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Shipping international from Canada can be a complex and time-consuming process With the right shipping partner, it can be streamlined and made more efficient. Whether you are a small business just starting out or an established company with a growing global presence, choosing the right shipping solution is crucial for your success.

With our reliable and cost-effective solutions, we help companies streamline their international shipping from Canada and take the hassle out of the process, so they can focus on what they do best – running their business.

Jet Worldwide provides Canadian and global logistics. We support various processes and carriers to facilitate the Canadian export and import of goods. This can include transport, last mile delivery, and storage. Our logistics experts support your team by not being beholden to a specific carrier or process.


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When shipping international shipments from Canada, the following are important things to consider:

Familiarize yourself Customs Regulations for Export

  • When exporting from Canada: It is best to first register in the Canadian Export Reporting System. or CERS. While the setup can take a bit of time, it is relatively straightforward.
  • Understand Export Requirements of other countries: Understand that the export process can be much more demanding that what is required from Canada. While this is the responsibility of your supplier / exporter, it could affect the time frame and transport cost of your goods.
Canada CERS graphic vector Verify if an export declaration is required

Verify your international shipping documents:

Ensure that all required documentation, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and bills of lading, are properly prepared and accurate.

invoice for customs Useful information regarding an invoice for customs

certificate origin vectorWhen is a certificate of origin necessary

Understand the basics of commodity classification

It is important to familiarize yourself with the HS code classification system. Essentially, customs globally uses the HS system to clarify more exactly what is being exported and imported.

In general, the higher the value of your goods, the more important it is to include the correct HS code

At a minimum, be sure to include a specific description of the goods and what they will be used for.

HS code vector image Proven benefit of knowing the HS Codes of your goods

Understand the basics of Import Duty and Taxes:

Be aware of any duties and taxes will likely apply to your shipment. If you are exporting the goods, the receiver of your goods should be aware of this likelihood.

Duty versus tax: In many cases the tax charged on imported goods is much greater than the rate of duty. To Europe, for example, the value added tax averages 20% and is applied to the cost of the goods plus duty.  

Companies are generally aware of the import duty and costs within their country. However, individuals and small companies who - for example - purchased goods from your website - may not be aware of the potential import fees.

IMPORT DUTY VECTOR Customs Duty and how it is calculated

CANADA IMPORT FEES GRAPHIC Understanding Canadian import duty and fees

Confirm the correct declared value 

An often overlooked element of international shipping is the declared value.  Does the invoice, for example, include the shipping costs? Were there charges for insurance?  What if the goods were sent as samples and there is not actual invoice?  

declared value vector Read more about the concepts of valuation for customs

Verify if You Can benefit from a Canadian Free Trade Agreement

Canada has free trade agreements with most of the world's leading economies. They present an opportunity to import and export goods with partner countries without paying tariffs. Companies can benefit from duty-free treatment for exported or imported goods under a Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Preferential duty free import is for goods that qualify under the rules of origin of a specific trade agreement.

SHIP FROM ORIGIN From where goods were shipped versus country of origin

free trade vector Claim your benefits of Canada Free Trade Agreements

Packaging Tips for International Shipments

With respect to shipping, packaging is important for shipment protection, insurance and chargeable weight.  Read more about chargeable weight.

Make sure you document how the goods are packed to back up an insurance claim. At the same time, make sure the packaging is not excessive which could result in a higher chargeable weight. Most international shipments from Canada travel via air that are subject to higher volume weight formulas.

info@jetworldwide graphic

What to Consider for international Shipping Insurance

Consider purchasing insurance coverage for the shipment to protect against loss or damage during transit. As mentioned above, packaging is an important part of insurance. Most insurance claims - especially for shipping single packages - are for damages. And a common reason given for denying a claim is because of insufficient packaging. We often say, the three main concepts of insurance is packaging, documentation and packaging (yes, packaging is that important).

shipping insurance Confirm your goods are insured

Choosing the Best International Shipping Option from Canada.

The best options for shipping international from Canada Include:

  1. Canada Post packet and surface options are generally best for individuals shipping personal items
  2. Ocean freight is best for large container sized commercial orders with several months lead time
  3. Air freight works well when your shipment is over 50 kilograms
  4. Trucking is a great option for shipping pallets, less than truck load (LTL) and full truck loads across North America.
  5. Shipping via major couriers such as FedEX , UPS, and DHL are well known options.
  6. Direct air freight zone jump: Best for shipping for large volume of international e-commerce orders.

E-Commerce: Consolidate and Ship Direct to Europe

Choosing the best International Carriers from Canada

Companies look for the following attributes when choosing a shipping company:

  • Reliability and On-time Delivery: Consistency in delivering packages on time is crucial.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Shipping discounts and additional fees can be obtained directly from the carriers or their partners.
  • Flexibility: Companies look for shipping options that can accommodate their staff with support functions.
  • Customer Service: Good communication, quick response time, and expert staff is essential to all businesses.
  • Security: Safe and secure handling of packages is crucial and those with a long history are generally the best choice.
  • Technology: Companies prefer shipping companies with advanced technology systems for tracking and reporting and an API interface.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Companies may consider a shipping company's commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.
  • International Capabilities: For companies that ship internationally, it's important to choose a shipping company that has a strong global network and experience with customs regulations.
  • Choose a shipping carrier that has experience and expertise both Canadian and international shipping.

Getting lower international shipping costs to and from Canada

Use a shipping cost calculator to compare rates from different carriers.

  • Consider consolidating your shipments. Sending fewer larger shipments offer a lower unit cost.
  • Package shipments efficiently to reduce the volume weight.
  • Negotiate a discounted rate directly with the major carriers and consult with one of their partners.
  • Check to see if your goods quality for duty free import.
  • Consider using ground or surface transportation instead of air


Jet Worldwide is one of the best shipping options from Canada for several reasons:

  • Global network including major global carriers, national carriers in major markets, regional specialists and unique partnerships built over 40 years!
  • Reliable delivery times with accurate estimates factoring in load factors, clearance processes and market conditions.
  • Multiple shipping options: Jet offers a range of shipping options, including express, economy air, and LTL ground, to best fit your specific needs.
  • Track and trace: Jet provides real-time tracking monitoring of your packages.
  • Customer service: Jet has simply the best customer service team
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms: Jet makes it easier for online retailers to scale their sales by shipping direct to major international markets beyond the USA.

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