Canadian companies are increasingly looking to international markets to grow their business.    Jet Worldwide Canada assists Canadian companies by providing low cost international parcel delivery.    Here are 5 things to consider when shipping international courier parcels from Canada.




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1.  Choose Between Parcel Post or Commercial Carrier.



Canada Post provides the lowest cost option for shipments under 2 kilograms and is the method we most recommend for individuals shipping small parcels.   


For small parcels, Canada Post international packet services provide a low cost for individuals sending international shipments from Canada.  Canadian Post International Packet Services are available for many international destinations for shipments under 2 kg / 4 pounds.   


The postal service becomes less attractive as the weight of the parcels increase and their quality of service - especially with seemingly endless work stoppages - can be a challenge.


2. Consider FedEx Canada or UPS Canada directly

FedEx and UPS are - by far - the dominant international carriers from North America.    Both FedEx and UPS offer reliable international delivery from Canada (using connections via their American hubs).     However, FedEx and UPS can be expensive for small and medium sized companies and their processes inflexible.


Consider a Canadian parcel reseller 

Canadian shippers can often find shipping solutions via companies that resell the services of FedEx and UPS.    While resellers often provide lower prices, many lack expertise of international shipping.


At Jet Worldwide we offer services a full range of international delivery options from over 3 decades of experience.     Part of our portfolio is the reselling of global affiliates.   

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The Jet Worldwide Advantage:

  • A dedicated customer service agent for every customer
  • We personally track and follow your shipment all the way through to delivery
  • Unique service options to and from Canada 
  • A global network that enables special services such as time specific pickups and deliveries, repacking, re-routing, storage and distribution.




3.  Prepare an  invoice  for customs 

The basic information required for customs clearance includes:

  • Your Name and Address
  • The Name, Address & Telephone of the receiver (& email if possible)
  • Description of the items
  • Value of the items and currency (CD, USD, Euros etc.)




Jet Worldwide's shipping system includes an integrated process for completing your customs paperwork.    

Note:  Before sending your parcel, check to ensure the item(s) you are sending are not restricted. 


4. Shipments  valued over $2,000 CAD require a B-13


  • A B-13 export declaration is not required when sending an international parcel from Canada to the USA
  • A B-13 is a simple form, easily accessed and completed using the Canadian Customs website.     Include a copy of the B-13 when sending your international parcel from Canada.




5. Determine who will be responsible for payment of clearance fees, duties and taxes. 

Unless otherwise noted, the standard procedure is to charge the receiver for import

If you wish to pay for duties and taxes, you must note on the invoice “Delivery Duty Paid/DTP”.    


Note:  Jet provides Delivery Duty Paid Services.



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Written by Tim Byrnes