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Australia and the United States enjoy a strong relationship of economic, academic and interpersonal ties. The United States - Australia Free Trade Agreement boosts US goods and services trade with Australia. Shippers from Australia have several options for shipping US from Australia with most parcels being able to clear duty free.

Jet Worldwide provides Australian, North American and global logistics. Our support refers to the various systems and processes regarding the international movement of goods. This can include things like transportation, rate comparison, storage facilities, and supply chain management. Our logistics support augments your team by not being beholden to a specific carrier or process.


Jet Worldwide provides logistics expertise and global parcel shipping solutions: Including shipping from Australia to North America.

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Disclaimer: The information in Jet Worldwide online content, including this post, is for general information only. Jet Worldwide Australia and Jet Worldwide Canada share a beautiful history - the legendary Peter McPaul -but are separate companies.

Options for shipping parcels and pallets

How much is shipping from Australia the USA

The cost of sending a shipment from Australia to the USA depends on your package size, weight, the carrier you choose and the service. The lowest cost service for shipping from Australia to the USA is via Australia post ocean (surface) option.

How long is shipping from Australia to the USA

The transit time from Australia to the USA can vary from several months for ocean / surface and as fast as 1 to 2 business days for express.

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What is the best option for shipping from the USA to Australia?

Shipping to Australia from the USA can be done via FedEx, UPS or DHL. The USPS services are best for individuals shipping small packages and personal items.

How long does it take for a package to arrive in Australia from the USA?

While the transit times can be faster, shipments to Australia from the USA usually delivery within a week.

What is the cost of shipping to Australia from the USA

The cost of shipping to Australia from the USA depends on the shipment size and weight, service option, and carrier discount. A 10 kg (22 pound package) can cost around USD $190.

Export Declarations, EDN from Australia

All goods with a value over AUD $2,000 exporting from Australia report to the Australian Border Force (ABF).

Shipments Requiring and Export Declaration include

  • Shipments with a value over AUD $2000
  • Goods with Restrictions or otherwise require an export permit
  • When duty drawback for a claim
  • are dutiable or excisable goods where the duty or excise duty is unpaid.

Personal effects do not require an Australian export declaration.

Best Shipping options from Australia to the USA

There are several options for shipping from Australia to the United States, including air freight and sea freight. The best option for you will depend on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the time frame in which you need it to arrive.

Australian Post is usually the best option for individuals shipping small parcels and personal goods to the USA

Ocean shipping is best for large commercial orders of container size shipments. Allow a lead time of several months.

FedEx, UPS and DHL are well known options. They offer air express shipping from Australia to the USA.


Jet Worldwide offers global logistics support. This includes discount access to global carriers.

Forwarders serve large companies and assists with large ocean and inland movement of goods.


Air freight is generally faster, but it is also more expensive than sea freight. If you need your shipment to arrive in the United States within a few days, air freight may be the best option for you. However, if you can afford to wait a bit longer and your shipment is large or heavy, sea freight may be a more cost-effective option.

Local postal options (Australian Post) are generally best for individuals sending small packages and personal items.

Shipping services from Australia to the United States include DHL, FedEx, and UPS and their partners/ resellers.

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Shipping to the US with the Australian Post

Graphic showing Australia post and USPS logos

The Australian post office offers low price shipping of small parcels from Australia to the US. The maximum weight for most Australian Post services is 20 kilograms.

Australian Post offers the best low-cost option for individuals sending small international parcels from any city in Australia to the US. The draw back to Australia post is the transit time can be long.

The parcel services via the Australian Post can include:

  • Post Courier: US Delivery time in 2 business days
  • Express Parcel : US Delivery time in 4 business days
  • Standard Parcel: US Delivery time in 5 business days
  • Economy Air Parcel: US Delivery time in 6 business days
  • Cheap Economy Sea Parcel: US Delivery time 2-3 months

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Individuals often choose Australia Post as the best way to mail, label and track a package to the USA.

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Shipping to the US from Australia via FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS are the largest carriers in the USA who, along with DHL, offer reliable express parcel delivery from Australia. However, a customer can find their services to be expensive and are looking for other low cost shipping options to compare.

FedEx and UPS options for shipping to the US from Australia include:

  • International air express to the US from Australia
  • International economy air US from Australia

Shipping from Australia to the US via Jet Worldwide


Jet Worldwide provides innovative shipping options the work for parcels and pallets shipping from Australia to the US.

We are happy to help with your shipping between Australia and the USA. Provide information regarding the type of goods, volume, and other factors to take into account.

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Shipping agent in Australia assists with international handling

Many Australian domestic merchants do not send international with many American buyers who want to pay and need a shipping account. Jet service allow American's to check for freight estimate to see if buying from Australia and shipping to the USA is possible. Jet Worldwide assists both American and Canadian businesses order from Australia for shipping and forwarding to the US and Canada with tracking.

Before you start searching for a place to ship your product from Australia, know that minimum charges apply. The feasibility of shipping from Australia can depend on shipment size and value. You will likely not save for small consumer packages. The delivery rate to send to the USA can exceed the cost of the item itself.

US Customs (USCBP) clearance for imports from Australia

Most parcels shipping USA from Australia can clear duty free if the value is less than $800 US. This entry type is section 321.

Section 321 Type 86 entries are available for Australian e-commerce companies seeking low-cost duty-free clearance and last-mile delivery.

Jet Worldwide offers a full range of special services including pickup, low-cost US delivery from Australian companies, and high-volume e-commerce parcel (section 321) clearance.

US customs Form 3325 for trade shows items

If you wish to send trade show items, such as displays, you must include a Customs Form 3325.

Paperwork for “Other Government Agencies”

There are over 40 US government departments that have unique requirements necessary for your goods to clear customs. Common other government or partner agencies include:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Fish and Wildlife

How valuation affects clearance to the USA

Customs entries to the USA broadly fall in 3 categories on value. However, it is important to consider the possibility that your shipment may require approval from partner government agencies (see section above). Read more about the right way to declare a value.

  • Under US $800:Most shipments with a value under USD 800 can be easily import duty-free.
  • Less than US $2,500:Informal entry
  • Over US 2,500:Goods with a value over US$2,500 are subject to a Formal Entry. Importers often designate their own customs broker to facilitate clearance on their behalf.

Shipping E-commerce orders to the USA, Canada, UK and E.U.

Online sellers in Australia can benefit from direct import to the USA, Canada, UK and Europe via Jet Worldwide direct shipping solutions.

Contact Jet's logistics team for details on building direct shipping and import solutions from Australia to the world's major economies.

Shipping to Australia from the USA

Shippers from the US are increasingly looking for low-cost options for shipping to Australia. Jet Worldwide partners with global carriers and Australian and New Zealand specialists to develop e-commerce programs, reverse logistics and economy air shipping.

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The USPS options are best for shipping small packages and personal items to Australia. The service options include Global Express Guarantee (service via FedEx), and Priority mail (including flat rate boxes).

The best shipping options to Australia from the USA

There are a few options for shipping freight from the USA. Some options include:

  1. Air freight: This is the fastest option, but it can be expensive.
  2. Couriers: Including well known brands FedEx and UPS
  3. Sea freight: The best option for large commercial orders and container shipments with several months lead time
  4. USPS: Generally the best option for individual shipping small packages and personal items.

When choosing a shipping method, you will need to consider factors such as the size and weight of your freight, the time frame in which you need it to arrive, and nature of your goods.It is helpful to compare quotes from different carriers to find the best option for your needs.

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