Cyprus is a major tourists destination in the Mediterranean.  As a member of the European Union and the  Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) presents duty free access to Canadian goods.  Canadian companies rely on low cost shipping to Cyprus.

While the commercial relationship between Cyprus and Canada is small, it is both strong and growing.   With CETA, Canadian firms have been able to serve the economic needs of Cyprus with expertise in energy, pharmaceuticals, and machinery.      There is also a strong educational link with an agreement between The University of Cyprus and Montreal's Concordia University.

  In this blog, we review:

  • Canada carrier options shipping Cyprus from Canada
  • Cyprus customs clearance
  • Duty free CETA EU clearance to Cyprus for Canada origin goods


Jet Worldwide provides low cost parcel delivery from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and across Canada to Cyprus.

Canadian Parcel Delivery Options to Cyprus

Shipping Cyprus to Canada


Shipping packages to Cyprus via Canada Post


Canada Post offers low cost delivery for shipping to Cyprus from Canada.  For small packages to Cyprus, Canada Post Small Packet shipping is a good option.    Packages sent via Canada Post are imported to Cyprus and delivered by the Cyprus Post (the state owned provider of postal services in Cyprus).

Canada Post International Small Packet Surface Service to Cyprus  offers some of the lowest rates for shipping packages under 2 kg .

Canada Post Delivery Services to Cyprus Include:

Shipping to  Cyprus from Canada Post small parcels

  • Canada Post Small Packet International Surface to Cyprus
  • Canada Post Small Packet International Air to Cyprus

Shipping postal packages to Cyprus from Canada Post



 Shipping packages to Cyprus via FedEx Canada and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are the largest carriers in North America and offer dependable international express services from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and all of Canada to Cyprus.   DHL (Jet's partner) also offer shipping to Cyprus from Canada.

Fedex  and UPS Canada shipping options to Cyprus include:

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists

Shipping Canada to Cyprus via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide has been providing international delivery from Canada for over 35 years and offers low cost parcel delivery from Canada to Cyprus for larger parcels.   Our unique global network assists companies to find the right parcel logistics solutions.

Jet Canada provides low cost for heavier parcels sent from Canada to Cyprus. We offer low cost international delivery from Canada and special services such as dedicated pick up, Canada Address receiving and forwarding.


Special Services: Through our global partners around the world, Jet Worldwide is able to provide unique services

Delivery to Cyprus via Purolator Courier

Purolator Courier, a subsidiary of Canada Post, offers international parcel shipping to Cyprus from Canada  via partners, such as UPS.




Parcel Customs Clearance for Goods sent to Cyprus  from Canada and CETA

Cyprus customs assessed duty and taxes on the CIF value (Cost of the goods being imported plus the cost for transportation and insurance). Cyprus customs  uses the Harmonized System HS codes to assess the rate of duty.

Value added tax (VAT) in Austria is applied for shipments from Canada. The general VAT rate  in Austria is 19%.

Duty Free Clearance of low value Canadian parcels to Cyprus

Most packages imported to Cyprus from Canada with a value under €17 can be imported duty fee but are still subject to Value Added Tax.  

Note:  Effective 2021, all shipments to Cyprus and the entire EU will be subject to VAT regardless of value (low value shipments will no longer be exempt from VAT).


Duty Free Clearance Canadian goods to Cyprus under CETA

Regarding duty free eligibility under CETA:
Country origin rules are associated with factors used to determine if the product is eligible for preferential duty free treatment under CETA.
The good news for shippers is that CETA rules don’t require a formal certificate in order to obtain tariff benefits. A declaration on the invoice or any other commercial document accompanying the shipment is enough.
The CETA country of origin declaration has a specific wording, which is fairly straight forward (check with up to date regulations before shipping).
Required CETA country of origin declaration can include the following:
The CETA origin declaration to Cyprus from Canada wording must include the following wording. Footnotes are provided for explanation (but do not meant to be included in the required wording). The origin declaration, the text of which is given below, must be completed in accordance with the footnotes (see below).
(Period: from___________ to __________(1))
The exporter of the products covered by this document (customs authorisation No ...(2)) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of ...(3) preferential origin.
…………………………………………………………….............................................(4) (Place and date)
...……………………………………………………………………..............................(5) (Signature and printed name of the exporter)
Footnotes for CETA Cyprus EU origin declaration from Canada
These notes are used to explain the fields required above. They do not have to be included in the actual origin statement.
(1)   When the origin declaration is completed for multiple shipments of identical originating products within the meaning of Article 19.5, indicate the period of time for which the origin declaration will apply. The period of time must not exceed 12 months. All importations of the product must occur within the period indicated. Where a period of time is not applicable, the field can be left blank.
(2)   For EU exporters: When the origin declaration is completed by an approved or registered exporter the exporter's customs authorization or registration number must be included. A customs authorization number is required only if the exporter is an approved exporter. When the origin declaration is not completed by an approved or registered exporter, the words in brackets must be omitted or the space left blank. For Canadian exporters: The exporter's Business Number assigned by the Government of Canada must be included. Where the exporter has not been assigned a business number, the field may be left blank.
(3)   "Canada/EU" means products qualifying as originating under the rules of origin of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. When the origin declaration relates, in whole or in part, to products originating in Ceuta and Melilla, the exporter must clearly indicate the symbol "CM".
(4)   These indications may be omitted if the information is contained on the document itself.
(5)   Article 19.3 provides an exception to the requirement of the exporter's signature. Where the exporter is not required to sign, the exemption of signature also implies the exemption of the name

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We advise our Canadian customers to first send small test shipments to Cyprus to verify that the requirements certificate or origin and other supporting paperwork are met. Following successful duty free import, then larger shipments can then be more securely shipped from Canada for import to Austria




Written by Timothy Byrnes