Worldwide Shipping Costs to Canada

Shipping Costs to Canada

Our team helps shippers find the lowest transport costs to Canada. This post explores the best mode - or way of shipping to your needs. From the best mode to choice of carriers to get maximum discounts. Jet logistics professionals guide you to ensure extensive savings on shipping costs to Canada.

Essential Modes of shipping

The best way to ship to Canada depends primarily on the weight and size of your shipment. Other considerations include speed of delivery, commodity, and specific requirements. Understanding these various metrics determine the best mode.

The main modes of shipping to Canada include:

  • Postal shipping
  • Commercial courier
  • Full and partial truckload
  • Air cargo
  • Sea freight (partial and full container)

Can I ship with FedEx, UPS, or USPS Ship to Canada?

All major couriers have shipping options to Canada. The cost of shipping  depends your choice of courier and type of service to Canada. With many shipping options you can easily manage your shipments to Canada. 

What's the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to Canada?

For individuals, the lowest cost option is usually via USPS flat rate boxes. For heavier commercial shipments, ground shipping offers the lowest cost. Shipping via truckload is best when sending pallets. E-commerce businesses operating from the US can consolidate and ship direct via Canadian domestic carriers. For smaller e-commerce volumes, USPS is usually the lowest cost.

What's the Cheapest Overseas Shipping Option to Canada?

For individuals, the lowest cost option is usually via the local post. Commercial couriers are best for larger parcels that need a faster transit. Ocean shipping offers the lowest cost when sending pallets and large commercial orders.

The best place to start for estimating shipping costs to Canada is contacting Jet's team

For businesses looking to explore shipping options, times, and logistics insights, contact Jetship's team.Explore the sample pricing tables below. This gives an idea of the level of pricing available. Take advantage of carriers online pricing tools. By contacting Jet, we can advise the best option - even it means using alternative option.

overseas shipping options to Canada chart

Shipping Tips for Cheap Shipping to Canada

Sending your shipment to Canada successfully goes beyond finding a reliable and affordable courier. You should consider several factors. Some tips for cheap shipping to Canada include:

  • Save via local postal options first if sending small parcels
  • For ground shipping from the USA, usually best to deal directly with the carrier
  • For express shipping, consider partner carriers and brokers (such as Jetship!)
  • For multilot shipments, less than truckload may provide additional savings versus ground via FedEx / UPS
  • For overseas shipping to Canada, explore small packet shipping via the local post
  • For shipping pallets, consider less than container load ocean

Rates & Tips for shipping to Canada

The claim of +50% savings usually is on the full express rate of FedEx and UPS. These savings are from the highest cost express tariff. While they can be significant, they can often be more than truck or other surface options. 

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Shipping to Canada Basics

Canada follows the World Trade Organization or WTO Standards. Imports to Canada handle similar processes that apply to all international shipments. Read more: Shipping Fundamentals to Canada

Postal Shipping to Canada

Local post office options are usually best for individuals with lower shipping costs to Canada for personal packages. USPS also offers priority service via commercial couriers. Their Global Express Service is not a mail service but best when you need priority day definite delivery. 

USPS Costs to to Canada


The delivery time for standard USPS international parcel to Canada is within 2 weeks. Individuals and small e-commerce sellers can benefit from flat rate boxes. USPS has a great online tools to use for getting cost estimates. 

international post to Canada Post graphic-3-1

Overseas Postal Shipping to Canada

Overseas post offices are also the best option for individuals shipping personal parcels. The general service options include:

  • Small Packet: Up to 2 kilograms and often the lowest price options
  • Standard Parcel: Via air with delivery times usually within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Surface shipping: Lowest cost for heavier parcels. Delivery within 1 to 2 months. Maximum weight per parcel is 20 or 30 kilograms.

Virtually all international post offices offer online tools to get cost estimates.

Useful "How to Ship" Videos

Shipping To Canada via Commercial Air Courier

Commercial parcels and multi-piece consignments best ship via courier. Global carriers FedEx, UPS and DHL offer international express shipping to Canada.

sample shipping costs to Canada via courier-1

Commercial parcels and multi-piece consignments best ship via courier. Global carriers FedEx, UPS and DHL offer international express shipping to Canada. FedEx and UPS also offer low cost international ground US to Canada. 

Shipping To Canada from the US via Ground

FedEx and UPS offer low cost ground shipping to Canada. This is the best for non urgent heavy parcels. Keep in mind, however, that imports via ground do not include customs entry preparation. Your customer is responsible for these fees. The additional entry fees are a consideration for total shipping costs to Canada.

Read more about common Canadian import fees.


See entry preparation fees via FedEx ground and UPS ground.

Sample shipping costs to Canada

Understanding multiple facets and rules for shipping to Canada allow online businesses unravel the cheapest way to ship parcels in Canada. Below are things to consider when sending parcel and cargo to Canada.

How Long Does Shipping to Canada Take?

International Couriers usually deliver within 1 week or less to Canada. FedEx, UPS, and DHL offer 1 to 2 day delivery via express. These services are simply too much for most e-commerce sellers shipping to Canada.

More affordable USPS Flat Rate boxes and Priority Mail usually deliver within 2 weeks. Commercial ground shipments take around 1 week for delivery to most destinations across the country. 

How much does it cost to ship to Canada?

The cost of shipping to Canada depends on size and weight and weight of your shipment. Other cost factors include delivery distance and transit time. See sections above regarding some sample costs. For a 4 pound package from the USA, the cost are anywhere from less than $40 for USPS mail. And  around $90 for express courier. 

Things to Consider when shipping International to Canada

All imports to Canada are subject to customs clearance. The most important aspect is completion of the customs declaration form or "invoice for customs." This document should include details like the contents of your shipment, value of the goods, shipper and consignee details. Know more about a customs invoice.

Note that Canada has several restrictions and outright bans on certain categories of good. Ensure your shipment is permissible and has the necessary documentation.

Understanding Canadian Import Duty and Such Fees

If you are shipping cross-border to Canada, taxes and duties most likely will apply. Low value goods can import duty free but virtually all shipments are subject to Canadian sales tax.


Canada has low value thresholds under which goods can import duty free. The default duty free threshold is $20 CAD. Consignments that ship via courier from the USA benefit from a higher de mimimis value of $150. Read more about de minimis value.

Canadian duty rates vary via the category or HS code. Electronic items can often import duty free while clothing and fashion accessories can have duty rates as high as 25%.

Customs Forms

In general, a commercial invoice (see above) or declaration is all that is necessary. Some products may require additional documentation.  If you wish to take advantage of preferential duty free access via USMCA/ CUSMA, you must include a certification of origin.


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