus limit” for relief from payment of customs duty below £135.

  • Up to £135: Exempt from duty. VAT is assessed 
  • Over £135 (around CAD 230): Both Duty and VAT are assessed

For imports valued under £135, the term "import vat" has been replaced with "supply VAT."   

Read more:  VAT prepayment for ecommerce orders imported to the UK

Free Trade Between Canada and the UK: From CETA to TCA:

FREE-TRADE-GRAPHICThe Canada-U.K. TCA provides Canadian and UK businesses continued preferential access for goods shipped between both countries.   

For goods that do not otherwise qualify for preferential duty free import, UK customs duty rates vary from duty-free for most electronics, such as computers, tablets and cameras to 4% duty for electronic accessories (10% for accessories with batteries) and 12% for clothing, shoes and other fashion items.


HM Revenue and Customs enforce the mandate of declaring the actual value. When shipping to the UK, you should include supporting documents that might be needed in case UK Customs challenges the declared value. UK customs uses the CIF Value for assessing duty.

For online orders shipped to the UK, the imported value for purposes of the £135 low value threshold is the value of the total of all the items being shipped or the  "consignment value."

Read More:  Valuation for goods shipped international 

Sending parcels containing samples

Companies who send sample shipments should be aware of the criteria necessary to qualify for exemption from duty and VAT:

  • Sample goods must have been “mutilated”.
  • The commercial invoice must clearly note that the item is a mutilated sample and not for resale.
  • An alternative to mutilated samples is for the item(s) to be clearly marked as “sample” in indelible ink.
  • Only single samples of each style will be considered. If shoes, only one shoe can be sent.

jet-ecommerce-vector-graphic2Sending Shopify , eBay DTC Ecommerce Canada to the UK

Sellers exporting from Canada to the UK should note that e-commerce platforms - such as Shopify, eBay and Bigcommerce - are responsible for collecting VAT directly from Canadian sellers. The UK VAT arrangement applies Value Added Tax for all online orders from Canada to the UK individuals**.     Read about prepaid VAT requirement for shipping to the UK.

Shipping e-commerce to the UK



* Package value versus individual orders

The rules related to the collection of VAT apply to the value of the package being sent, not to individual orders or items in the package.

** Shipping from Canada to UK Businesses

The online marketplace must charge and account for VAT at the point of sale, unless the consignment is a business to business sale and the customer has given their UK VAT registration number. If shipping to registered business, the businesses UK VAT registration number must be noted on the invoice. Sellers can verify the businesses UK VAT number using the following website:

A sample VAT statement for orders to UK registered businesses: "Customer to account for VAT to HMRC: UK business customer: _______"

Sellers from Canada are required to keep records to ensure the correct application of VAT. Shippers should be aware that the UK's default Value Added Tax rate is 20% but less for some items, including books, food and Childrens clothes.

Canadian shipping platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce and Shopify had added functionality to facilitate this change. eBay will add VAT for all sales made by Canadian sellers to the UK based on the final sale amount. Sellers can change the default VAT % applied by eBay if, for example, the VAT was already included in their price.

Added VAT and the need for Lower Delivery Cost to the UK

Contact Jet’s team to stay informed on our new shipping options to the UK and EU. Having a fully tracking low cost shipping option to the UK is more important than ever to offset the application of VAT and other costs.

Sending parcels to the UK containing commercial samples

Companies who wish to send an international shipment to the United Kingdom containing commercial samples or “Salesman’s Samples” should clearly note so on their commercial invoice. The importation of such samples may qualify for duty relief but may be subject to special handling, such as a Temporary Import. Such special procedures will result in extra clearance costs and potential delays.

Sending parcels to the UK containing personal gifts

Articles sent as "Unsolicited gifts" are acceptable and will be allowed entry free of any duty or VAT providing the shipment is valued under £40 / CAD 70, consigned to an individual and is individually wrapped. The parcel may contain multiple gifts as long as the individual parcels enclosed are individually tagged with the recipient's name, are individually wrapped and the value does not exceed the per person limit of £40 (around CAD 70).

Shipments consigned to companies as gifts for an individual may be denied entry as gifts and will be subject to full duty and VAT.

To qualify for duty-free or tax-free status, the gift:

  • Must be clearly described on the commercial invoice (a common error is when shippers describe the item only as a “gift” without specifying what the item itself is)
  • Under £40 (around CAD 70)
  • Does not contain restricted goods and are of a “non-commercial character.”
  • Be addressed to a private individual (rather than a company)
  • Items subject to excise tax, such as cigarettes, perfume, toilet water and alcohol should be avoided. These are only accepted in limited quantities and are often forbidden for transport by courier.

Parcel distribution to the UK and the EU

Jet Worldwide offers bulk HM Customs clearance, warehousing, pick/pack and low-cost ground delivery solutions to the UK and across Europe. Jet Worldwide has distribution solutions to the EU via the UK with bonded transfer and EU based euro domestic distribution.   


Ship your online orders direct to the UK from Canada and the USA  via Jet:

  • Low per last mile delivery cost delivery cost to the UK
  • Full tracking
  • Integrated clearance with no charges to the consignee

Contact our team for information on UK and European shipping and last mile delivery solutions.

jet-logo-vectorGetting a quote - or information -  for shipping UK from Canada.

Jet Worldwide gives access to all companies seeking shipping quotes from Canada to the UK for parcels pallets, and online orders.   For a quote, please provide:

  • Your company name and contact details
  • Ship from Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Weight and dimensions of each piece
  • Item(s) being sent
  • Value

Request a Quote

For a quote for shipping online orders, provide details including shipping volume, item(s) being shipped, average value and weight of each parcel.  The more details the better :).

Shipping Canadian Shopify Orders to the UK and the EU

Jet Worldwide is developing international shipping solutions for Shopify, Canada's leading e-commerce platform. Building on Jet Worldwide’s decades of Canadian cross-border parcel shipping experience, our team is currently developing Shopify-integrated solutions for shipping to the United Kingdom and the entire European Union, allowing businesses to “self-fulfill” their orders.

See section above regarding shipping your online orders direct to the UK.


Shipping personal effects to the UK

When shipping personal effects to the UK, the goods must first be approved by HM Customs (via a unique number) prior to shipping.

Shipping of excess baggage: Generally, it is simpler and easier to ship your personal effects as excess baggage when you travel. Carrier excess baggage fees for a couple of bags is most often less expensive than shipping separately without having to manage separate entry requirements.

Shipping a box or several boxes: Jet Worldwide provides solutions shipping of international personal effects to UK for shippers who have acquired their unique number (issued by HM Customs).

Shipping a household/ container level: For shipping a full household, it is best to contact a moving specialists to arrange for packing and ocean transport.


Written by Timothy Byrnes