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E-commerce Zone Jump to Europe and UK

E-Commerce Guide to Zone Jump Canada to the UK and EU

How to manage international shipping for Canadian and US sellers expanding to Europe

Looking to expand your brand online sales to Europe and UK? Welcome to the idea of direct shipping. Trans-Atlantic trade continues to be a significant opportunity for Canadians! Canada origin goods can clear duty-free under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Airlift, clearance, and last mile delivery are the three main components for cross border shipping of eCommerce orders to European customers. How to efficiently classify and clear thousands of individual orders involves intricate details.


E-commerce Ship Direct to Europe

Review of the traditional e-commerce shipping options from Canada

What are the most common ways to ship e-commerce orders to Europe and the UK?

Canada Post and couriers are common options to send international online orders from Canada.

  • Canada Post small packet service is a popular option for packages up to 2 kg.
  • FedEx, UPS and DHL offer air shipping options from Canada

How can I get lower costs to send my orders to Europe and UK?

Beyond maximizing your discount with your existing carriers, consider building a direct shipping solution.

Can I use DPD to Europe and UK from Canada?

DPD is a leading European carrier with access via Jet Worldwide Canada!

What is the main obstacle for shipping my online orders to Europe and UK?

A minimum volume is required to send. However, an analysis will create breakeven at relatively low volume. Jet’s carrier network creates significant savings.What's more exciting is the opportunity to scale directly from your established fulfillment assets.


With Jet Worldwide, build the tools to enable best in class access to your global customers.

How-to-Video: Shipping to Europe from Canada

How can I ensure my European and British customers no import fees?

Shipping delivery duty paid is either not practical or possible via Canada Post or via couriers. The best way to manage import fees is to build dedicated import processes. Via direct shipping, payment of import fees payable in bulk at the time of import. Read more about delivery duty paid.

European and UK import fees to consider

There are three main costs to consider for the importation of goods to Europe and the UK

  • Duty: Most Canadian and American origin goods are subject to import duty.
  • Tax: The value added tax or VAT in Europe and the UK averages around 20%
  • Brokerage fee: Carriers charge a fee for advancing funds for clearance.

Reducing Import Fees To Europe and the UK

In shipping direct, the brokerage fee is significantly less cleared in bulk. Also, some Canadian goods may benefit from the Canadian European Free Trade agreement (CETA)

Customers want speedy delivery options

Shipping times to Europe should be no more than 7-10 days. Express options should be available as well for faster delivery.

E-commerce International Shipping: Deliver to Europe and the UK

Expanding beyond North America is a natural step to grow your e-commerce business. Understanding the available options that fits your business model is essential.

How to Successfully Sell and Ship to Europe and UK

Selling your merchandise online as an e-commerce retailer opens your business up to a much larger market. Considering going global beyond the United States. Selling to European and UK customers online is a similar size total market.

What do European online shoppers anticipate?

Europe, with over estimated €700 billion in yearly sales is one of the world's top e-commerce markets. Great Britain a top national market, followed by France and Germany.

International retail e-commerce sales project to increase faster than domestic orders

Experts report a higher a high average transaction value for an international sale. Studies show 15-20% higher average sale compared to the average domestic sale. Shipping internationally provides stores like yours with the opportunity to sell to a much larger audience.

Localizing your online shop for European and British customers is crucial for expanding your business.

European countries are very diverse - and distinct -markets. Each with its own language and cultural differences.

Your product, is it attractive to European and UK customers?

Be realistic about the number of European and UK shoppers interested in buying your products. There is an image advantage associated with being a Canadian online retailer. Yet, trying to make it big in both Europe and the UK contain challenges.

Success includes combining the key elements.

During the checkout process, taxes and any customs duties viewable by the customer, ensuring transparent pricing. This can include a pop-up that appears when they first arrive on the website.

Give your European and UK customers expedited free delivery to across Europe and the UK. Within the delivery window that European shoppers expect. Within 5 working days.

Accompanying PDF Presentation: Shipping to Europe

How to ship like a local when shipping to Europe.

One of the main obstacles for selling to European customers is shipping from Canada. Retailers face challenges in competing due to the high shipping costs.Keeping free or low shipping costs is more important than speed. However, it's important to keep the transit time within 1 week. Consider adding Express delivery to your shipping methods so you offer European consumers a choice whether or not to pay extra for fast delivery.

Stick with popular carriers: Each European country has its own local preference when it comes to couriers. Local favourite DPD is hard to beat for European and UK shoppers. DPD and its local subsidiaries have a strong presence across the E.U.

Customs regulations for shipping to Europe can be complex and require careful attention.

Selling to European customers includes having to follow international shipping and import rules. Certain kinds of products need further approvals. All the more reason to develop dedicated import processes.

UK Import fees Useful information regarding UK Import Fees 

HS code vector image-1 Verify correct HS codes for your e-commerce orders

Transparency is key when it comes to return shipping.

Just like American online shoppers, Europeans often return items purchased online, either due to sizing issues or simply not meeting the customer's expectations.

Ready to begin selling in Europe?

Consult with our team to get more insights.The Role of Parcel Shipping to Europe is crucial for international trade and commerce.

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