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Worldwide Shipping Spain to Canada

Spain and Canada continue a strong trade relationship with over $6 billion in merchandise trade.   The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) facilitates more growth. The economies of both countries benefit with trade in key sectors.  

Best Parcel and Freight Shipping from Spain to Canada

Send a Parcel or pallet to Canada

Are you searching for Spain to Canada shipping? What about shipping to the USA via Canada? You may have questions about what you can ship. As well is the best way to ship. To make the process as simple as possible, review and share this complete guide to ship goods to Canada. And vice versa!

Shipping to Canada is a common practice for many businesses

Canada is a great destination for Spanish businesses. Our expertise and over 40 years of Canadian shipping assists every step along the way. Get local Canadian logistics support from our team. Fill in contact form at the end of this post.

Shipping Rates to Canada

There are a variety of options to choose from. From local postal options, global couriers or ocean freight. Jet helps you balance the need for economy, convenience, and speed of delivery.

Video: How to Ship to Canada from Europe

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  • EU Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA)
  • Explaining a certificate of origin and its benefits
  • Goods that ship from Spain versus Spanish origin goods
  • Shipping online orders direct to Canada
  • Canadian customs assessment and revenue project (CARM)
  • Shipping personal effects to Canada from Spain
  • Reverse logistics, Canadian address and returns from Canada
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There are several shipping options available for sending goods to Canada from Spain. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs. Factors to consider include the type and size of the goods and speed of delivery.

Here are some common shipping options for shipping to Canada

  • Air freight: This is the fastest shipping option with door to door delivery solutions.
  • Ocean freight: Best options for large commercial orders and containers with several months lead time.
  • Commercial carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and their partners.
  • Correos: Generally the best option for personal shipments
  • Short video (~3 min) reviewing options for sending to Canada

Free Trade Between Canada and Spain: CETA

The Canada-EU free trade agreement (CETA) provides Canadian and Spanish businesses with  preferential  duty free access. Duty free with cheap shipping adds up to a more competitive offer for your customer.

The Most Favour Nation (MFN) tariff rates to Canada are applicable for imports from Spain. Goods that meet CETA rules of origin can qualify for duty free import. 

Best Options Shipping Canada from Spain


Correos is generally the best option for individuals shipping small parcels and personal items to Canada.

FedEx, UPS and DHL are well known options. 

Forwarders provide a full range of options.  Their services can include discounted access to FedEx, UPS or DHL.


Ocean shipping is best for large commercial orders and shipping containers. Allow for a lead time of up to two months.

Jetship provides Canadian and North American logistics support. This includes discounted shipping with global carriers, ocean and air cargo.

Shipping from Spain to Canada via Correos

Correos is the best option for individuals shipping small parcels to Canada.

Correos shipping options for parcels to Canada Includes packets

Packets and small parcels under 2 kilograms options to Canada from Spain

Shipping via Correos for small parcels:  Delivery to Canada within 2 weeks

Correos lowest cost shipping for parcels less than 30 kg to Canada is via their surface option. Delivery takes around 2 months. Shipments via Correos import and deliver via Canada Post.

Canada Post charge an import processing fee of around CA$10 in addition to duty and taxes. The fee is on behalf of Canada Customs CBSA.

Shipping Canada via DHL, FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS are North America’s largest carriers and operate large transatlantic routes to Canada. Along with DHL - offer reliable priority and economy shipping options to Canada.

Useful video (~3 min): Best shipping modes and carrier options UK to Canada

FedEx and UPS shipping Canada from UK options include:

  • International express priority air to Canada
  • International economy air to Canada

Delivery between Spain and Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide: A global Canadian brand offering international shipping for over 40 years! Visit


Shipping via Sea Freight to Canada

LCL Sea Freight from Spain

Less than container load (LCL) is best when shipping one to several pallets. Via this mode of shipping, there is sharing of container space and cost between different consignments. Allow extra transit time for the loading and de-consolidation of the container.

FCL Sea Freight to Canada

Full container load (FCL) is the fastest way to ship via ocean. This can be via either 40 foot or 20 foot container.

oceancontainer ship at port

Shipping Air versus Ocean

With the many minimum surcharges for ocean shipments, shipping smaller consignments via air is cheaper. This is especially true for door to door shipping. Generally, shipments of less than 100 kilograms are cheaper via air. Cargo over 500 kilograms are much less expensive via ocean. The best option for parcels via ocean is via Correos

Useful information: Shipping Ocean freight to Canada from Spain.


Map showing Major Canadian ocean ports

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Clearance of goods to Canada:

All goods shipping from Spain to Canada import through Canadian Customs (CBSA). Goods shipping from Spain to Canada must include an invoice that clearly lists the item(s) and their value.

Information to include for the customs invoice to Canada Includes:

  • Address, contact name and phone number for shipper and receiver.
  • Description (as specific as possible) of item(s) and value
  • If a gift, mention this on the invoice

EU Canadian Free Trade Agreement - CETA

EU Canada Free trade agreement allows duty free import of UK origin goods to Canada.

CETA Rules of Origin

In general, an origin product with manufacture in Spain or Canada. Production entirely in Spain or Canada. Or if it has undergoes sufficient production or processing in Spain or Canada. It can likely meet the agreement's rules of origin.

  • There is a line between simple assembly that does not transform the nature of the product itself. A product must undergo a sufficient change in tariff classification. The change a result of production or transformation in Canada or Spain.
  • Also a consideration is the value of non origin content as a percentage of a goods total value.

The specific rules of origin for the CETA in the text of the agreement. It is important to verify compliance with the importer prior to shipping.

Understand the difference: Shipping from Spain versus shipping UK origin goods to Canada.

Benefit from having a certificate of origin to Canada

The country of origin necessary for Canadian customs to determine if duty free import can apply. Goods that qualify as UK origin under CETA provisions must include a certificate of origin.

The country of origin is also a data point to support regulatory actions such as quarantine and import quotas.

Read more: Understanding a certificate of origin.

sample COO global

Shipments with a value over $20 CAD from Spain

Virtually all items to Canada (above CA$20) are subject to duty and taxes. A GST tax of 5% is applicable to all imports to Canada. Depending upon the province of destination within Canada, additional sales tax may be applies as well.

In some cases, an import license is necessary to import your goods into Canada. This entirely depends on the type of product you are importing as well as the reason for import. Canadian Customs will contact the recipient of the goods to provide the license, before it can clear.

Request Delivery Duty Paid for Canadian import clearance fees for shipments from Spain.

Common Canadian Import Fees for Shipments from Spain

Common import fees for consignments to Canada can include duty, taxes, and carrier disbursement fees. Understanding Canadian import fees.

Shipping online orders to USA from Spain via Canada

Access the USA by shipping via Canada. Contact our team for details.

Other things to consider when shipping to Canada from Spain include:

  • Importer of record: If goods are ship direct to consumers, the consumer is the importer of record. Similarly, a company who buys and imports goods are the importer of record. Businesses should obtain an importer number
  • Provincial licenses
  • Tariff classification for all imports (read more about HS Codes)
  • Health Canada approvals for products
  • Safe Foods for Canadians Act may apply
  • Goods and Services Tax, Harmonize Sales Tax and provincial taxes (read about Canadian import fees)
  • Country of Origin is necessary for all imports
  • Valuation is an important part of the declaration to the CBSA (read more about valuation)
  • Labeling for goods to Canada may require both French and English
  • Certification of origin for preferential duty free import via CUKFTA (see section above).

Shipping personal effects Canada from Spain:

Jet does not manage personal effects to Canada. We include this section to answer answer the many inquiries we get on this subject. 

Requirements include copies of the importer's passport and specific list of contents with estimate of unit and total values. Personal goods to Canada must self clear by the importer of the goods.

Personal goods generally means over 1 year old and for personal use only.

  • Shipping of excess baggage: Generally, it is simpler and easier to bring personal effects as excess baggage when you travel. Carrier excess baggage fees are often less expensive than shipping separately. Also clearance is much simpler.
  • Shipping a household/ container level: For shipping a full household, best to contact a moving specialists to arrange for packing and ocean transport.

Reverse Logistics and returns from Canada

Jet Worldwide can provide Spanish online retailers a Canadian address to manage their returns. Our return solutions are scalable to serve only a few returns to enterprise solutions. To get a Canada address return solution, contact Jets Team.

For individuals wanting to return purchases to Spain we recommend Canada Post. Their small packet services to the Spain offers the lowest price. But often, the cost of a return exceeds the value of the item.

Canadian Amazon Removal Orders to Spain

Contact our team to receive your Canadian Amazon removal orders for shipping to Spain.


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