Shipping to Canada from the US

Canada is a "California sizes"opportunity for US e-commerce merchants. E-commerce sales in Canada can be a challenge for American retailers. In addition, business to business transactions continue to b even more significant. This guide assists with your planning to start shipping to Canada from the US. We also help improve your existing international shipping practices. Familiarize yourself with the different requirements and responsibilities that are expected of US businesses shipping into Canada.

Shipping Cost and Import Cost to Canada

Shipping costs vary based on the delivery service you use and are just one cost component when it comes to shipping to Canada. Beyond shipping costs, import duty among other fees are paid on most goods imported into Canada, with a few exceptions.

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Ground shipping can be a great advantage as it is often more affordable than other shipping methods. As well, discounted rates may be offered by some carriers for certain items or volumes. It's important to determine which carrier offers competitive pricing and quality solutions that are reliable.

When shipping packages via ground, it is important to keep in mind the entry preparation cost. Shipments imported via air usually include entry preparation.

CANADA IMPORT FEES GRAPHICVerify Canadian Import Fees to Expect

Key Points:

  • Shipping Canada from the USA can take as little as 1-2 days to around a week with delivery via UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Package dimensions, package weight, delivery method, and courier service impact the cheapest shipping from Canada to USA
  • You can save with discounted shipping rates via Jet Worldwide, Canada

Import Costs to Canada

Import costs should also be taken into account when considering shipping to Canada. The Canadian government agency responsible for collecting duties and taxes on imported goods is called the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA determines the duty and tax amount based on the item being shipped, its value, and country of origin. To ensure that you're not hit with unexpected import fees, keep these factors in mind and seek expert advice if necessary.

Common Canadian import fees can include duty, sales tax, entry preparation and carrier disbursement fee.  

In today's economy, free shipping is becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers. Offering free shipping to your Canadian customers could give you an edge over competitors. However, it's important to make sure that you don't lose money in the process. Determine the cost of shipping and incorporate it into your prices accordingly. This will allow you to reach new customers and save them money while still keeping your profits intact.

By doing so, you can ensure that your packages arrive safely and efficiently, allowing you to expand your business worldwide. According to statistics, Canadians trust American businesses and products, making this market a valuable one for US e-commerce merchants. Take advantage of this opportunity and start exploring shipping solutions today.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Canada

best shipping modes USA to Canada

The cost of shipping to Canada depends on a variety of factors. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • USPS flat rate shipping boxes are generally best for individuals and occasional shippers to Canada.
  • Ground shipping to Canada is best for larger packages with around a week's lead time.
  • Trucking - including LTL - is generally best for shipping pallets.
  • Air Couriers (FedEx and UPS) are best for faster delivery, better tracking and entry preparation included.
  • Purolator International is another choice for your business to consider to ship from the U.S. to Canada

Jet Worldwide provides logistics support with discount access to LTL and courier shipping. Build local warehousing, Canadian distribution to and local support to improve your logistics. We provide additional options for shipping to Canada so you can provide the best options for your customers.

We have solutions for shipping your goods from the U.S. to Canada. We can assist with you finding the delivery to meet your need. Over our 40 years in business, we’ve learned how to create faster, smarter freight delivery routes from U.S. locations. Our flexible logistics options ensure you can deliver within the transit time requirement. Ensure your Canadian customers’ are satisfied and can rely on you time and time again.

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Do I need to file an export declaration /EEI for shipments to Canada?

Electronic Export Information (EEI)

US Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) mandates export declarations be done via the Automated Export System (AES).Specified timeframes and shipment data is required prior to export. This information was formerly called the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED). EEI’s are used for statistical data collection and to enforce export regulations.

EEI’s are not required for most shipments destined to Canada via exception code 30.36.The exemption does not apply for shipments otherwise requiring an export permit or ultimately destined to a third country.

What Paperwork Do I Need to Ship Into Canada?

The paperwork required to Canada can vary according the commodity and value. Generally, the basic requirements include.

  • Bill of lading: Simply a shipping label provided by the carrier with a unique number.
  • Invoice: An invoice - or declaration for customs - is required. Useful information regarding a custom invoice.
  • Certification of origin: US origin goods that qualify for duty free import under USMCA/CUSMA require a certification of origin

free trade vector-2Benefit from Canada's free trade with USA

certificate origin vectorUseful information regarding a certification of origin

Shipping to Canada from the US: Tips and Requirements

Shipments into Canada from the USA must include customs documentation. Most carriers websites help with filling out customs forms. Major carriers systems include paperless trade. This feature sends customs documentation to Canada’s customs. In this case, there is no need to print and include an invoice with your parcels. This can help speed up the customs process not having to share documentation with the consignee.

USPS is the preferred option for individuals sending personal goods. The flat rate boxes are useful for e-commerce companies who ship occasionally to Canada

UPS and FedEx offer both ground and air shipping options. DHL offers air shipping options but not ground.

Full and partial truck loads are best for sending pallets and larger commercial orders. Contact Jet Worldwide for LTL quotes

Jet Worldwide is leading Canadian resource for access to and from Canada.  Our services include discount access to major carriers. With over 40 years of best in class customer support


Is there Canadian Duty on goods shipped from the USA?

A common misperception is that USMCA / CUSMA eliminated duty on goods shipped US to Canada. In fact, preferential duty free status is provided for US origin goods. Just being shipped from the USA does not qualify as US origin.   

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SHIP FROM ORIGINDistinguishing ship from versus country of  origin

FedEx and UPS to Canada

FedEx and UPS are well known options. If you are reading this pots, it is likely you are looking beyond their standard offer. Better rates and service can be achieved via complementary and alternative methods.  

FedEx and UPS offer virtually the same shipping options, albeit with different names. FedEx and UPS options to Canada:

  • International Ground to Canada
  • Economy Air
  • Priority Air

The options allow customers to choose the level of service they need while keeping costs low. Carriers offer discounted volume discounts either directly or with one of their partners.

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What is Canadian Customs:

The government agency responsible for determining these rules is the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Shipping solutions providers can guide you through this process to ensure compliance with all necessary rules and quality standards.

USA Canada Cross Border Shipping

Cross border shipping from US to Canada to the US or shipping to Canada, we have you covered. We also have solutions for shipping across Canada or within each province. Partnerships with freight carriers, cross-border trucking, and customs brokers allow volume-discounted freight rates between Canada and the US. Gain access for the highest level of customer service.

Benefit by using freight forwarding from the U.S. into Canada.Jet will pick up, consolidate, and facilitate single-entry clearance. We deliver Canada domestic via our partnersconnected to our communities.

Managing Canadian Amazon Removal Orders Canada to the USA

Simplified processing for your customer: A Canadian address, consolidation and shipping back to the USA via low cost ground.

Contact our team (fill in form below) to develop solutions for Canadian returns of online orders.

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Can I consolidate my online orders to Canada and Cross Border Ship for Last Mile Delivery?

Companies can consolidate their orders via a single customs entry by becoming a non-resident importer. The process involves shipping via LTL or full truck load, single clearance in Canada followed by low cost last mile delivery.

Read more about valuation for non-resident imports to Canada.

LTL Freight Forwarding to Canada from the US

International freight forwarding an areas of expertise for U.S. to Canada LTL. We’re experts at arranging the entire process of transporting your goods, including storage and shipping. We serve as a trusted partner between your company and the transport provider. You can count on our team to handle every aspect of the process, including negotiating favourable prices and choosing the most cost-effective shipping routes.

In conclusion, there are numerous shipping options available for those looking to send goods from the US to Canada. For affordable shipping , competitive rates or fast delivery, suitable options are there to fits your needs. By using a reliable and responsible shipping provider, customers can save time, money, and reach their desired destination anywhere worldwide according to their convenience.


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