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Best Worldwide Options Shipping to Germany from Canada

Shipping to Germany from Canada

Parcel delivery to Germany has grown as North America has become one of Germany's largest trading partners. Canada and Germany's close economic relationship with strong cultural, academic connections and interpersonal contacts. Germany is a fantastic export market from Canada. Companies are searching for the best options for shipping to Germany from Canada.

Germany is the economic leader among the 28 nations of the European Union. The country has the largest economy producing a wide range of products.

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Germany is among the world's leading economies. It is a great consumer and business market. E-commerce sellers can benefit also by expanding further into the EU.

How does the shipping to Germany from Canada work?

There are two common ways to ship Canada to Germany. Ship direct with a global carrier, like UPS. All major carriers have online access for occasional shippers. For personal shipments, the best option is usually local postal options. For commercial carriers, shipping direct can be very costly. In addition, you may benefit from lower cost air or sea freight options.

Another option is to contact a package forwarding specialist like Jet Worldwide. When using the shipping specialist you can benefit from with greater discounts. In addition, you can explore lower cost air or sea freight options. And, with Jet Worldwide, you get a response direct from a team member. Not an automation response to questions. As this guide shows, we are experts. And we share what we know.

Ship between Canada and Germany: A Complete Guide.

Cheapest prices, necessary documents, duty calculation, VAT, ship options, export and import regulations, getting comparison rate quotes, and direct shipping e-commerce orders to Germany. Get support for your business from our logistics professionals. Fill in contact form below for feedback and rates from our team.

In this guide, we will cover the rules, rates, shipping options, and modes of shipping. This includes both exporting and import between Germany and Canada. We also provide way to collaborate with  third-party logistics providers. Often, the best way to access global carriers is via a knowledgeable partner. Like .. well....Jet Worldwide!

How much does ship to Germany cost?

Shipping with Canada Post, the ship cost to Germany for up to 2 kilograms is less than $40 for surface. The cost to ship via air express is around $90.

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The cost to ship 5 kilograms to Germany via commercial carriers depends on your level of discount but can average around $150.

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What is the cheapest way shipping to Germany from Canada

For individuals wish to send personal packages, Canada Post services are usually the best option.

While looking for the cheapest way to ship to Germany, there are a variety of factors to consider. These include the size and weight, time frame for delivery, nature of goods, carrier and mode of shipping.

Our courier comparison request form at the end of this post can assist you. We offer courier, air freight and ocean shipping options. For high volumes of packages, you can consolidate and ship direct. We also recommend better alternatives if our services do not best fit your needs. This post includes shipping cost estimates to Germany from Canada.

Shipping to Germany from. Canada with no import fees

Virtually all shipments to Germany are subject to import fees. To ensure your customer has no import fees, you can ship delivery duty paid. Understanding delivery duty paid.

Can you ship from Canada to Germany

Jet Worldwide can arrange for your shipping from Canada to Germany no matter where you are.

What is the best way to send gifts to Germany

Canada Post is the best option for individuals shipping small packages and personal goods.

Does Canada Post ship to Germany?

Yes! Canada Post ships to Germany and offers surface and air parcel shipping options. See options below.

How long does it take to ship a box to Germany

The fastest delivery time for express shipping from Canada to Germany is 2 business days. More economical options via air tend to take between 1 and 2 weeks to arrive. Ocean (surface) options usually take between 30 and 60 days.

Cargo shipments can ship to Germany via are for door to door delivery within 1 week. Sea freight cargo can take between 1 to months. 

Choosing international carrier to Germany Graphic

This guide explores of the main elements for finding the best economical shipping options to Germany.

  • Carriers and best options shipping to Germany from Canada
  • Modes of shipping including post, courier, air freight and ocean
  • Information necessary for a shipping quote between Germany and Canada
  • Canadian Export declaration when shipping to Germany
  • Customs clearance processes for imports to Germany
  • CETA duty-free treatment of Canada-origin goods in Germany
  • EORI Number for shipments to German businesses from Canada
  • IOSS and prepayment of VAT for online orders to Germany and EU
  • Shipping personal effects to Germany
  • Air versus ocean transport to Germany
  • Distribution to Germany and EU post Brexit
  • Shipping to trade shows in Germany from Canada
  • Common carrier options for shipping FROM Germany to Canada
  • CBSA import to Canada for goods that ship from Germany
  • Canadian import fees for imports from Germany
  • Canadian customs assessment and revenue management (CARM)
  • CETA duty-free treatment of German-origin imports to Germany
  • Country of origin and CETA
  • Shipping with a Certificate of Origin between Canada and Germany
  • Shipping Canadian Shopify orders to Germany and the EU

Note: Information in this post and all Jet Worldwide content is for general information only.


There are several shipping options available for shipping from Canada to Germany. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Factors include the size and weight of your consignment and the speed of delivery. Here are some common shipping options to consider:

Canada Post is generally the best option for individuals shipping small shipments and personal items to Germany

FedEx, UPS and DHL are well know options with express air shipping options.

Best for large commercial orders with 1-2 months lead time. Full containers are the most economical shipping method.

Jet Worldwide provides Canadian European logistics support. This includes discount shipping via global carriers.


The price of the shipping depends mainly on the size, weight of your package, the delivery method and Shipping Service you choose.

  • For cheap delivery, look first to Canada Post Small global packet delivery surface options.
  • The next place it start is the major carriers and their partner resellers:Get your best quote from Jet.

Shipping Germany from Canada via Canada Post

Packet, Surface and Xpresspost Options

The best shipping options to Germany for individuals sending personal items is via Canada Post. Shipments via Canada Post get clearance and delivery by Deutsche Post. Include a CN22 postal customs declaration.

  • Small Packet Delivery to Germany: Surface, Air and "track packet"
  • International Parcel to Germany: Surface
  • Xpresspost to Germany: Delivery within 1 week

Canada Post is not limited to shipping within Canada. Their rates depend on the size and weight of the package. The expected delivery time varies according to the service option. ust like the other carriers. USPS can be cheaper than the other carriers but it may take longer to deliver to Germany.

Disadvantage of shipping via Canada Post to Germany

Packages that ship via the post transfer to Deutsche Post. This may result in a few extra days for delivery. This is especially true during peak holiday season. But generally, packages via their express option is usually within 2 weeks.The biggest issues we hear about is lack of tracking and customer support.

Sending Germany via UPS and FedEx Canada

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and, along with German DHL, offer great reliable shipping Germany from Canada.

FedEx and UPS are the best shipping options to Germany for businesses needing fast delivery.

  • International Priority Express air
  • International Economy Air from Canada

Want to ship to Germany duty-free entry under the Canada EU Free trade agreement CETA? See section below on duty-free access to Germany for Canada-origin goods.

sample shipping costs to Germany 2024

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United Parcel Service / UPS Canada

UPS is a global carrier with a large presence in Germany. Via UPS, you can shop to Germany as fast as 2 days. They can pick up packages in Canada for delivery to Germany.

Pros for shipping via UPS

When sending small packages, UPS is typically faster than Canada Post. Their network in Germany is larger than FedEx’s.

Cons for shipping with UPS to Germany

UPS will often charge more than the Post. Especially for smaller packages. Also, their huge size can be a disadvantage when you need expert personalized advice.

FedEx Canada

FedEx has virtually the same shipping options from Canada to Germany. Their express option can be in 2 business days. The economy option is usually within 1 week.UPS and FedEx are usually the best option when you ship heavier packages and need better tracking. Get a comparison rate and international shipping support.

DHL from Canada

DHL is among the top international shipping companies. Germany is its home market. DHL is a great option for Germany from Canada.

Ship International via a Canadian reseller

Commonly, shippers prefer to deal directly with the carriers mentioned above. However using a third party logistics can be the better option. Resellers can often offer the same or greater discount you get from the carrier direct. The best partners are those with a higher level of expertise beyond simply a cost comparison site.

Additionally, you may need more of freight forwarding service to include ocean and air freight options. Not to mention special services. Like, well....Jet Worldwide!

We are a leading online resource for shipping internationally. Backed by over 40 years of cross border expertise and decades of partnerships with global carriers.

Shipping Germany from Canada via Purolator Courier

Purolator Courier is a leading domestic carrier in Canada and a division of Canada Post. Purolator provides international parcel delivery to Germany via partner carriers, such as UPS.

Shipping to Germany from Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide is strong brand offering the best economical shipping options to Germany and the EU for over 40 years! Discover the best solutions for exporting or importing goods between Canada and Germany.


Shipping to Germany from Canada with Jet Worldwide is a convenient option.

You can shop from Canada stores that don't offer delivery to Germany. Get support from our expert team. Jet Worldwide shipping process is very much a conversation. From estimated costs, paperwork requirements to free trade.

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Getting a Free Canada address is essential for international shoppers.

At Jet Worldwide, we can offer you a free Canadian address. For orders from Canada, we can consolidate and ship to you globally.

Using your Canadian address can be beneficial for reverse logistics and other solutions

We help you complete the customs declaration prior to export. An online shipping form is available where you can upload your paperwork. You then have options including trucking, sea freight, express and economy air. We offer faster delivery or slower cheaper methods. In the following sections, there is a review of each option.

Shipping with USPS to Germany

USPS offers shipping to Germany from the USA but not from Canada. We mention this option as it can be useful for Canadian companies with US facilities and partners.

USPS is a great option for goods that can ship from the US.The postal service offers flat rate boxes and a "Click-N-Ship" service. This can expedite the process, particularly for small businesses who ship to Germany from the USA.

USPS options to Germany include free packaging and flat-rate shipping. Some USPS shipping options include tracking and a money-back guarantee.

Shipping to Germany from Canada Air versus Ocean

We get many inquiries requesting the lowest ship cost to Germany. The best shipping option to Canada depends on several factors. In general, the lowest cost for small personal packages to Germany is via Canada Post surface options. For heavier shipments, economy air freight is often cheapest option. And less than container load is best with shipping pallet freight and large commercial orders.

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What is the Ocean Transit Times for Shipping from Canada to Germany?

Standard transit times for less than container load is up to 2 months. A full container load usually takes around 1 month door to door.

Shipping LCL to Germany

Less than container load (LCL) is the most economical way to ship one to several pallets to Germany.  Using this option, cargo from various shippers share container space. Additional transit time is possible to allow for consolidation and de-consolidation of the container.

Shipping FCL to Germany

Full Container load (FCL) is the fastest way to ship sea freight to Germany. This can be either a 20 foot or 40 foot container. 

Shipping large cargo via air instead of ocean

The many minimum surcharges for ocean make it less cost effective for smaller cargo. Goods less than around 100 kilograms are usually more cost effective via air. Via air, you save the many ocean surcharges. Even if the base per kilogram rate is higher.. The price for shipments over 500 kilograms is much less via ocean.

Major Ocean ports in Germany

The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s largest seaport by volume. The commercial ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven are significant ports. Germany's largest harbor project is JadeWeserPort on the North Sea coast. Rostock Port is a large German port on the Baltic Sea.

Major Ocean ports in Canada

The largest port in Canada is the Port of Vancouver. The Port of Montreal and the Port of Halifax are more strategic location for shipments to Europe.

Overseas shipping options from Canada graphic

Useful things to know about Ocean Shipping To and From Canada.

Shipping Direct to Germany for Delivery by DPD

DPD is a leading European carrier with incredible coverage in Germany and across the EU. Jet Worldwide helps Canadian companies connect directly with European logistics. This is an example of zone jumping and is possible for your parcels to arrive in less than 1 week.

DPD electric delivery van

Canadian Export Declaration for Shipments to Germany

For shipments from Canada to Germany CAD $2,000 and above (or otherwise with restrictions) require a Canadian export declaration. 

Read More About Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS)

What are the customs regulations on sending packages to Germany?

Import regulations in Germany are via the European Union (EU) and the German government. As a member of the EU, Germany follows the EU's customs rules and regulations for imports from other countries within the EU. These rules help ensure the free movement of goods within the EU's single market.

Considering Import Regulations to Germany

For imports from countries outside the EU, Germany follows the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Imports from Canada can benefit from preferential duty free import via the European Canadian free trade agreement.

In general, Germany has a liberal trade policy welcoming imports from Canada. However, specific regulations apply to certain types of goods. Food and control substances are subject to additional rules. Make sure the consignee has the necessary licenses or permits before sending.

If you are planning to import goods into Germany, it is important to familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations and requirements. Contact Jet's team for logistics support.

Here are a few key points to consider when shipping to Germany:

  1. Duties and taxes: Depending on the value and type of goods, duties and taxes are likely applicable.
  2. Items with Restrictions: There are certain items not allowable to Germany, such as weapons, illegal drugs, and certain types of food. It's important to familiarize yourself with the restrictions before shipping to Germany.
  3. Necessary import documents to Germany may include a commercial invoice, a certificate of origin, and proof of licensing.

It's important to verify the customs requirements prior to shipping to Germany. Contact our logistics team for support.


EORI Number for German Imports from Canada

Before arranging for delivery from Canada to Germany it is important to verify the EORI number of the consignee. IOSS (see below) is for e-commerce orders to individuals. Businesses are subject to traditional processes. An EORI number is part of the data set necessary for customs entries in Germany.

The EORI number exists out of two parts:

  • The country code of the issuing Member State; following with
  • A code or number that is unique in the Member State

When shipping to Germany, consider duty and tax thresholds.

The tax and import duty threshold is the de minimis value. This is the consignment value at which the consignee starts paying duty. The first step in shipping to Germany is to determine by the correct declared value of your goods. Useful information to verify the correct declared value. Germany uses the "CIF value." German customs considers the cost of shipping and insurance as well the cost of goods.

Duty Free - But VAT - for Low Value Online Order

Orders to Germany (and the Europe Union) under €150 (around CA$220) benefit from EU duty free import. VAT applies for all shipments. VAT for online orders to Europe must - in most cases- is payable at time of check out (see section below). Contact our team for information on shipping direct and assistance with IOSS registration via Jet.

Import taxes Under €22 to Germany

Some websites incorrectly state that shipments EUR 21.99 or less are tax free. There currently is no such tax free threshold to Germany. All imports, regardless of value, are subject to value added tax.

Duty fees exceeding EUR 150

Consignments under EUR 150, you don't need to worry about paying duty. Shipments over EUR150 are subject to duty. All shipments are subject to VAT. Keep reading to learn more about duty and how its calculation.

Is there a duty free limit for Canadian Origin Goods to Germany?

Goods that qualify as Canadian origin via the free trade agreement can import duty fee regardless of value.

Information on Germany customs clearance for consignments from Canada

Goods that ship between Germany and Canada are generally subject to the "most favour nation" or MFN duty rate. Goods that meet the rules of origin under the Canadian European free trade agreement (CETA) can benefit from preferential duty-free import.

All non-document shipments require a value and specific product description (in English). German customs also request that the commercial invoice includes the shippers reason for sending the goods.

When preparing the customs invoice, it is useful to note the CIF value. The value includes cost, Insurance and Freight (read more aboutCIF value).

German customs bases duty and taxes on the CIF. Make sure you include the term CIF Value. Customs assumes the value excludes CIF (and thus assessing higher duty and taxes).

  • A commercial shipment less than 150 Euros: VAT collection
  • A commercial shipment over EUR 150: duty and VAT collection.

Note: Qualifying shipments that ship as gifts can are duty-free if under EUR 45.

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and substitutes for tobacco products, perfume and coffee do not qualify for the duty free threshold of 150 Euros.

Read More About HS Codes: Why so important?

Types of tariffs, taxes, and fees when shipping to Germany

This guide goes into great detail but three basic categories of fees include:

  • Duty or tariff:Assessment is on the classification of goods.
  • Value add tax: Is on the value of the goods plus duty.
  • Entry preparation and Carriers prepayment charge: Customs brokers charge an entry fee. Carriers charge a “disbursement fee.”

European union graphic duty plus VAT

Taxes and duties for imports to Germany from Canada

The Value Add Tax (VAT) is 19% in Germany. The assessment is on the CIF value plus duty. Duty cost can be particularly high for textiles, automotive parts and consumer electronics (such as i-phones!). Some items, such a book, enjoy a lower VAT rate (7%).

Most Canadian origin goods can import to Germany duty-free under the Canada European Free Trade Agreement (CETA). To qualify for duty-free entry, goods from Canada to Germany require a certificate of origin and other supporting paperwork.

Simply the purchase of a good in Canada or Germany does not qualify their origin. Goods with production in entirety in Europe of Canada qualify for duty free import.

Import Duties on goods to Germany

Import duty applies to goods that ship from Canada. Low value shipments can import duty free. Also, qualifying origin goods benefit from duty free import.Jet Worldwide is much more than just giving a shipping label and price. We work with you to estimate import fees, minimize the charges, and delivery duty paid options.

Simpler calculation of duty to Germany

A standard calculation of duty may apply to shipments between individuals. In such a case, goods are subject to an import tax of 17.5%.A reduction rate of 15% may apply to specific goods. A 15% calculation can apply if:

  • goods free of payment to another natural person to an individual
  • goods are for the personal of the consignee or their family
  • the shipment value is less than EUR 700
  • shipment does not contain goods with restrictions

The 17.5% simple rate comprises both customs duty and import VAT.

Tariff calculation to Germany

Import fees calculate on the basis of the Common Customs Tariff of the European Communities and the rates in Germany

  • Import goods are subject to customs duty review
  • Additional excise tax apply to certain categories including energy, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Value Add Tax (VAT) of 19% applies to most products (a lower rate of 7% is available for some products including books). VAT applies to the value of the goods plus duty.

HS Codes and the The EU classification system to Germany

The EU classification system consists of three components.

  • The first component is the Harmonize System: chapters (2 digits), headings (4 digits), and subheadings (6 digits).Read about HS Codes.
  • The second component is the Combination Nomenclature: EU specific codes via an eight-digit coding system.
  • The third component is the Tariff (Tarif Intégré de la Communauté or TARIC). TARIC provides information on specific tariff measures. These can include the temporary suspension of duties and antidumping duties.

VAT Rules for Imports to Germany and European Union from Canada

All goods to the EU are subject to VAT. E-commerce shipments under EUR 150 can import via One-Stop Shop (IOSS). IOSS processes that allow sellers and online marketplaces to charge VAT at the point of sale and remit it directly to the authorities. Jet Worldwide assists our Canadian clients with establishing IOSS registration for direct shipping to the EU.

Read More About VAT for E-commerce to the Europe

For details on IOSS and the other EU’s VAT rules, visit:Publications Office of the European Union.

Review Germany customs office online resources for restrictions.

Restrictions to Germany are mostly common sense. Goods with restrictions include food, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Confirm your goods have no restrictions prior to shipping.

Including an HS Code to Germany

The inclusion of HS codes on the customs invoice is necessary. This universal system codifies the product for assessment of import duty and admissibility. Be as very specific in describing your goods. Including use of the the goods is helpful. Useful information regarding HS codes.

Shipping terms to consider when shipping to Germany

The default option for shipping internationally from Canada is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Shippers from Canada can choose to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver. Most carriers offer a delivery duty paid (DTP) option.

Read More About the importance of International Shipping Terms

The disadvantage of paying import fees on behalf of the receiver is that the value Add tax are not recoverable. The importer may otherwise be able to claim back VAT paid at import.

Shipping Goods Delivery Duty Paid

To ensure no import fees to the consignee, consider shipping with a delivery duty paid (DDP) option. This allows you to take responsibility for the import costs. Read more about Delivery Duty Paid.

Note: DDP relates to payment of fee by the shipper. DPD is the name of the carrier you can choose for delivery in Germany and across Europe. Two very different terms but can sound the same.

Shipping personal effects from Canada to Germany

Jet Worldwide can transport your boxes of personal goods for clearance and delivery to Germany. For movement of personal goods that involves thousands of pounds and ocean service, we recommend contacting a company specializing in moving households to Germany.

When sending personal effects to Germany from Canada, it is important to take note of the requirements. Note that clearance delays are likely if there is a lack of necessary documentation.

The duty-free clearance of personal effects to Germany from Canada include:

  • Copies of passport flight-ticket (plus, for expatriates, registration confirmation of hometown or city of return).
  • A list of contents with indication what is old and what is new
  • Invoices for all abroad purchasing which is dutiable and taxable if newer than 12 months in any case.

Different types of requests we get for shipping personal effects to Germany

Shipping of excess baggage: Generally, it is simpler and easier to ship your personal effects as excess baggage when you travel. Excess baggage fees is most often less expensive than shipping separately. Also clearance upon arrival is easier than managing the entry requirements with mention above.

Shipping a box or several boxes: Jet Worldwide provides solutions for shipping international personal effects to Germany via economy air.

Shipping a household / container level: For shipping a full household, it is best to contact a moving specialist.

Sending e-commerce orders from Canada to Germany

Germany is Europe's largest economy and a major shipping destination for Canadian e-commerce merchants using on-line shopping platforms including Shopify, Big Commerce and Wix.

DHL and DPD are among the most common shipping method in German e-commerce. Other top last mile German delivery options to know include Hermes and UPS. Contact our team to connect to DPD direct from Canada.


German value Add tax must be paid at time of checkout. All consignments to Germany are subject to VAT. Most online orders under €150 to Germany can clear duty free. Canada origin goods under CETA (read below) can be import duty free. However, all online orders to Germany are subject to payment of Value Add Tax. See section above on IOSS and VAT payment for e-commerce imports to Germany.

Duty-free shipping from Canada to Germany via CETA

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Canada. It is the first free trade agreement between the EU and a G7 country. Qualifying goods with a CETA certification on the invoice (no need for a separate certificate of origin) import to Germany duty-free.


Shipment of a good from Canada or Germany does not determine their origin.

shipped from not country of origin vector

The agreement also includes provisions on intellectual property, regulatory cooperation, and sustainable development. E-commerce orders containing Canadian origin goods may benefit from preferential duty-free import to Germany.

Read More About Canada Free Trade Agreements

CETA Rules of Origin when shipping between Germany and Canada

In order to qualify for reduction of tariffs under CETA, a product must qualify as "originating." Either in Canada or Germany (or other EU country). This means that the product is a result of sufficient production or transformation. The transformation must occur in Canada or the EU to qualify as a domestic product of that country.

There are two main methods for determining origin under CETA: The change of tariff classification method and the regional value content method.

  • The change of tariff classification method is the concept that a product must undergo a sufficient change in tariff classification. The change a result of production or transformation in Canada or the EU in order to qualify as an originating product.
  • The regional value content method is the concept relates to a certain percentage value from Canada or EU. A value threshold in order to qualify as an originating product.

There are also specific rules of origin for certain sectors. Textiles, automotive, and chemicals, have different requirements for determining origin. Verify compliance with regulatory authorities prior to shipping.

Understand the difference between shipping from Canada to Germany versus shipping Canadian origin goods.

Benefit from having a certificate of origin shipping to Germany and Canada

The country of origin useful to Canadian and German customs to determine if duty free import applies. The country of origin also supports other regulatory actions.

Read more: Understanding a certificate of origin.

Sample origin Statement CETA

Importing shipments from Germany to Canada

Jet Worldwide provides pickup and delivery of your goods from Germany to Canada. Contact our team for a quote and logistics support.

Sending to a trade show in Germany?

Usually, trade show organizers partner with a local brokerage to manage the clearance of your trade show items.

  • Often, Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) terms are not available.
  • The consignee in Germany must have a Germany company registration.
  • The goods destination is for a trade show must clear via a German customs broker (an EU registeration company with an EORI number).
  • Jet Worldwide can arrange for the transport of your trade show items to Germany. We transfer the paperwork to relevant German Customs broker.

Contact our team for a copy of Jet Worldwide's tariff for air transport to Germany. Our standard delivery is within 5 days from anywhere in Canada to everywhere in Germany.

Jet Provides cost-effective parcel shipping and delivery from Montreal, Toronto GTA and all Canada to Germany.


Get a Shipping Price between Germany and Canada

Jet Worldwide makes it easy for companies seeking for spot quotes for economy air shipping between Germany and Canada.

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