Shipping from Mexico City CDMX to Canada

Posted on on Mon, Dec 10, 2018

Mexico City is one of the most important cultural and business centres in North America.   Mexico "Distrito Federal" / D.F. .is the traditional term but is it officially the Ciudad de Mexico with special rights befitting its economic status in the country.    Jet Worldwide helps shippers in Mexico City send their packages to Canada.

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New NAFTA/ USMCA: Refreshing The World's Biggest Trade Agreement

Posted on on Thu, Dec 6, 2018

The North American Free Trade Agreement was historic in its scope and benefit to Canada, The US and Mexico. If the New NAFTA (CUSMA) is considered historic it will be for affirming the value of a decades old free trade agreement in a time of increased protectionist rhetoric.

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Shipping from The UK to Canada: Alternatives to Royal Mail

Posted on on Wed, Dec 5, 2018

As a result of work stoppages and strike actions, Royal Mail’s postal partner Canada Post is experiencing significant delays that are expected to continue into January. On their website, Royal Mail claims that parcels to Canada have been processed and passed to Canada Post in a timely manner.

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Alternative Delivery to USPS for parcel delivery to Canada

Posted on on Fri, Nov 30, 2018

Canada Post backlogs in mail or parcel deliveries are worsening across the Canada. Canada Post also suspended delivery-time guarantees . As a result of ongoing industrial action, US Postal Service parcel service to Canada has been disrupted.

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Free Trade and E-Commerce: Outlasting tariffs and Protectionism

Posted on on Thu, Nov 29, 2018

The is a rallying cry amongst today’s American political leaders of “fair trade” not “free trade.” Proponents of nationalists/ protectionist policies point to egregious discrepancies in trade policies and how other countries do not play by the same rules.

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Canada Post Strike 2018:  5 Things to Consider

Posted on on Thu, Nov 8, 2018

With the work stoppage disruptions by Canada Post workers, we are getting numerous inquiries on the impact, alternatives and prospects.    Canadian companies who rely on Canada post for their parcel deliveries are now actively searching for alternative delivery options from Canada.   

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Parcel Shipping to Bangladesh from Canada

Posted on on Tue, Oct 30, 2018

Bangladesh and Canada are experiencing growing trade relations. Bangladesh is emerging economy with annual GDP growth over 6% and the second largest exporter of apparels in the world. Canada and Bangladesh enjoy over $2 billion dollars of bilateral trade annually. The longstanding friendship is strengthened by the large number of Canadian of Bangladeshi origin. The possibilities for expansion of Bangladesh's economic links with Canada depend on low cost parcel delivery between the two countries.

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Canada Post Alternatives: Parcel Shipping from Edmonton

Posted on on Tue, Oct 23, 2018

To help answer the many requests we are getting from shippers across Canada, mostly from Edmonton.   Edmonton shippers have been affected by the Canada Post work action.   Work stoppages have increased the need for alternatives particularly for shipping from Edmonton.

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Canada Post Alternatives

Posted on on Tue, Oct 23, 2018

To help answer the many requests we are getting from shippers across Canada, we are giving information on parcel alternatives to Canada Post.   Work stoppages have increased the need for alternatives for shipping from Winnipeg, Alberta, Toronto GTA and Montreal.

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International Postal Issues are Not Trumped Up

Posted on on Fri, Oct 19, 2018

Sometimes, through the haze of  fact challenged political discourse comes a point that most can agree on.    One such issue  is the outdated postal union rules.   Under UPU rules, Chinese companies most often pay less for delivery by the USPS than American companies shipping within their own country.   This aberration was well known amongst industry professionals, and is now a headline issue across the USA.

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