The UK is Canada’s second biggest trading partner with e-commerce merchants sending parcels to Canada on a regular basis to help grow their volumes shipping Canada UK.

In this post will review the core concepts that shippers should be aware of and guide you to discover, The Cheapest Prices, Required Documents, Restrictions, Duties, Taxes. And opportunities!

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How much is shipping from Canada to the UK:

The cost for shipping depends on your package size and weight.

Up to 2 kg via Canada Pos the cost is around $36 for surface and $74 for Air. Via FedEx or UPS, the cost for up to 5 kg is around $140 (assuming a discount of around 40%)


How do I ship something from Canada to the UK

The best way for individuals to ship is to visit Canada Post’s website or stop by their local post office. It Is important to confirm the goods you are sending are not prohibited and what the import fees will be.

What is the cheapest way to ship to the UK

The cheapest option for shipping small packages to the Uk is via Canada Post surface option. For larger packages and pallets, it is best to contact a freight forwarder or reseller. Get a comparison shipping rate to the UK.

Can I ship from Canada to the UK

Canadians can ship most items to the UK via Canada Post, commercial parcel courier or their partner or via a freight forwarder.

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Choosing a Carrier to the UK:

The carrier options from Canada to the UK can be categorized into three categories: Parcel Post, Commercial Carrier, and Direct Import.

1. Shipping to the UK via Canada Post.

If you are an individual shipping a small package to the UK, the best option is most likely Canada Post. For e-commerce orders to the UK, the most popular option is via Canada Post international small packet shipping options.

Most packages up to 4 pounds can be shipped to the UK via Canada Post small packet services.  Visit Canada Post's website for details

Other the slower but more economical services of Canada Post can take up to several weeks to deliver Canada to the UK.


2. Using FedEx or UPS for shipping to the UK.

North America's largest mega carriers FedEx, UPS and DHL offer reliable air express and economy shipping options. The cost of using these services can be prohibitive for both individual shippers and e-commerce sellers.

Delivery times will vary by carrier and service level chosen. You can normally have your package picked up and delivered Canada UK within 2-3 business days.

Resellers of FedEx and UPS Shipping Canada UK:

There is an increasing number of websites that provide cost comparisons between major carriers. These sites are useful primarily for individuals who ship infrequently but often lack the support needed by businesses.

Most reputable shipping companies have fairly similar costs and estimates. Cheap shipping quotes can look attractive on the surface UK can be misleading.


3. Shipping e-commerce orders direct airfreight to the UK.

E-commerce sellers who wish to scale their volume to the UK must consider developing direct shipping options. The three elements of shipping direct include air freight from YYZ, YUL and/or YVR, import clearance, and final mile delivery.

Air Freight for e-commerce orders to the UK

As passenger air traffic to the UK from Canada recovers, so is the air cargo capacity. The major carriers to the UK from Canada include Air Canada and British Airways.

A key advantage of shipping direct air freight from Canada for final mile delivery to the UK is the being associated with a national carrier. Having a local carrier - such as DPD - listed on your shipping page gives buyers added assurance and for greater shopping cart flows to purchase.

Understanding UK Customs for Shipments from Canada

Broadly speaking, all goods imported to the UK from Canada are subject to duty and taxes. Read more about import fees to the UK.

1. Duty Charge for Imports to the UK.

The default duty for Items shipped to the UK from Canada are via the "most favoured nation" rate which varies according the specific commodity or HS Code. E-commerce orders from Canada can benefit from preferential duty-free import if they are either (1) less than £135 or qualify as being Canadian origin under the Canadian UK Trade Continuity Act (CUKTCA)

Duty Free low value threshold for UK Imports from Canada

Most goods valued under £135 qualify for duty-free import to the UK. Read more about valuation.

CUKTCA-canada-UK- free-trade-graphic

Canada UK Free Trade Agreement

Goods that qualify as being of Canadian origin under the rules of the CUKTCA can benefit from preferential duty-free import. The simple act of shipping from Canada does not qualify the goods as being of Canadian origin.

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2. Value Added Tax for Goods Shipped to the UK.

Tax (VAT) is payable on all shipments and duty is payable on shipments with a value of £135 or more. However, certain goods attract other taxes which will be payable before the package can be delivered.

For e-commerce shipments from Canada to the UK our team can guide you to resources regarding VAT payment. Goods sold to the UK must include VAT at the time of purchase. Canadian companies can register directly to the UK government.Read more about payment of VAT for e-commerce orders Canada UK.

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