Shipping from The UK to Canada: Alternatives to Royal Mail

Posted on Wed, Dec 5, 2018

As a result of work stoppages and strike actions, Royal Mail’s postal partner Canada Post is experiencing significant delays that are expected to continue into January. On their website, Royal Mail claims that parcels to Canada have been processed and passed to Canada Post in a timely manner.






December 2018 Canada Post Update for Royal Mail Parcels from the UK

Strike actions started: October 2018

Service: Ongoing delivery but with significant delays

For International parcels sent from the UK and imported via Canada Post:    Delays are likely to "stretch into March of 2019. "




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However, due to the worker’s strike actions, Canada Post is not able to commit to “their usual delivery aims.” In other words, UK shippers can expect delays to Canada and the extent of the delays are not well known. All Royal mail services to Canada - including Parcelforce Worldwide Global Priority Products to Canada - will experience uncertain delivery to Canada.



UK Partnership with Canada:


The UK is by far Canada’s most important commercial partner in Europe. The Uk is also Canada’s fifth largest trading partner with over $25 billion CAD in trade. Jet Worldwide assists Canadian and British companies by providing dependable low cost parcel delivery to Canada.




British shippers who wish to send to Canada should consider express alternatives including UPS UK, FedEx UK, and DHL.    There are also many UK based internet re-sellers such as "Parcel Monkey"  who seem to show up everyone on google searches.   Jet has a service with resells the services of major carriers but pride ourself more as being a parcel specialist with a website as opposed to a website that specializing in appearing first on google.


The Royal Mail’s Parcelforce Global Express is not affected and might also be considered an alternative to the postal system delivery from the UK to Canada.



Jet Worldwide offers economy express options from the UK to Canada including partnerships with the aforementioned carriers and direct high volume parcel import processes to The US and Canada.



Despite the acquisition of Canadian parcel carrier Dicom, Canada Post is Royal Mail’s sole partner for parcel post deliveries to Canada. Having access to the United Postal Union’s (UPU) postal network provides Royal Mail with unique postal clearance and low cost last mile delivery. Being primarily a business to business parcel carrier, Dicom does not have broad based capabilities to deliver to all Canadian residential addresses .


Royal Mail subsidiary Dicom has only 28 depots across all Canada and is primarily focused on business to business large volume customers.






Jet Worldwide provides high volume parcel delivery solutions to North America combining the advantages of express and LVS clearance processes with private and postal carriers.


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CETA, UK and Brexit

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) allows over 98% of the goods to be exchanged duty free. While there is uncertainty with respect to Brexit, it is expected that trade with Canada will remain strong.



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Post Offices:  Serving a Vital Role for Cross Border E-commerce

At Jet Worldwide, our mission is that of connecting people, parcels and business around the world.   The world's e-commerce merchants depend on low cost last mile delivery via the world's post offices.        We support public mission of postal services that provide the lowest cost parcel delivery for small and medium size shippers.      The strike actions are an inevitable result of the transition from protected postal monopoly to competitive parcel carriers.   


Jet Worldwide supports the new postal mission of serving the public through universally accessible low cost parcel delivery.    







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