There are significant opportunities for Canadian companies in Brazil in sectors including infrastructure, education, technology, AI, oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive.. Canadian companies rely on low cost parcel shipping Brazil from Canada to connect with their Brazilian customers, suppliers and partners.    

Shipping from Canada versus importing to Brazil:

While the export processes and carrier options to Brazil are straightforward, there are several obstacles to importing parcels to Brazil. Customs clearance procedures in Brazil - even for express parcels sent from Canada - are complex. Many goods sent to Brazil - even samples - may require local certifications.


Examples of products needing Brazilian certifications include:

  • Cosmetics: Some cosmetics may be deemed “pharmaceutical” require preliminary certification and licensing before sending to Brazil.
  • Toys: Require Brazilian certification to ensure adherence to local safety requirements
  • Consumer electronics: Many telecommunications and other electronic items require Brazilian certifications.

It is best for Canadian companies to partner with a local Brazilian partner to help manage the importation, sales and distribution across Brazil. See below for information on clearing goods to Brazil.




Jet Worldwide provides low cost economy express shipping to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and all Brazil from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and all Canada


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Import costs shipping Brazil from Canada:

Duties and taxes in Brazil are very high. It is not uncommon to see the duty, taxes and import fee to be 50 to 70% (and often above) the value of the item itself. Even for samples sent to Brazil, the importing party is the one responsible for paying the import fees. Often, parcels to Brazilian consignees are rejected due to the high - and unexpected - import fees. Additional clearance information is available in the last section of this blog.


To manage the import fees to Brazil, Jet Worldwide offers delivery duty paid service to Brazil from Canada. We also offer Miami pre-clearance processing whereby shipments are cleared in Brazil prior to actually sending the shipment. In this way, refused shipments are simply not sent (as getting returns from Brazil are equally challenging).

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Imported parcels form Canada to Brazil are subject to local sales taxes according to the destination in Brazil. The taxes differ amongst Brazil’s 26 states and Federal district (the largest being Sao Paulo with over 40 million people).




Canadian Parcel to Brazil Delivery

Shipping Brazil from Canada 



Shipping packages to Brazil via Canada Post


Canada Post offers low cost delivery for individuals shipping small packages to Brazil and all of Brazil. Packages sent via Canada Post are imported to Brazil and delivered by the Brazilian Postal Authority, Correios.


While the delivery time and service can be uncertain, Canada Post International Small Packet Surface Service to Brazil offers the lowest cost for shipping packages under 2 kg .


Canada Post Delivery Services to Brazil Include:


For shipping Brazil from Canada under 2 kg

Canada Post Small Packet International Surface to Brazil

Canada Post Small Packet International Air to Brazil

Canada Post Tracked Packet International Air to Brazil: 2 week deliver


Post shipping Brazil from Canada over 2 kg

Canada Post International Parcel to Brazil: Surface

Canada Post Xpresspost International to Brazil: Delivery in 2 weeks

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Shipping gifts to Brazil from Canada via Canada Post

We get a lot of requests from Canadian's wishing to send gifts to Brazil. For shipments sent to an individual or "natural person" (sent from from relatives, friends or acquaintances:

Private shipments sent via Canada Post to Brazil valued under $500 US will be assessed an import ta of 60%. Canada Post does not offer Delivery Duty Paid Service.


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Shipping packages to Brazil via FedEx Canada and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are the largest carriers in North America and offer dependable international express services from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and all of Canada for delivery to to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and to all Brazil.

UPS Canada Services to Brazil Include:

  • International Priority Delivery to Brazil
  • International Economy Delivery to Brazil

FedEx Canada also has air express and economy shipping options to Brazil.





Shipping packages to Brazil via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide has been providing international delivery from Canada for over 35 years and offers low cost parcel delivery from Canada to Brazil for larger parcels.


Jet Canada provides low cost for heavier parcels sent from Canada to Brazil. We offer low cost international delivery from Canada and special services such as dedicated pick up, Canada Address receiving and forwarding.


Special Services: Through our global partners around the world, Jet Worldwide is able to provide unique services

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Delivery to Brazil via Purolator Courier Canada

Purolator Courier, a subsidiary of Canada Post, offers international parcel delivery from Canada to Brazil via partners, such as UPS.   Contact Jet to compare rates with Purolator.




Jet Worldwide provide duty delivery paid to Brazil for Canadian and American companies who need parcel delivery solutions to Brazil.





Parcel Customs Clearance for Goods sent from Canada

High cost for parcel clearance to Brazil explained

Canadian shippers to Brazil are often surprised at the high import fees the receiver has to pay. Sending via Jet's Delivery Duty Paid service is a common request to Brazil.

The minimum requirements for parcel to Brazil from Canada include:

  • The receiver's importer code/ CNPJ/TAX ID
  • Waybill, commercial invoice and packing list
  • HS code or clear description so one can be assigned
  • We recommend declaring values in USD (and clearly denoting the currency code)




import grid to Brazil from Canada



Import Duties, Taxes and CIF Value in Brazil

  • The customs valuation is based on CIP/ CIF value (Cost + Insurance + Freight cost)
  • Many parcel imports valued below $50 US are treated duty free


Clearance for parcels to Brazil valued between US $50-$3,000 and not for resale

  • Qualifying goods under $3,000 US can be cleared via informal entry processes
  • Waybill and commercial invoice must must have the importer’s CNPJ/TAX ID
  • A customs broker on behalf of the receiver is not required


Taxes and Fees in Brazil for Canadian Parcels under US $3,000

  • Import duty: can average 60% of the shipment’s value
  • 18% value added (ICMS) tax



Formal Entry

  • Persona effects / Unaccompanied baggage
  • All goods sent to Brazil for resale or with foreign exchange cover, regardless of declared value
  • Parcels with a declared CIP/CIF value (see explanation of CIF value above) over US $3,000 (even if not for resale)
  • Donations (only for organizations registered with the government)
  • Materials that require an import license, such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco



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Written by Tim Byrnes