Trade between Canada and Jordan is modest but growing thanks to The Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (Canada's first free trade agreement with an Arab country).  Canada and Jordan enjoy close historic ties.     Canada’s top merchandise exports to Jordan were vehicles, electric machinery, wood, scientific instruments and paper. Canada’s main merchandise import from Jordan is clothing.   

Jet Worldwide provides low cost shipping solutions from Canada to Jordan.

Canada Post International Parcel Shipping Alternative JORDAN: COVID 19 UPDATE

Canada Post disruptions for international parcel delivery are resulting in many inquiries for parcel shipping to Jordan

  • Private International Canadian carriers cannot offer the low pricing of Canada post packet shipping for small parcels. 
  • If the shipment is not urgent, we recommend simply to defer shipping.    For urgent or larger parcels, Jet can provide shipping solutions.
  • Contact Jet: Get a cost shipping Jordan from Canada

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Shipping Jordan from Canada

Parcel Shipping Options to Jordan

Shipping packages to Jordan via Canada Post

Canada Post offers low cost delivery for individuals shipping small packages to Jordan. Packages sent via Canada Post are imported to Jordan by the Jordan Post. The Jordan Post operates under the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology with over 250 branches.

While the delivery time and service can be uncertain, Canada Post International Small Packet Surface Service to Jordan offers the lowest cost for shipping packages under 2 kg .

Canada Post Delivery Services to Jordan Include:

For shipping to Jordan parcels  packets

  • Canada Post Small Packet International Surface to Jordan
  • Canada Post Small Packet International Air to Jordan


Shipping Jordan from Canada Post parcel services

  • Canada Post International Parcel to Jordan: Surface
  • Canada Post International Parcel to Jordan: Air
  • Get a quote for your shipment to Jordan

Shipping packages to Jordan via FedEx Canada and UPS Canada

FedEx and UPS are the largest carriers in North America and, along with DHL,  offer dependable international express services from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and all of Canada to Jordan.

FedEx and UPS shipping Jordan from Canada options include

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists

Shipping packages to Jordan via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide has been providing international delivery from Canada for over 35 years and offers low cost parcel delivery from Canada to Jordan for larger parcels. We partner with carriers, include Aramex and can provide low cost delivery options for your shipment to Jordan from Canada.

Jet Canada provides low cost for heavier parcels and freight sent from Canada to Jordan. We offer low cost international delivery from Canada and special services such as dedicated pick up, Canada Address receiving and forwarding.

Shipping to Jordan via Aramex

Aramex, a Dubai based carrier, offers shipping service from Canada to Jordan. In fact, Jordan is where Aramex was first launched.

Delivery to Jordan via Purolator Courier

Purolator Courier, a subsidiary of Canada Post, offers international parcel delivery from Canada to Jordan via partners, such as UPS.



Jordan Customs Clearance for online orders from Canada

Jordan Customs Authority has updated the rules regarding e-commerce and personal shipments containing clothing, shoes, children’s toys and food items.

All shipments to Jordan will be accessed a minimum customs service fee of 5 JOD (~$10 CAD) Importers - including individuals - are required to declare them on the Jordan Customs platform created for this purpose. Shipments are not declared on the platform, will be accessed 15 JOD (~$30 CAD) customs fees.

Shipments valued between 50 and 100 JOD to Jordan

  • Customs Fees for shipments declared on customs platform: 10 JOD
  • Customs Fees for shipments NOT declared on customs platform: 25 JOD

Maximum imports per person per year of 500 JOD (~$1000 CAD)
Via the customs platform, Jordan Customs tracks the value of shipments imported each year. If the total value of imports per person exceeds 500 JOD, are subject to applicable customs duties and taxes.

Shipments with a value between 100 and 1,000 JOD

Imports to individuals valued over 100 JD but less than 1000 JOD are regulated by a statement of passenger's luggage, and fees and taxes will be incurred.

HS code Jet Worldwide

Shipments with a value over 1,000 JOD

Shipments valued over 1,000 are subject to regular commercial clearance declaration customs with published import fees, duty and and taxes applied.

Creating an account on Jordan Customs Platform

Once an account has been created on the customs platform, each online must be inputted with the following information:

order is placed and the Aramex tracking number is received, customers are required to declare their shipment details on the platform

  • Name in English language as specified on the shipment
  • Description of the items inside the shipment
  • Name of website/online store they have purchased from
  • Choose “Aramex” in the shipping company field
  • Add the shipment value as indicated in the original invoice
  • Shipment tracking number

The above regulations apply to clothing, shoes, children’s toys and food items.

Items other than the aforementioned categories will go through the normal customs duties and charges process, regulated by a statement of passengers’ luggage, and fees and taxes as per applicable laws shall be applied.

To register with Jordan Customs:

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Written by Timothy Byrnes