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Complete Guide: Shipping Rates Canada to UK

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Depending on a number of factors, shipping costs may differ greatly. This includes the volume, weight, and dimensions of the package(s) being shipped, the goods of the pack(s), and the method of transportation.

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One essential factor to consider is the transit time. Express shipping can be especially important if you're sending a time-sensitive item, but it will also increase the overall cost. Don't forget to also factor in any taxes or duty charges that may apply.

To ensure reliable and secure delivery, it's important to choose a carrier with a good track record and adequate protection measures in place. Additionally, packing your item(s) securely can help prevent damage during transit. Jet Worldwide provides comprehensive online resources to help guide you through the process and allow you to determine the best option.

Overall, by doing your research, choosing a reliable carrier, and taking steps to protect your items during transit, you can save money and receive your package safely and on time. So click now to get air quotes and start comparing prices!

Air freight is typically more expensive than sea freight for large commercial orders

How long does it take to move cargo from Canada to the UK?

Shipping ocean cargo door-to-door from Canada to the UK could between 1 to 2 months. The transit time depend upon the port of origin, destination, what is being shipped, and carrier.

Shipping a full container is a faster than consolidations. Less than container load (LCL) involve additional handling steps that delay the transit time.

Air Freight from Canada to the UK

Shipping by air is generally faster but more expensive than shipping by sea. For help choosing which mode is right for your shipment, use our quote to compare to your ocean rate.

What essential documents are needed when shipping from Canada to the UK?

Correctly packaged and labelled cargo is essential for it to have a smooth journey from Canada through the customs clearance process in the UK. The necessary documents can include:

What is the best option for individuals shipping small parcels to the UK?

Canada Post is a great way for individuals to ship to the UK. The small packet shipping option to the UK is preferred option shipping personal packages internationally from Canada.

In general, Canada Post is most cost effective for smaller shipments. The postal option is less competitive for heavier packages. Also, high volume parcel shippers can get much lower costs by shipping direct.

How can I use Royal Mail from Canada?

Royal mail does not have offices in Canada. However, Canada Post uses for postal consignments shipped to the UK. The exception is that Canada Post Priority service is delivered via FedEx.

Are UK import fees charged for shipments from Canada?

All consignments to the UK are subject to customs clearance and import duty and taxes.  Low value goods (under £135) and Canadian origin (CUKTCA) can be imported duty free. All  UK imports are subject to VAT.

UK Import fees Read More about UK Import fees

Ship Parcels airfreight to the UK for domestic distribution

The choice of worldwide shipping services has expanded to include sending via direct airfreight from YUL, YYZ or YVR. Direct import options involve consolidating orders and shipping direct to the UK. Minimum volumes are required to make this cost effective. However, the costs can quickly become lower than standard postal options.

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Shipping direct has the added advantage of faster delivery and more control over the import process. Import fees paid upfront include payment of value added tax.

Read more: Useful information about collection of UK VAT

Can I Ship Air Freight for Final Mile UK Delivery

The benefit of shipping orders direct benefit requires a large number of orders. In general, we recommend a total consolidated weight of over 50 kilograms as a starting point.

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What is the cheapest option for shipping a package to the UK

Canada Post International Surface options offer the lowest general rate for packages under 2 kilograms to the UK. The lowest cost via Canada post to the UK is around $15 for sending 1 pound via surface. Surface is the cost leader but transit time is 1-2 months without tracking.

Canada Post Sample Costs 2023

For online retailers with enough volume, shipping direct airfreight for final mile delivery to the UK is the cheapest option.

Getting the lowest cost from FedEx, UPS and DHL

Global couriers FedEx, UPS and DHL are known shipping options to the UK. These carriers can be accessed directly or via one of their resellers.

sample shipping cost to UK from Canada 2024

The costs for heavier air shipments are hard to predict. Usually the lowest rates are obtained via spot quotes.  The actual rate depends on market conditions, carrier discounts, and fuel surcharge. Contact our team to request a comparison quote.  Fill in form below for best in class customer support.

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Parcel brokers for express international shipping

There are several resellers in Canada to consider. For UPS, many use their partner Purolator. Jet Worldwide partners with global carriers as well as local UK couriers. See our Complete Guide for Shipping to the UK.

Parcel brokers act as intermediaries between global couriers and the customer. They secure low rates and share the savings. They often offer the cheapest Canada to UK shipping option in some cases. However, they often lack the expertise to benefit your business. 

At Jet Worldwide, we offer discounted pricing along with our expert logistics team.

Canada Post small packet services are best for individuals and occasional shippers. The rates via Canada post are less attractive for heavier packages.

Ocean shipping is essential for large commercial orders and container sized shipments.  Expect a transit time between 1-2 months.

Forwarders provide ocean, air and inland transport. They help coordinate clearance and other logistics support.


FedEx, DHL and UPS are well known options. They provide primarily air express shipping options to the UK.

Jet Worldwide providing Canadian logistics support for over 40 years. Our services include discount shipping with global carriers, e-commerce solutions with incredible customer support!


What value should I declare for my parcels to the UK?

The most common method for assigning value is the transaction value. In other words, the value of the goods is amount paid by your customer in the UK. Ensure you declare the correct value for your shipment to the UK.

The declared cost should include shipping costs and insurance.

Read more: Understanding the correct declared value.

What do you need to think about when packing

Understanding packaging requirements is vital to a successful shipment. You will need to consider your shipment’s weight, dimensions, and best packaging material.

Packaging for Protection: The packaging must be able withstand the the rigours of courier handling. The most common reason for denied insurance claims is insufficient packaging. Read more about shipping insurance.

Efficient packaging: Keep in mind that unnecessarily large packaging may be subject to a higher chargeable volume weight. Read more about volume weight.

Different items effect duty and VAT

All goods imported to the UK (except low value gifts) are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). Consignments value over 135.00 UKL are subject to import duty as well. Read more about UK Import fees.

Are Canadian Goods imported to the UK Duty free?

Canada and the UK have a free trade agreement. But, just be shipped from Canada does not grant duty free status. The goods must be of Canadian origin. Read more: The difference between from where goods are shipped and their origin.

The UKTCA is actually easy to take advantage of for Canadian origin goods. The consignment simply needs to be accompanied by a certification of origin. We recommend including the certification on the customs invoice as well as including a separate certificate.  

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