Canadian Export Requirement Explained

A B-13 export declaration is a requirement all exporters from Canada should be aware along with the new CERS online portal reporting system. All exporters must transition to the new CERS processing for export declarations from Canada.


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What is a B-13 CERS Export Declaration

A CERS export declaration is a type of electronic declaration that must be submitted to the Canadian government when exporting goods valued over CA$2,000 (or otherwise restricted). CERS stands for "Canadian Export Reporting System."

  • Submission of the CERS export declaration is necessary prior to export. Submission can be via the exporter or their agent.
  • The declaration is used by the Canadian government to track the export of goods. The requirement is for certain types of goods regardless of value. Good that require export declaration includes those that are restricted and in need of permits.

Canadian customs require that B-13 export declarations electronic submission. The necessary information is generally straightforward. The HS code is often the data point that infrequent exporters find most challenging. Canadian customs support exporters and generally very helpful to assist.

CBSA presentation on new CERS export declaration processes.However, exporters who do not file - or file incorrectly - will likely receive fines for mis-declarations.

See CBSA additional resources at the end of this blog.



The Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS)

A web accessible system that is largely self-explanatory. The B-13 declaration is the responsibility of the exporter. Even if the CERS is done via a customs broker, the ultimate remains with the exporter.The CERS portal is CBSA's system for submitting electronic declarations and Summary Reporting Program of monthly reports. CERS replaces the Canadian Automation Export Declaration (CAED) system.


The transition form CAD to CERS has been in effect since 2020.

With the expiration of CAED:

Steps to Filing a Canadian Export Declaration:

1: Get a valid business number with an export designation (RM number)

If you already have a business number, you also need to obtain an export or import/export designation. This is necessary before you can submit an export declaration.

To confirm you have a valid business number, or to get assignment to your business, call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at 1-800-959-5525 or consult Canadian Government page onHow to register for a business number(CRA).

2: Be aware of the time frames necessary for submitting your declaration.

Export declarations for exports from Canada via air needs filing at least 2 hours prior to loading on the aircraft. Filing times are different depending on the method of shipping.

The CBSA CERS comprehensive guide for accessing CERS portal

CERS landing pagewith B13 necessary information

CBSA email link for inquiries:

Producers, shippers, exporters, importers should confirm their processes with their customs brokers, carriers and regulating authorities.

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Best Shipping Options after CERS filing from Canada

There are several options for shipping international freight from Canada. Some options include:

  1. Air freight: This is the fastest option with global delivery usually within a week.
  2. Sea freight: Great option for large commercial orders and container shipments. Useful information regarding ocean freight from Canada.
  3. Integration air couriers FedEx, UPS and DHL: You can ship direct with these carriers or via one of their partners.

Read more: Understanding the difference between goods that ship from Canada versus their country of origin.

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