Having an efficient parcel delivery from Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and from all of Canada to Japan helps connect the two economies: Japan is strong in electronics & advanced manufacturing and has a need for Canada’s goods that include oil & gas, agri-business, and seafood.   Jet offers low cost parcel shipping to Japan with the option for duty free clearance under CPTPP.

  • Japan is one of Canada's most important commercial partners.
  • Japan is by far Canada's largest bilateral foreign direct investment partner in Asia
  • Japan and Canada continue to engage in high level Economic Partnership
  • Annual exports from Canada to Japan total over $10 billion per year


Jet Canada provides low cost economy shipping from Canada to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and across Japan.     Send your parcels from Canada for delivery to Japan within a week for a low cost and dedicated customer support.

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Low Cost Parcel International Shipping Options

Shipping from Canada to Japan


Shipping Japan from Canada via Canada Post   

 Canada Post offers the lowest cost delivery for individual sending small parcels to Japan.    Canada Post relies on Japan Post for delivery of their parcel post shipments to Japan.

Canada Post Parcel Delivery Services from Canada to Japan include:

Canada Post  "small packet" shipping to Japan.

  • Canada Post Small Packet delivery to Japan:  Surface
  • Canada Post Small Packet delivery to Japan: Air
  • Canada Post Tracked Packet delivery to Japan: Delivery in 2 weeks

Shipping Japan from Canada Post parcel options


Parcel Shipping to Japan via UPS and FedEx Canada

FedEx and UPS - along with DHL - provide reliable express delivery to Japan from Canada. They are North America's largest carriers.   

FedEx and UPS Canada parcel delivery options to Japan include:

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists


Jet's value is for Canadian shippers to Japan seeking economy air shipping


Collection of duty for items sent by Parcel Post from Canada to Japan:   Duty payment for parcels is most often delivered Cash on Delivery to recoup the payment of duty.    

For duty amounts over 10,000 yen (but less than 300,000 yen), payment is usually requested upfront prior to sending the parcel for delivery.


Parcel Shipping from Canada to Japan via Jet Worldwide

Jet's parcel delivery service is ideal for heavier parcels being shipped from small and medium sized Canadian or Japanese businesses.

Our service provides a low cost option with delivery in 3-5 days from Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and across Canada to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and all of Japan.

Parcel Canada shipping to Japan via Purolator Canada

Purolator is a leading domestic carrier in Canada and provides reliable courier delivery  service to Japan from their postal locations in Canada.   

For delivery to Japan, Purolator Canada uses partner carriers such as UPS.



Clearance for parcels shipped from Canada to Japan

Import Restrictions and other notes on sending parcels to Japan from Canada:

For goods sent by international courier services:  A customs broker clears the goods through customs for you and advances the duty payments such as customs duty to deliver the goods to you. Payment is made either via Cash on Delivery or on account.

Note: Jet can provide delivery duty paid service to Japan to enable Canadian shippers to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver.

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Simplified Tariff and Duty System for Personal Effects and Small Packages

In order to facilitate clearance, the following options are available for personal effects and small packages. When the total Customs value of commercially imported goods is 200,000 yen or less per importation, the simplified tariff schedule is applicable.

The following are examples from this Schedule.

Alcoholic Beverages including Wine: 70 yen/l, some of Distilled alcoholic beverages: 20 yen, sake, Some of other alcoholic beverages: 30 yen/l

Article of apparel, etc.: 20%, Tableware, Furniture, Toys, Games, etc.: 3%, Rubber, Paper, etc.: Free, Other Products: 5%. These duty rates do not include consumption tax and other internal taxes.

 HS code Jet Worldwide

Three primary types of import declaration for parcels being imported to Japan from Canada:

  • Manifest Clearance is available if the CIF value is less than or equal to 10,000 yen (unless the commodity is restricted)
  • Low Value Declaration is available if the CIF value is less than or equal to 200,999 yen, including restricted commodities.
  • High Value Declaration is necessary if the CIF value is more than 201,000 yen.

CIF Value:   Most customs authorities - including Japan Customs clearance for parcels - base their calculations on the "CIF" Value.    This is also sometimes referred to as the "landed cost."    The CIF value includes the COST (value of the item), INSURANCE, and FREIGHT (shipping cost).

Restricted items to Japan:  The list of restricted items for parcels to Japan is common to most other destinations and includes such items as perishables, drugs, weapons, contraband etc.  

In addition, Japanese Custom's regulations restrict other items including animal/Insect or Plant quarantine related items, fresh, cut or dried flowers, Potpourri, Malt, Straws, Bones and horns, Antibodies, Serum, blood, Bacteria/viruses and movie films.

Shipping wine from Canada to Japan

There are two basic type of imports to consider when shipping wine (we get many requests to ship Canadian ice wine to Japan:  Commercial and personal.     The requirements for customs includes declaring the alcohol content and if the wine is sparkling or not.

Canadian Ice wine can qualify for Canada origin duty free status for shipping to Japan.

 For information on shipping wine to Japan from Canada, contact our team.


Shipping Maple Syrup to Japan from Canada

Another major request we get is for shipping maple syrup to Japan.   Like mentioned above, there is a differentiation between commercial and personal imports.   

Canadian Maple syrup can be imported to Japan duty free via CPTPP provisions

If you are in Japan and wish to have maple syrup shipped to you, contact our team for information on purchasing maple syrup direct in Canada for shipping to Japan.


CPTPP Duty free clearance of goods shipped to Japan from Canada

Goods approved with proper ''proof of origin'' supporting paperwork can be exported from Canada for duty free clearance in Japan.

Proof of Origin

The key part of all trade agreements is ensuring the goods qualify under the rules of origin. Many incorrectly assume that if goods are sent from a qualifying country, they should qualify for duty free status.   Country of origin is not determined solely by where the goods are sent from.

The country of origin rules have been simplified under CPTPP but can still get complex.  The guidelines for country of origin qualification include:

  • Goods are considered originating if they are wholly obtained, such as goods that are grown, raised, caught, or extracted in Canada /CPTPP country.

  • Goods are considered originating if they are produced in Canada or a CPTPP country entirely from originating materials.

  • Goods are originating if they are produced in Canada/CPTPP country from non-originating materials that undergo production in Canada/ CPTPP country, such that the resulting good satisfies the applicable product-specific rule of origin. The value of the non-originating goods that are part of the originating product can be considered dutiable.

Duty Free import for parcels sent from Canada to Japan under CPTPP 

The amazing part of CPTPP is that parcels containing products valued less than CA$1600 do not require a certification of origin to claim CPTPP preferential tariff treatment.

  • Parcels containing products under CA$1,600 can be considered for duty free status if the following conditions include:

  • A signed statement completed by the importer, exporter or producer certifying that the goods originated from a CPTPP country

  • This statement is required on the commercial invoice and we recommend adding an additional stand-alone statement/ supporting document. 

  • The goods must meet the origin rules. For example, marks to indicate that the goods are not a product of a CPTPP country will disqualify the goods and have issues related to mis-declarations.


CPTPP Duty free shipping to Japan:  What information is required?

In order to claim the preferential tariff treatment to Japan from Canada under CPTPP,  a set a data elements referred to as a ‘certification origin’ must be provided by the exporter, producer or importer of the goods by adding the information to any document (e.g., Commercial Invoice) accompanying the shipment or if preferred, by providing it on a separate document. The data elements do not have to follow a prescribed format but must contain the minimum data elements listed below. In addition, the imported goods must originate and be exported from a CPTPP ratified country.

  1. Indicate the Certifier (Importer, Exporter or Producer)
  2. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Certifier
  3. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Exporter (if different from the certifier)
  4. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Producer (if different from the certifier, or exporter)
  5. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Importer
  6. Description and HS Tariff Classification for the Goods
  7. Origin Criterion for the Goods
  8. Blanket Period
  9. Authorized Signature and Date

Note: The certification of origin must be signed and dated by the Certifier and accompanied by the following statement:

“I certify that the goods described in this document qualify as originating and the information contained in this document is true and accurate. I assume responsibility for proving such representations and agree to maintain and present upon request or to make available during a verification visit, documentation necessary to support this certification”

For full details regarding the minimum data requirements for the certification of origin, please refer to Annex 3-B of the CPTPP agreement.


Jet Worldwide offers economy express shipping and delivery solutions to Japan from Montréal, Toronto GTA and all of Canada.  International Parcel Delivery to Japan, International priority, International Economy services for shipping to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Nagoya, from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, anywhere in Canada!  Package delivery solutions from Japan to Canada are also possible with Jet Worldwide's shipping services. 

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Written by Tim Byrnes