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jet_green policy-vectorJet Worldwide and sustainable development

At Jet Worldwide, we develop products and services specifically designed to benefit people. In doing so, we recognize that our economic objectives go hand in hand with our responsibility to support sustainable development.

colou-vector-imageLive, Love. Jet and the COLOU Foundation

We celebrate the legacy of Cody Louis Byrnes, whose life served as an inspiration to persevere during times of the greatest personal challenge. Jet Worldwide supports the COLOU Foundation's mission to promote the universal ideals of community, love and you.

male-delivering-parcel-600x600Supporting our Industry

Jet Worldwide supports industry initiatives including responsible regulations that encourage cross border flows with respect for the integrity of data and the goods themselves. We support North American and global logistics initiatives.

Shipping Parcels Across the Globe:Service built on transparency and expertise.

Expand your cross border transportation and logistics options. Gaining a one on one discussion with seasoned professionals. Move beyond simply choosing a carrier and build best in class processes. Jet Worldwide provides consultancy and direct shipping solutions for global import and export

A team of experienced shippers handle all the logistics.

Jet Worldwide enjoys partnerships with global carriers, regional specialists, domestic couriers, fulfillment resources and industry experts. We consider specific profiles to find the right balance between mode of shipping, service level, and cost. Our consultants work with enterprise and small businesses to build best in class solutions. Benefit from turnkey solutions throughout the process, addressing returns, pickup, export, import clearance, delivery, warehousing, and distribution.

Driving innovation and access to goods.

Facilitating the cross border movement of goods builds cultural recognition, respect and opportunity. Our support of the movement within the global product marketplace.Driving innovation that benefits humanity globally. Our extensive network is both local in expertise and global in scope. A team proud of their local culture and deeply respectful of others. Global cross border procurement represents the physical connection in our virtually connected world.

Solving shipping and regulatory challenges transparently.

Finding the most cost effective solution for international shipping while ensuring regulatory compliance is the biggest challenge we address for our customers. Managing the infinite regulatory differences between countries is a challenge. Bring knowledge to estimate and lower transport and import costs is our critical skill.

Our ideal clients include volume shippers and those with complex shipping needs.

A company that is looking for logistics solutions starting often with a single shipment cost comparison. Large enterprise size companies are the best option for our consultancy service. In this case, a company is searching to strengthen their logistics efforts and ways to improve their processes. Smaller "non enterprise" size companies also benefit from expert advice.  Companies who appreciate having experts manage logisitics on their behalf. Realizing the value of having industry experts offering best modes of shipping and incredible support.

Individuals who send personal goods and personal effects (moving residence) are better served via the local post office. For personal effects and changing residence, moving specialists are usually the best option.

Useful Video: How to Ship to Canada !

Something worth noting about our service.

We had a long time customer who grew with us. Their growth was such that they choose to transfer their business to a large global carrier. Although disappointed, we thanked them for their years of business and partnership. We understand the advantages for some shippers to using a global carrier directly. We continued to provide guidance as a trusted advisor. Over time, we expanded our capabilities including additional modes of shipping and greater systems integration. After a year of working with the global carrier, our customer returned.

Useful "How to Ship" Videos

Some lessons can only be learned from experience.

International shipping is fraught with potential issues. Our first response to an issue is to acknowledge it internally and asap with the customer. Then we elevate the issue with our experts around the globe to find a solution. A few real life examples:

  1. Packages to Brazil are often hit with exorbitant import fees. We build a process of ensuring consignee agreement to the fees prior to shipping.
  2. A customer sent a shipment from Montreal to a trade show in Vancouver via express for 1-2 day delivery. The consignment was forwarded via ground for 5-6 day delivery missing the show. We asked what the customer thought was fair compensation above our legal obligation. We hand delivered a check representing a good faith adjustment with a note of apology.
  3. A customer shipped Canada origin goods for duty free import to the United Kingdom under the CUKTCA free trade agreement. As a result of an incorrect entry, the importer was charged duty. (Such declarations are not commonplace for courier shipments). We transferred the amount of overpayment to the consignee within 2 weeks while we worked for the next 3 months to secure a refund from the carrier.
  4. A customer imported a package from Japan to Vancouver but was outraged when they saw the goods were in Nova Scotia! They were not getting answers from the carrier. We elevated the issue with the carrier. We first asked the goods to be re-routed to Vancouver in the fastest possible way. We offered to have the package rerouted via another carrier. Even thought the shipper wrongly addressed the package, we worked to find a solution for a timely delivery.