Worldwide Shipping Norway to Canada

Shipping Norway to Canada

In this comprehensive guide, we review the fundamentals of shipping to Canada from Norway. We help businesses exploring North American markets, including Canada. Whether you are an entrepreneur or existing business, our team helps you embark on growing your business with shipping Norway to Canada.

This post, explains the logistics of shipping goods from Norway to Canada. We discuss the various transportation modes available (air, sea, and courier).

  • Common carrier options for shipping FROM Norway To Canada
  • Managing Canadian returns for international online orders from Norway
  • Canadian import process for imports to Canada from Norway
  • Canadian import fees for imports from Norway
  • Duty free import to Canada for Norway origin goods under EFTA
  • Canadian customs assessment and revenue management (CARM)
  • Shipping online orders direct from Norway to Canada and USA


Jetship: Cost Calculator Shipping from Norway 

Jetship provides a variety of options sending to Canada. Benefit from discount courier, cargo and ocean. 

Different international shipping options from Norway

The best method or mode of shipping depends primarily on the size and weight of your consignment.  Jet's team considers a variety of factors in recommending the best option. For personal effects, best to contact a moving specialist. For sending a personal package, local the local post is our recommendation.

For cargo, commercial packages and e-commerce, contact our team. 

Norway customs export declaration graphic-1

Export Declarations from Norway

All exports declare to Norwegian Customs. Forwarding agents are commonly used to declare the goods on behalf of the shipper.Most forwarders link directly to Norwegian Customs’ electronic clearance system, TVINN.

Cargo Shipping  to Canada

Companies can choose between air cargo and sea freight. Cargo that ships via air usually deliver within around 1 week. Ocean cargo averages around 1 to 2 months door to door.

LCL cargo from Norway

Less than container load - LCL - is a service that shares space in a container with different consignment. It requires and additional transit time to account for loading and de-consolidation.

FCL ocean cargo from Norway

Full container loads - FCL - can ship either via a 20 or 40 foot container.

Map showing Major Canadian ocean ports

Ocean cargo versus sea freight: Which is cheaper?

Ocean cargo's many surcharges can add significant costs for smaller cargo shipments. Consignments up to around 150 kilograms often have a lower price via air versus ocean.

International Package Carriers Options to Canada

International Shipping from via Posten 

The services of the Norwegian Post/ Posten  are the best options for individuals shipping personal packages. Post Nord international services include standard parcel and express QuickPack.

  • Packages can not be over 120 cm long, width over 60 cm and/or height over 60 cm.
  • Maximum 20 kilograms per parcel
  • Maximum weight: 35 kg per package via QuickPack

Shipping Norway to Canada via DHL, FedEx and UPS

sample shipping costs to Canada from Norway

FedEx and UPS shipping options from Norway to Canada Include:

  • International air express air shipping from Norway
  • International economy air shipping to Canada from Norway

Shipping Norway to Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide provides courier and cargo shipping options. We also offer Canadian logistics support for returns and forwarding to the USA. Get a price shipping Norway to Canada.


Clearance of consignments from Norway to Canada

Consignments Norway to Canada are subject to duty and taxes. Most imports under CAD 20 can be import duty-free and tax-free. Shipments under CAD $3,300 import via the Courier Low-Value Shipment (CLVS) processes. Understanding Canadian import fees.

Goods that qualify as being of Norwegian origin may benefit from preferential duty free status via the CEFTA regardless of value.

  • Up to CAD 20 and under: duty- and tax-free
  • Duty and taxes apply when importing goods over CAD $20.

Contact Jet’s logistics team to get an estimate of import fees.

Useful Information: Canadian Import Fees

Norway origin goods importing to Canada

Norwegian and Canadian companies can more easily take advantage of duty free clearance via simpler import processes to Canada.


Proof of origin requirements under Canada's free trade agreements

Useful information regarding certification of origin.

For imports with a value less than $3,300 to Canada, a proof of origin is not necessary. The requirement on the importer to maintain records (for example, commercial invoice and B3) remains.  Even if the CBSA does not necessary at import. 


Norway Canada Free Trade / EFTA agreement

CBSA Online Portal for Canadian Importers

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) online portal streamlines the process of importing commercial goods to Canada. Read more about CARM

Shipping from Norway to the USA

Norwegian e-commerces can benefit from shipping their orders direct to the USA - and via Canada. Read more about section 321 processes and contact our team for assistance in direct shipping and logistics support to the USA.

Canadian Logistics Support for Norwegian Companies

Norwegian companies and online sellers can depend on Jet for local Canadian support. Our logistics support includes providing a Canadian address to receive returns and Canadian Amazon removal orders. We provide purchasing, forwarding across North America, and access to our best in class logistics team.

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