The UK is one of Canada’s leading export markets. Jet Worldwide provides low cost parcel shipping solutions for delivery to England, Wales, Scotland and the entire UK.

Compare Shipping Rates and Delivery Times for Canada to UK

This post reviews the best and cheapest Canadian options for shipping to the UK as well in export requirements and notes on UK import processes

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Top Carrier Services for Secure and Affordable Shipping

The top carriers for shipping to the UK include:

  • FedEx: A well known brand with economy and air shipping options
  • UPS: Similar to FedEx also with express and economy air options
  • DHL: A global carrier and leading UK carrier
  • Canada Post: Best option for individuals shipping personal goods.
  • Kuhn and Nagel and other forwarders:Usually best for mega large shipments and ocean freight.

International Shipping: Options for Packages, Freight and Mail

The main service options to the UK include:

  • Ocean Freight: Best for large commercial orders and shipping containers to the UK
  • Canada Post: Surface and Air options for individuals shipping personal goods
  • Commercial Carriers: Mentioned above
  • Air Freight: A good option to the UK for goods over 50 kg
  • Direct Air Freight for e-commerce: Best for high volume retailers (contact Jet for details)

Getting Rates for Shipping to the UK

Most major carriers have online pricing tools. A good place to start is to get a rate from Canada Post website.Using that rate as starting point when checking out other carriers.

shipping rate between Canada and UK

Understand Canadian Export and UK Import options

Canada Export Requirements

Goods valued over $2,000 or otherwise restricted require a Canadian export declaration.

Canada CERS graphic vector Read more: Certify if CERS export declaration is needed

Importing Goods to the UK

Shipments to the UK require clearly defined commodity descriptions and value. UK Custom considers the transaction value to include Cost, Insurance, Freight (CIF).

The commercial invoice used for customs should include a clear description of the item(s) being sent (and H.S. code if available) and the reason for export. Also, it should be noted that the value is a “CIF value.”

The duty rates are similar to other countries with no duty for most electronics such as computers and a 12% average duty on clothing, shoes and other fashion items.


UK Most Favoured Nation For Canadian Origin Versus UKTCA

The UK Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff rates are the default duties applied to imports from all countries to the UK, including Canada. Under the Canada-UK Trade Continuity Agreement (UKTCA) Canadian origin goods may qualify for a preferential -duty free - tariff.

  • Tariff preferences under UKTCA apply to goods imported from Canada that meet the rules of origin under this agreement.
  • The MFN tariff rates of The European Union apply to goods imported from Canada that do not meet the rules of origin (non-originating goods) under UKTCA.

CETA-CUKTCA-declaration of originSee sample form to declaration of origin (Fillable PDF to download).Note that while the regulations do not mandate a specific format, it is recommended that - in addition to a separate declaration - to also include a certification statement on the invoice to ensure preferential duty free consideration at time of import.

The required origin declaration may be provided on an invoice or any other commercial document which describes the originating product in sufficient detail to enable its identification. In order to claim the preferential tariff treatment, importers must have in their possession the origin declaration completed by the exporter as well as any necessary permits.


Shipping personal effects from Canada to the UK

Among our most common request is shipping personal affects to the UK. Fortunately, the UK has online processes that make is easy for the shipper to obtain approval prior to shipping.

  • In general, bringing an extra suitcase or two is easier and - even with airline excess baggage fees - the least expensive method.
  • For shipping several boxes, contact our team for rates and details.
  • For shipping an entire household, contact a Canadian moving specialist.

When shipping personal effects to the UK, the goods must first be approved by HM Customs (via a unique reference number/ URN) prior to shipping. Contact our team for details.

Shipping Gifts to the UK from Canada

Articles sent as "Unsolicited gifts" are acceptable and will be allowed entry free of any duty or VAT providing the shipment is valued at less than 40 UKL/ $70CD, consigned to an individual, and are individually wrapped. The parcel may contain multiple gifts as long as the individual parcels enclosed are individually tagged with the recipient's name, are individually wrapped and the value does not exceed the per person limit of 40 UKL (around $70 CD).

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value added tax UK VAT for shipments to the UK

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