The European e-commerce market is thriving - especially with cross-border online shopping. Non-EU companies formerly with a UK centric approach are urgently seeking border free EU delivery with Brexit.



Transferring Euro domestic parcels from the UK to France

The uncertainty of Brexit, parcel logistics solutions are transferring for non EU companies from the UK. The UK is among Europe’s largest markets and has traditionally served as the gateway to Europe for non EU companies. Non EU companies are actively seeking an EU continental distribution point to ensure border free access to the broader EU market.


Jet Worldwide assists American and Canadian companies who are seeking EU parcel delivery solutions to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the entire EU.


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Parcel Delivery from France to the EU

France remain as one of the EU leading economies with the infrastructure to transit to their European trading partners. For parcel logistics, much of the access starts with air cargo to a distribution center. There is incredible air cargo capacity to and from CDG and ORY.

From CDG and ORY and the ile-de-France region, warehoused goods labeled and delivered across the EU via DPD. DPD is among Europe’s leading parcel carriers.

If you are selling to the EU market, contact our team to help explore options to deploy globally and use dedicated European carrier platforms.



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DPD at a glance

DPD is often the largest parcel delivery company Canadian and American companies have heard never heard from. DPD is a brand under the DPD group that is owned by La Poste France. DPD provides low cost ground delivery options from France to the EU via their DPD, Chronopost, BRT and Seur brands. From France, DPD offers reliable EU e-commerce parcel delivery with time definite delivery in 24 to 48 hours.


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The EU market for e-commerce sellers:

In France - and most of the EU - nearly half of all online consumer spending is cross-border. Items purchased outside of the EU (Americas, China, India, Canada, Japan et al) are subject to to tax and VAT (that averages over 20%).


Jet Worldwide provides clearance, warehousing and euro-domestic for Canadian and American companies selling to France and all EU markets.


The delivery duty payments issue is particularly relevant today with the expected impact that Brexit will have on cross border sales from existing UK parcel delivery facilities.



Written by Tim Byrnes