Malaysia is a key Asian market for many Canadian companies. Malaysia and Canada are part of the CP-TPP free trade agreement which will allow the majority of Canadian goods to be imported to Malaysia duty free.   Malaysia is home to 31.1 million people with strong  GDP growth.  Canadian companies rely on low cost shipping options to Malaysia.


Malaysia has impressive infrastructure and their core industries are moving up the supply chain to more capital intensive higher value products that employ more advanced technology. To help navigate the local procurement and complex regulations, it is often recommended to partner with local Malaysian companies to facilitate access to this growing market.

In this shipping to Malaysia blog, we review:

  • Carrier options for shipping Malaysia from Canada
  • Malaysia customs processes, duty, and required paperwork from Canada
  • CPTPP duty free shipping to Malaysia for Canada origin goods


Jet Worldwide provides low cost parcel shipping from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and all Canada to Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Ipoh and all Malaysia.


Parcel Shipping Options from Canada to Malaysia


Delivery to Malaysia via Canada Post 

 Canada Post offers the lowest cost for shipping small parcels (under 2 kg) to Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia. Shipments sent via Canada Post are imported and delivered by Pos Malaysia Berhad.

Pos Malaysia Berhad is the Malaysian postal delivery service the handles shipments sent from Canada via Canada Post.

Canada Post Delivery Options to Malaysia include:

Shipping Malaysia from Canada Post small parcels packets

  • Canada Post Small Packet to Malaysia: Surface 
  • Canada Post Small Packet to Malaysia: Air 
  • Canada Post Tracked Packet to Malaysia: Delivery in within 3 weeks

Shipping Malaysia from Canada Post parcel post options

  • Canada Post International Parcel to Malaysia: Surface 
  • Canada Post Xpresspost to Malaysia: Delivery within 2 weeks
  • Get a comparison quote for your shipping to Malaysia

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists

Shipping  Malaysia from Canada via FedEx and UPS 

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and, along with DHL,   offer reliable express delivery to Malaysia from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. However, FedEx and UPS can expensive for small and medium companies who are unable to get significant discounts.

FedEx and UPS shipping Malaysia from Canada delivery options include:


Shipping Parcels to Malaysia via Jet Worldwide Canada

Jet Worldwide provides low cost delivery options for packages sent from Canada for delivery to Malaysia

Jet can arrange for pick or drop off in Canada for door to door economy courier delivery to Malaysia in 3-5 businesses days to Kuala Lumpur from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton.  For rates and information on shipping to Malaysia, contact our team.


Shipping via Purolator Canada to Malaysia

Purolator (a subsidiary of Canada Post) is a leading parcel carrier in Canada and provides delivery to Costa Rica via other carriers - such as UPS Canada.


Importing Goods to Malaysia for parcels sent from Canada:  Things to Consider

Malaysian customs bases duty and taxes on the CIF value (Cost go goods being imported plus Insurance and Freight). The duty rate is assigned based on the classification of the item (referred to as the HS Code).

  • Most goods imported to Malaysia from Canada that are valued under 500 Malaysian Ringgit /MYR (around $150 CAD) can be imported duty free.
  • Most Canadian goods imported to Malaysia are subject to a Sales and services Tax (SST).  Exact SST charges are based on the type of goods and services rendered.
Shipping Restrictions and Prohibitions to Malaysia from Canada
Restricted Items in Malaysia include
  • Live fish and animal oils
  • Pesticides
  • Imitation firearms and fireworks
  • Motor vehicles
  • Telecom equipment
Prohibited Items in Malaysia :
  • Firearms and explosives
  • Drugs
  • Sodium arsenate
  • Items resembling syringes
  • Cocoa pods
VAT and Import Duties in Malaysia
Duty for shipments to Malaysia can vary from duty free (documents, pet accessories, computers, audio video equipment) to 20% for such things as home appliances and toys.

Notes on paperwork requirement for shipping to Malaysia    

  • Commercial customs invoices must contain an invoice number on the invoice
  • The Royal Malaysian Customs Department does not allow Pro Forma customs invoices


Importing process and fees for Canadian parcels to Malaysia:

In addition to duties and taxes, imports to Malaysia are subject to a Disbursements Fee by carriers for the processing of Customs Duties & Taxes.   The costs vary by carrier but average around MYR 55 or 3% of the customs duties and taxes, whichever is higher.    The disbursement fee is subject to a Service Tax of 6%.


Duty Free Clearance of Canadian Goods to Malaysia under CP-TPP

Once fully implemented, many Canadian goods can be imported duty free under the CP-TPP free trade agreement. To qualify, the goods must be accompanied by a certificate of origin and other supporting paperwork.

Duty free shipping to Malaysia via CPTPP Trade Agreement

In order to claim the preferential tariff treatment to Malaysia  from Canada under CPTPP,  a set a data elements referred to as a ‘certification origin’ must be provided by the exporter, producer or importer of the goods by adding the information to any document (e.g., Commercial Invoice) accompanying the shipment or if preferred, by providing it on a separate document.

CPTPP self-certification of origin allows importers and exporters to self-declare they have met the rules of origin criteria. This eliminates the potentially cumbersome and costly process of applying for certificates of origin under other free trade agreements.

The data elements do not have to follow a prescribed format but must contain the minimum data elements listed below. In addition, the imported goods must originate and be exported from a CPTPP ratified country.

  1. Indicate the Certifier (Importer, Exporter or Producer)
  2. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Certifier
  3. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Exporter (if different from the certifier)
  4. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Producer (if different from the certifier, or exporter)
  5. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Importer
  6. Description and HS Tariff Classification for the Goods
  7. Origin Criterion for the Goods
  8. Blanket Period
  9. Authorized Signature and Date

Note: The certification of origin must be signed and dated by the Certifier and accompanied by the following statement:

“I certify that the goods described in this document qualify as originating and the information contained in this document is true and accurate. I assume responsibility for proving such representations and agree to maintain and present upon request or to make available during a verification visit, documentation necessary to support this certification”

For full details regarding the minimum data requirements for the certification of origin, refer to Annex 3-B of the CPTPP agreement.

Information for Commercial goods sent to Malaysia  seeking CPTPP duty free entry

.Products valued less than CA$1600 that are sent to Malaysia  only requires a signed statement completed by the importer, exporter or producer certifying that the goods originated from Canada.   This can be included as part of - or in addition to - the commercial invoice.    All  other supporting document should also be included.    Higher value shipments require a certification of origin to claim CPTPP preferential tariff treatment. 

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Written by Tim Byrnes