Shipping to Germany from Canada: Affordable Reliable Delivery

The economic ties between Germany and Canada are growing due to online e-commerce and the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA). Germany's is among Canada's largest trading partners with strong cultural, academic and interpersonal contacts.

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Understanding the Shipping Process from Canada to Germany

Required Documentation and Customs Regulations

Export Declaration:

Goods valued over $2,000 (or otherwise restricted) must be declared prior to export. Read more about the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS).

Invoice for Customs:

All goods imported to Germany must be accompanied by an invoice for customs. Useful information explaining what is needed on an invoice for customs.

Import Permits and Declarations:

Before shipping to Germany, confirm the consignee has the necessary import permits.


Businesses in Germany must provide an EORI number: An EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) is a unique identification number assigned to businesses operating in Germany and other European Union countries. It is used to identify and track customs transactions and ensure that customs duties and taxes are paid correctly.

The EORI number exists out of two parts:

  • the country code of the issuing Member State; followed by
  • a code or number that is unique in the Member State

CETA certificate of origin

Goods that qualify under the origin rules of the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement must be accompanied by a certificate of origin. Verify in a certificate of origin is needed when shipping to Germany.

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Read More: Country from where goods were shipped versus country of origin

Prohibited and Restricted Items to Germany:

It's important to confirm the restrictions and regulations with German authorities prior to shipping. Goods that are prohibited or restricted from import to Germany include:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Counterfeit money and goods
  • Hazardous waste
  • Offensive materials (such as hate speech or propaganda promoting violence or discrimination)
  • Endangered species of plants and animals (CITES protected species)
  • Weapons and ammunition (unless proper permits are obtained)
  • Pirated software, movies, and music
  • Certain chemicals (such as those used in the production of illegal drugs)
  • Pornography that is illegal under German law
  • Tobacco products (only allowed in limited quantities for personal use)

Shipping Time and Cost Considerations

Transit Time Estimates

The fastest transit time to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and other major cities is  2 business days with most carriers. Economy air can take 3-5 business days. Ocean freight generally takes 1-2 months. Canada Post services generally are delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Shipping Cost Estimates to Germany

The cost of shipping to Germany depends on the size and weight of the shipments. Most carriers have online rate and transit times tools. Get a comparison shipping rate to Germany.

Benefits of Shipping to Germany from Canada

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

Competitive Shipping Rates

The cheapest way to ship a package to Germany is usually via Canada Post surface options. The cost for up to 4 pounds/ 2 kilograms averages around $30 to $40.

The cost to ship to Germany depends on the package size, weight and destination in Germany. The cost for up to 10 pounds/ 4.5 kilograms can be, for example, less than $190 but depends on the level of discount with your carrier.

Canada's Free Trade Agreements

Canada has free trade agreements with most the world's leading economies, including European Union countries. Verify the benefits of Canada's free trade agreements.

Shipping Volume Discounts and Deals To Germany

Discounts be can obtained directly from the carriers. Often the best deal is using one of the carrier's partners or forwarders.

Canada Post has volume discount for high volume e-commerce volumes. Leading Canadian retailers and platforms can ship directly to Germany for the lowest cost.

Shipping Online Orders Direct to Germany

Safe and Secure Delivery Services

Insured Shipping Services

Shipping insurance can be obtained directly from the carrier or via third parties. The most important part of insurance is packaging, documentation and packaging (yes, packaging is that important!). Verify your goods are properly insured.

Tracking and Monitoring of Shipments

All commercial carriers offer online tracking. A key benefit of using Jet Worldwide is getting "off line support" via a team member dedicated to the successful delivery of your shipment.

Popular Delivery Options for Shipping to Germany from Canada

Air Freight Shipping

Fast and Convenient for larger shipments. Our team can provide air freight quotes for shipment over 50 kg. to and from Germany.

Sea Freight Shipping

Cost-Effective Shipping Option for large commercial orders and shipping containers.

Express Delivery Services

Shipping to Germany from Canada - Canada Post small packets and express options

  • Small Packet Delivery to Germany: Surface, Air and "Tracked"
  • International Parcel to Germany: Surface and "Xpresspost"

Shipping to Germany from Canada - FedEx, UPS and DHL

FedEx and UPS Canadian shipping options to Germany include:

  • Priority Express Delivery to Germany
  • Economy Express Delivery to Germany

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Delivery to Germany from Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide: A trusted brand with best international shipping for over 40 years! Jet is setting an example in Germany via direct access to DPD Group. DPD is the second-largest international delivery network in Europe providing service to both B2B and B2C customers.

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How to Choose the Best Shipping Company for Your Needs

Reputation and Experience of the Shipping Company

Reliable and Trustworthy Shipping Partners

All the carriers listed in the post are reliable and trustworthy. They include Kuhn and Nagel (freight), Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS and their partners (such as Jet Worldwide... of course!)

Experienced and Professional Shipping Services

In addition to the major carriers, be aware of some websites that claim "over 50% savings" etc. While many of these sites do offer valid shipping options, most lack true international expertise and support.

Shipping Services and Options Offered for e-commerce

Tailored Shipping Solutions

Jet's tailored solutions include delivery duty paid, e-commerce import and delivery via DPD, storage and logistics support.


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