Jet Worldwide's Canadian parcel service from Hong Kong helps connect these two regions that enjoy deep cultural and economic ties. Shippers are looking low-cost shipping Canada from Hong Kong.

Canada's connection to Hong Kong is evidenced by the presence of many Hong Kong-Canadian associations, such as the Chinese Canadian Association, the Canadian University Association and one of the largest Canadian Chambers of Commerce.


In this Shipping Guide To Canada from Hong Kong, we review key points for shipping to Canada from Hong Kong

  • Options for parcel and pallet shipping to Canada from Hong Kong
  • Shipping terms to consider: Delivery Duty Paid or Unpaid?
  • Managing shipment returns from Canada online orders
  • Common import fees to Canada for shipments from Hong Kong
  • Canadian customs online portal (CARM) for importers
  • Canadian customs' import process for packages imported from Hong Kong
  • See section below regarding information required for a shipping quote from Hong Kong


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Ship to Canada

Things to consider when shipping to Canada from Hong Kong and China include:

  • Importer of record: The importer of record includes having to obtain an importer number. If to direct to consumers, the consumer can be the importer of record
  • Provincial licenses may be required even if selling direct  to consumers.
  • Health Canada approvals for related products
  • Safe Foods for Canadians Act certifications for some food items 
  • Federal and provincial sales taxes (read about Canadian import fees)
  • Tariff classification for all imports (read more about HS Codes)
  • Country of Origin must be declared for all imports.
  • Valuation is an important part of the declaration to the CBSA (read more about valuation).
  • Labeling for goods to Canada may require both French and English.
  • Carrier and shipping method

Carrier Options Shipping Canada from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Post to Canada Post graphic

Shipping parcels to Canada via Hong Kong post

Hong Kong Post offers "Speedpost" delivery service from Hong Kong for delivery to Canada via Canada Post. The service via such parcel post services from Hong Kong is for delivery within 2 weeks ("2 to 9 business days"). Hong Kong Post offers the lowest cost for parcel delivery from Hong Kong to Canada.

sample shipping costs Hong Kong to Canada 2022

Shipping from Hong Kong to Canada via FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers and, along with DHL, offer express delivery from Hong Kong to Canada. Get a comparison shipping rate to Canada from Hong Kong.

FedEx and UPS shipping Canada from Hong Kong options include:

  • International express priority air to Canada
  • International economy air shipping from Hong Kong


Shipping between Hong Kong and Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide: A trusted brand offering international shipping for over 40 years!
  • Jet Worldwide offers options for shipping between Hong Kong and Canada for parcels, pallets, and online orders. Contact Jet's team.


Shipping from Hong Kong to Canada Purolator

Purolator, a division of Canada Post, is a market leader for Canada domestic delivery and offers international shipping services via partners (such as UPS) and as a third party logistics provider.

ECOMMERCE-CONVEYER- JETChina and Hong Kong online orders to returns from Canada

Simplified processing for your customer:  Contact Jet's team for information on setting up return processes from Canada.

Shipping terms to consider when shipping to Canada

The default option for shipping internationally from Canada is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import related costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Shippers from Canada can choose to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver via a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) options that many carriers offer.


IncoTerms and shipping terms for packages and online orders.

The disadvantage of paying import fees on behalf of the receiver is that the bulk of the import fees are often from federal and provincial sales tax that the importing business might otherwise be able to claim back.


Canadian Import Fees for Shipments from Hong Kong

Common import fees for consignments shipped via air to Canada can include duty, taxes and carrier disbursement fees. Canada parcel clearance processes or CLVS (Courier Low-Value Shipments) System is available for shipments from Hong Kong valued up to CAD 3 300 (around HKD 19 000). These processes allow for efficient clearance of parcels shipped via courier parcel carriers to Canada.

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Contact Jet’s logistics team to get an estimate of your import fees (for parcels shipped via our service).


Canadian Customs (CBSA) online portal which is important tool for importers and designed to facilitate import processes. Read more about CBSA Assessment and Revenu Management (CARM)


Getting a quote for shipping between Hong Kong and Canada

Jet Worldwide gives access to all companies seeking for spot quotes between Canada and Hong Kong for parcels, pallets, online orders.


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