Japan and Canada's economic partnership continues to grow with the new CP-TPP trade pact.    Japan is Canada's largest source of bilateral foreign direct investment and is among Canada's top 5 trading partners.     There are over 90 Canadian companies with a significant presence in Japan.   Canadian and Japanese companies rely on low cost parcel delivery to strengthen their economic connection between customers and suppliers.




Jet Worldwide provides low cost parcel shipping from Tokyo, Osaka,  and all Japan for delivery to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and all of Canada.




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Parcel shipping options

Shipping from Japan to Canada







Shipping to Canada via Japan Post

As the national postal service,  Japan Post offers low cost delivery to Canada for small parcels.  Canada falls into Japan Post's "Third Zone."  


Japan Post "small packet" offers a low cost for shipments sent to Canada under 2 kg.



Japan Post offers three shipping options for parcels over 2 kg for delivery to Canada

  • Airmail, Surface mail and Economy Air (SAL).

  • The maximum weight limit is 30 kg (call our team for rates for heavier parcels shipped from Japan to Canada).


Shipments shipped via Japan Post to Canada are imported and delivered via Canada Post under United Postal Union agreements.





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Shipping from Japan to Canada via FedEx Japan and UPS Japan

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and offer reliable parcel delivery from Japan to Canada. However, for small and medium size companies shipping from Japan to Canada, FedEx Japan and UPS Japan can be expensive.


Shipping Services via FedEx from Japan to Canada include:

  • FedEx International Priority from Japan To Canada:  
  • FedEx International Economy Delivery from Japan to Canada


UPS offers similar express and economy delivery options to Canada when shipping from Japan.   Get a quote for low cost economy delivery from Japan to Canada.

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Shipping from Japan to Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide provides low cost option for heavier parcels (more than 5kg) sent form Japan to Canada. We also offer value added services such as time specific pickup, short term warehousing, packing/ repacking and domestic distribution.




Shipping from Japan to Canada via Purolator Canada

Purolator is one of Canada's leading domestic carriers and offers international express delivery via partners (such as UPS).     






Customs clearance of Japan origin parcels to Canada

Goods imported to Canada from Japan are subject to import duties as well as federal and provincial sales tax.   Most goods under $20 CAD can be imported duty free.   Goods valued under $2,500 can be imported via the Low Value System / LVS express processes. 




Shipping from Japan with no import fees to receiver 

Via Jet's Delivery Duty Paid (DTP) Service, you can choose to pay the import fees on behalf the receiver of the parcel.

Jet Worldwide can provide warehousing and distribution to Japanese companies seeking domestic distribution to Canada.


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CPTPP Duty free clearance of goods shipped from Japan to Canada


Goods approved with proper “proof of origin’ supporting paperwork can be exported from Japan for duty free clearance in Canada.


Proof of Origin

The key part of all trade agreements is ensuring the goods qualify under the rules of origin. Many incorrectly assume that if goods are sent from a qualifying country, they should qualify for duty free status.   Country of origin is not determined solely by where the goods are sent from.

The country of origin rules have been simplified under CPTPP but can still get complex.  The guidelines for country of origin qualification include:

  • Goods are considered originating if they are wholly obtained, such as goods that are grown, raised, caught, or extracted in Canada /CPTPP country.

  • Goods are considered originating if they are produced in Canada or a CPTPP country entirely from originating materials.

  • Goods are originating if they are produced in Canada/CPTPP country from non-originating materials that undergo production in Canada/ CPTPP country, such that the resulting good satisfies the applicable product-specific rule of origin. The value of the non-originating goods that are part of the originating product can be considered dutiable.



Duty Free import for parcels sent from Japan to Canada under CPTPP


The amazing part of CPTPP is that parcels containing products valued less than CA$1600 do not require a certification of origin to claim CPTPP preferential tariff treatment.


  • Parcels containing products under CA$1,600 can be considered for duty free status if the following conditions include:

  • A signed statement completed by the importer, exporter or producer certifying that the goods originated from a CPTPP country

  • This statement is required on the commercial invoice and we recommend adding an additional stand alone statement/ supporting document. See

  • The goods must meet the origin rules. For example, marks to indicate that the goods are not a product of a CPTPP country will disqualify the goods and have issues related to mis-declarations.



Jet Worldwide helps Japanese companies access the Canadian market through low cost parcel delivery and clearance programs for e-commerce parcels.





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Written by Tim Byrnes