Best Worldwide Shipping to Canada from Germany 2024

Shipping to Canada from Germany

German connections to Canada are stronger via the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA). Bilateral trade continue to grow. Canada serves as the North American gateway for many German companies. This guide covers important things to consider when shipping to Canada from Germany.

Jet Worldwide provides shipping solutions between Germany (the EU) and Canada for parcels, pallets and online orders. In this blog, we address the many inquiries we get on carrier options and customs clearance to Canada from Germany.

Please note that while Jet is a leading online resource for international shipping to and from Canada, the information is for general information only. We advise all sellers and shippers to confirm regulatory compliance with regulators, carriers and brokers.

Complete Guide for Shipping To Canada from Germany:

  • Common carrier options for shipping Canada from Germany
  • CBSA import to Canada for goods from Germany
  • Understanding import fees to Canada
  • CETA duty-free treatment of Canada-origin goods in Germany
  • Becoming a non-resident importer to Canada
  • Country of origin rules when shipping Germany to Canada
  • Shipping via ocean to Canada from Germany
  • Air versus ocean shipping options to Canada from Germany
  • Certificate of origin and why it is necessary
  • Get a international shipping quote and logistics support between Germany and Canada

Disclaimer: The information in Jet Worldwide online content, including this post, is for general information only.

What does it cost to ship to Canada from Germany

The cost of shipping to Canada from Germany depends on the package dimensions, weight, pickup and delivery address, and shipping service.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Canada from Germany

The cheapest way to send a small package to Canada from Germany is usually via Deutsche Post surface shipping options. As shipments get heavier, the cost of advantage of shipping via the mail is less.

Can I Import Goods to Canada from Germany Duty Free?

Shipments under $20 CAD can import duty free to Canada. If made in Germany, it may qualify for preferential duty free import. The Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA) sets out the rules of origin.

Can I arrange for a pickup in Germany from Canada?

Most Canadian carriers offer the arrange shipping from Germany. It is important to note that the shipper (exporter) must be able to complete an export declaration as necessary. Contact our team for details on shipping from Germany to Canada.

What is the transit time for goods that to Canada from Germany

The primary determinant of transit days is the mode of shipping and service. Door to door transit time depends on the origin and destination postal code.Express courier can be as fast as 2 days. Delivery of economy air cargo is usually within 1 week. Ocean shipments average around 1 month. To calculate the transit time and get a price, fill in form below.

What are the Canadian import fees for Germany Shipments?

Canadian import fees can include duty, sales tax and carrier disbursement fees. Understanding Canadian Import Fees.

Can Shipments from Germany import Duty Free to Canada?

German goods can import duty free to Canada if they are less than $20 CAD. Shipments that qualify as being German Origin under the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA) benefit from preferential duty free import regardless of value. Ship from Germany does not qualify as being of Germany origin. 

Can I Import to Canada for Delivery to the USA?

Shippers can send their goods via Canada for final delivery to the USA. You can also warehouse goods in Canada for low cost ground delivery to the USA. Goods that ship from Canada also benefit from the $800 low value duty free threshold. Learn more about importing to the USA.

Can I Order Goods from Canada for delivery to Germany?

Most Canadian sellers offer international shipping. If you have many orders, Jet Worldwide can receive, consolidate and ship your Canadian purchases to Germany.


Ocean shipping is best for large commercial orders and container size shipments. Allow a lead time of 1-2 months.

Deutsche Post is best for individuals sending small packages and personal items to Canada.  Shipments sent via Deutsche Post are imported and delivered via Canada Post.

FedEx, UPS and DHL are well known with a significant presence in Germany. They offer air express shipping options to Canada.

Sea freight is the best option for one to several pallets. Full container loads are the fastest way to ship via ocean to Canada.

Jet Worldwide provides Canadian, North American and global logistics expertise. Our services include discount access to global carriers.

When choosing a shipping method, consider first the size and weight of your freight. Other factors include the transit time and nature of goods. Compare quotes from different carriers to find the best option for your needs. Consider also the mode of shipping: Post, courier, air and ocean.

Shipping via Sea Freight to Canada from Germany

Ocean freight offers the cheapest way to ship pallets and large commercial orders to Canada. Useful information regarding shipping via ocean to Canada.

Shipping via LCL Germany to Canada

Less than container load (LCL) offers solutions when sending one or several pallets to Canada. Via this method, cargo of different shippers shares space in the same container. Additional transit time is necessary for the consolidation and de-consolidation of the container.

Shipping FCL to Canada from Germany

Full container load (FCL) is the fastest sea freight option to Canada. It an include either a 20 foot or 40 foot container. This can be the best option even without full optimization of the container space.

Shipping Air versus Ocean from Germany to Canada

The many minimum surcharges of ocean cargo can make it too expensive for smaller consignments. Economy air freight can be the better option for freight up to around 100 kilograms. A much higher per kilogram price via air but with far fewer surcharges. Especially if the shipment is door to door.

Video: How to Ship to Canada from Europe

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Package shipping options to Canada from Germany

Shipping to Canada via Deutsche Post

canada post germany gaphic
Deutsche Post, also known as German Post, is the best options for individuals shipping small parcels and personal items to Canada. Deutsche Post also offers shipping option to Canada via their subsidiary, DHL.

Deutsche Post offers several international shipping options for sending packages and documents overseas. Check Deutsche Post's website for the most up-to-date information on international shipping options and prices.

Shipping to Canada via UPS and FedEx Germany

FedEx and UPS are North America's largest carriers. Along with German DHL, they offer reliable international shipping from Germany.

FedEx and UPS shipping options to Canada from Germany include:

  • International Priority Express air shipping to Canada
  • International Economy Air shipping from Germany

Shipping to Canada from Germany for duty-free entry under the Canada EU Free trade agreement CETA? See section below on duty-free access to Canada for Germany-origin goods.

Delivery to Canada from Germany via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide: A historic brand offering international shipping for over 40 years! Contact our team to answer your questions. Get Canadian USA support and rates. Ship air, ocean, Canadian address via Jet Worldwide.

Fill in contact form below for rates and Canadian logistics support.

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Shipping terms to consider when shipping to Canada

The default option for shipping internationally from Germany is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Shippers can choose to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver. Most commercial carriers offer a delivery duty paid option.

See our blog on IncoTerms and shipping terms for packages and online orders.

Import fees payable by the shipper are not recoverable. Canadian sales tax paid by the importer may otherwise be recoverable.

German Export Declaration

An export declaration is a submission to German customs when exporting goods from Germany. The declaration provides information including the value, quantity, and classification (under the Harmonize System (HS) codes).

The export declaration completion is via the exporter or their agent. Submission to customs in necessary before export rom Germany.

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Useful information on shipping sea freight to Canada.

Can I consolidate and ship to Canada Germany as a non-resident importer?

Companies can consolidate their orders via a single customs entry by becoming a non-resident importer. The process involves shipping via LTL or full truck load, single clearance in Canada with domestic distribution.

Read more about valuation for non-resident imports to Canada.

Duty-free Import to Canada from Germany via CETA

More companies are discovering the benefits of the Canadian - European Free Trade Agreement (CETA). Qualifying goods with a CETA certification on the invoice (a separate certificate of origin is not necessary). It is now much easier to take advantage for duty-free importing to Canada.

Importing Goods to Canada from Germany

Goods to Canada over CA$20 are subject to duty and taxes. Consignments under CA 3,300 can import via Canada's low value system (LVS).

Useful information to consider regarding Common Canadian import fees.

Ship Germany to Canada to USA via USPS

Take advantage of CETA and North American Free Trade. Send online orders Germany to USA via Canada.

Contact our team for details.

Duty-free shipping from Germany to Canada

Canadian Customs (CBSA) waives the the proof of origin is requirement for consignments under CAD 3 300.

CETA Rules of Origin when shipping between Germany and Canada

In order to qualify for zero tariffs under CETA, a product must be "originating" from either Canada or Germany (or other EU country). This means that the product must have undergone a transformation.

Just the purchasing and shipping between Canada and Germany does not grant duty free import.

The difference between goods that ship from Germany or Canada versus German or Canadian origin goods.

There are two main methods for determining origin under CETA: The change of tariff classification method and the regional value content method.

  • The change of tariff classification method is that a product must undergo a sufficient change in tariff classification. A result of production or transformation in Canada or the EU.
  • The regional value content method pertains to a percentage of additional value in Canada or the EU.

There are also specific rules of origin for certain sectors. Textiles, apparel, automotive, chemicals and other have different origin requirements. Verify compliance prior to shipping.

Benefit form having a certificate of origin shipping to Canada

The country of origin useful in determining if preferential duty free import applies. The country of origin is also a data point to support regulatory actions such as quarantine and import quotas.

Useful information to explaining a certificate of origin and when it is necessary.

Proof of origin for shipments under CAD 3,300

For commercial importations under CAD 3,300 include a certifying statement on the commercial invoice. Confirming the goods qualify as German origin via CETA.

The statement must include either the country of origin of the goods or a reference that the request is via CETA provisions.

Sample origin Statement CETA

Important Note: Claims for preferential tariff treatment over the CAD 3,300 low-value threshold must include supporting documentation. Refer to the Canadian Customs CBSA ‘Origin of Goods' webpage to confirm the requirements for your shipment.


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