Many Canadian companies depend on Mexican suppliers.   Jet Worldwide helps connect Canadian and Mexican companies via our low cost economy express service.

Shipping  Canada from Mexico

 The North American Free Trade between Mexico and Canada contributes to the demand for efficient parcel shipping from Mexico to Canada.    

Canadian companies require reliable parcel delivery from Mexico as trade between the two countries grows.

Canada Post International Shipping Alternative:  Mexico from Canada  COVID 19 UPDATE

Mexican and Canada Post disruptions for international parcel delivery are resulting in many inquiries for parcel shipping Mexico to Canada

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Mexican - Canadian Economic Connection

The Canada-Mexico Partnership (CMP) promotes collaboration between the public and private sectors and covers important sectors including energy & agri-business.

  • Around 2 million Canadians per year travel to Mexico
  • Canada has recently seen an increase in visitors from Mexico 
  • Canada receives approximately 20,000 agricultural workers annually
  • More than 5000 Mexican students attend Canadian Universities (there are numerous agreements among Canadian and Mexican universities.

Shipping from Mexico to Canada 

Jet Worldwide provides low cost shipping of samples between Mexico and Canada.   The samples to Canada can often be cleared duty free via the CPTPP or NAFTA agreements and/or if the goods are of low value.  (See section below on CPTPP).   

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In this blog, we review:

  • Carrier delivery options shipping Canada from Mexico
  • Canadian customs clearance for Mexican origin goods
  • NAFTA - USMCA- CUSMA shipping Canada from Mexico
  • CPTPP - new trade agreement for duty free import from Mexico to Canada 


Shipping from Mexico to Canada


New Duty Free Shipping to Canada from Mexico

As part of the USMCA (the "new NAFTA), Canada has raised their low value duty threshold ( de minimis threshold) to $150 CAD (around $110 USD). Local sales taxes will still apply (but often times, businesses can claim this charge back). This higher duty free threshold helps businesses and e-commerce merchants in the Mexico and Canada.

Shipping from Mexico to to Canada via Mexican Post

Shipping to Canada via Correos de México/ Parcel Post :   Low cost for shipping for small parcels from Mexico to Canada but limited tracking and support.  


Shipments sent via Correos to Canada or delivered by Canada Post.

Shipping from Mexico to Canada via FedEx UPS Mexico 

  • UPS and FedEx Freight:   Low cost ground is best for shipments over 100 kg Clearance is not included and transit times can be a longer than 1 week.   
  • UPS and FedEx Express:   2-3 day day delivery from Mexico to Canada
  • Get a comparison quote shipping Mexico to Canada

Shipping from Mexico via UPS and FedEx can be expensive for small businesses who ship parcels Mexico to Canada.   

Delivery from Mexico to Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet’s economy express provides low cost shipping options from Mexico to Canada.      

  • Shipping and delivery from Mexico, including:  Mexico D.F, Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla, Juarez, Tijuana, Leon and from and all of Mexico

For shipping and delivery to Canada including:  Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto GTA, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and to all of Canadian cities in 2-4 days.    Jet's service includes Canadian customs clearance.

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Jet’s parcel delivery from Mexico to Canada

  • Delivery in 2-3 days to everywhere in Canada
  • Customs clearance included
  • Lower cost Canadian parcel delivery from Mexico

Jet goes beyond simple delivery and arranges for special dedicated pickups in Mexico for delivery to Canada (or anywhere in the world!).   

Duty and taxes in Canada for parcels shipped from Mexico

Parcels imported from Mexico to Canada are subject to Canadian duty and taxes.   Most parcels valued under $40 CAD can be imported free of duty and taxes. Parcels valued under $2,500 CAD from Mexico can be imported via Canadian customs low value shipment / LVS express clearance processes.    Carriers charge a disbursement fee that usually averages around $20 CAD.

For shippers who do not want their receiver to pay Canadian duty and taxes:

Jet Worldwide can arrange to pay the duty and taxes on behalf of the Canadian importer via our Delivery Duty Paid Service.

Ground / LTL options

There are many ground options that work best for heavier shipments.   The ground options from Mexico include FedEx, UPS, and LTL carriers.      Most shippers of individual parcels prefer using express delivery from Mexico as ground service to Canada is a long transit time and does not include Canadian customs clearance for Mexican parcels.

Jet can recommend truckers for ground truck loads from Mexico to Montreal and all of Quebec.   



NAFTA duty free for low value parcel shipments from Mexico to Canada

While NAFTA is primarily written to accommodate major commodity trading - such as auto parts, energy, and agriculture - it also can be a great benefit for smaller speciality or boutique orders for parts, and other equipment.

Read about the  new NAFTA/ USMCA/ CUSMA/  T-MEC effective July 2020.

At Jet Worldwide, we encourage our customers to consider taking advantage of the preferential duty free treatment when goods qualify as Mexican origin.   By leading our clients to publicly available information, most, who had previously never considered a NAFTA benefit, now regularly take advantage of preferential duty free benefits.

Good shipped to Canada that the qualify of Mexican origin that are valued under CA $2,500 can be cleared duty free with a statement (versus a certificate) of origin.

For commercial goods valued at less than (CAN $2,500) the exporter may provide a statement certifying that the goods qualify as originating goods. With respect to low value commercial goods imported under the NAFTA (or CCRFTA), the specific wording for the statement is contained in Appendices B and C respectively. The statement may be handwritten, stamped, or typed on the commercial contract or actual invoices.

See note above new duty free clearance for shipments valued under $150 CAD

Shipments valued at less than the above amounts do not require a NAFTA Certificate of Origin. Instead, the customer should type the following statement on the shipment's invoice:

"I hereby certify that the good covered by this shipment qualifies as an originating good for purposes of preferential tariff treatment under the NAFTA."

The certifying document must be completed in full by the exporter and be in the possession of the importer at the time of import (when the declaration is made). This document may also be completed voluntarily by the producer for use by the exporter.

Although the rules of origin can be complex, parcels shipped from Mexico often contain orders for goods that easily qualify as being Mexican origin. We advise Canadian companies to work with Canada customs CBSA to get a definitive determination prior to shipping.

Shipping from Mexico to Quebec:  Part of our mission of connecting People, Parcels and Businesses around the world.   In addition to NAFTA /USMCA/ CUSMA many shippers from Mexico are taking advantage of the duty free CPTPP opportunities to Canada.



CPTPP Duty free clearance of goods shipped from Mexico to Canada

Goods approved with proper “proof of origin’ supporting paperwork can be exported from Mexico for duty free clearance in Canada.

Proof of Origin

The key part of all trade agreements is ensuring the goods qualify under the rules of origin. Many incorrectly assume that if goods are sent from a qualifying country, they should qualify for duty free status.   Country of origin is not determined solely by where the goods are sent from.

The country of origin rules have been simplified under CPTPP but can still get complex.  The guidelines for country of origin qualification include:

  • Goods are considered originating if they are wholly obtained, such as goods that are grown, raised, caught, or extracted in Canada /CPTPP country.

  • Goods are considered originating if they are produced in Canada or a CPTPP country entirely from originating materials.

  • Goods are originating if they are produced in Canada/CPTPP country from non-originating materials that undergo production in Canada/ CPTPP country, such that the resulting good satisfies the applicable product-specific rule of origin. The value of the non-originating goods that are part of the originating product can be considered dutiable.

Duty Free import for parcels sent from Mexico to Canada under CPTPP

The amazing part of CPTPP is that parcels containing products valued less than CA$1600 do not require a certification of origin to claim CPTPP preferential tariff treatment.

  • Parcels containing products under CA$1,600 can be considered for duty free status if the following conditions include:

  • A signed statement completed by the importer, exporter or producer certifying that the goods originated from a CPTPP country

  • This statement is required on the commercial invoice and we recommend adding an additional stand alone statement/ supporting document. See

  • The goods must meet the origin rules. For example, marks to indicate that the goods are not a product of a CPTPP country will disqualify the goods and have issues related to mis-declarations.


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Written by Timothy Byrnes