Europe is one of the most advanced markets in e-commerce with streamlined import processes. Jet Worldwide create logistics solutions for e-commerce that integrate with your Canadian infrastructure.

Shipping to a European Country versus the entire E.U.

While delivering to every corner in Europe, there is a benefit for e-commerce sellers in Canada target a specific country. In this post, we are list the top European parcel delivery companies that might be suitable for shipping your web shop’s parcels across Europe.

Jet Worldwide, Canada's leading parcel logistics management company for e-commerce, helps Canadian retailers and brands ship international. Our goal is to help Canadian retailers to localize their offer in global markets. Whether to Japan, the UK, European Union, China and worldwide. Consult with Jet's logistics professionals.

For a niche market, cross-border trade is essential if Canadian retailers are going to grow to any significant proportions. Success is contingent on products delivered to your customers.  Businesses can request a call back and speak directly with our logistics support team.

5 Tips To Get Cheap Cross-Border Shipping Rates to Europe

We explain ways to maximize your cross-border e-commerce sales, to consumers based in the European Union.

1. Research the leading European Parcel Carriers

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Shipping to Europe via Canada Post

Canada Post is the offers access to their European postal partners including France (La Poste), Germany (Deutche Post), Italy (Poste Italian), and Spain (Correos). As part of the Universal Postal Union, the postal "small packet" service is a great option for small e-commerce shippers from Canada.

European Post Offices

In addition to being part of the European postal network, most European postal authorities have parcel subsidiaries.

Examples of European E-Commerce Postal Solutions:

  • Asendia: A joint venture of La Poste (France) and Swiss Post that offers cross-border e-commerce solutions and in major European countries
  • Omniva: An Estonian post and logistics company that operates in the entire Baltic region and sends parcels to 23 European countries.
  • BPost: Belgium’s leading postal operator and e-commerce logistics provider in Europe.
  • Post NL: A provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands with a most comprehensive network for delivery e-commerce parcels across Europe.

DHL in Europe

A subsidiary of the German Postal Authority with several logistics divisions. DHL Express and DHL Parcel are the most relevant for online retailers.

Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) is the world's largest provider of courier service, supply chain, freight transportation, express, and parcel delivery services.

DPD: A Leading European Parcel Carrier

DPD is said to be Europes second-largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. DPD Classic reaches all major European destinations in 1-4 business days with exsclusive road-based transport. Jet Worldwide connects Canadian e-commerce shippers to the DPD European network.

The DPD includes many leading domestic brands such as Chronopost (France), Seur (Spain) and Italy (BRT).

Royal Mail for Delivery to Europe?

Royal Mail remains a dominant postal service provider in Europe via both its postal affiliation and ownership in General Logistics Systems (GLS). GLS has which has a significant European parcel delivery network. GLS is present in over 40 countries (including Canada) with a focus on European markets.

UPS and FedEx in Europe

These American companis have strong European networks with access to and from Canada. UPS has had a strong market position in Germany for many years and FedEx strengthened their network with their acquisition of TNT.

Hermes European E-commerce solutions

Hermes Europe GmbH is a significant European carrier for B2C European deliveries.

European Brands for Canadian Orders

You’ll be able to offer branded tracking info and provide efficient return services with Jet's B2C European partners. We can offer the most optimal delivery experience in different countries.

At this point, you understand it is difficult it is to determine which courier is better than another. Finding the best European courier involves a a multi carrier solution.

2. Express Clearance of E-commerce Orders to Europe.

Orders under €150 to Europe can are imported duty-free, but all goods imported to Europe are subject to a value added tax. Europe has implemented a system to assist with managing VAT payments across all its member countries.

If your goods qualify as being Canadian origin, they may qualify for preferential duty free import via the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA).

READ-MORE-VAT-to-EUThe European Commission has an electronic system (IOSS) for collection of sales tax. Canadian businesses can IOSS to comply with VAT obligations for the sale of goods to EU consumers. The IOSS process give you gives you a single VAT ID number to manage payments to all 27 different EU member states.

Jet Worldwide helps Canadian e-commerce sellers establish direct import processes.

3. Shipping e-commerce direct from YYZ, YUL and YVR.

An important aspect of international e-commerce shipments is speed of delivery. Studies show that over 40 percent of online shoppers consider abandoning their cart for long estimated delivery times. Using direct air freight and express import processes, transit times can be within 3 business days.

Amsterdam is the traditional European gateway to the European market for e-commerce companies shipping from outside the EU. Germany and France are attracting more e-commerce imports with more streamlined e-commerce express import processes.

4. Shipping to Specific European Countries.

As volumes scale, Canadian online retailers can reduce their shipping times and cost further by developing direct shipping zones. Using direct shipping, packages avoid having to travel through across multiple locations with a reduced carbon footprint.

Expensive shipping affects e-commerce checkouts: Surveys show that seven in ten online shoppers would abandon shopping cart on account of high shipping costs.

5. Develop Distributed inventory to Europe.

Jet offers the option of warehousing in Europe for high volume products for increased access to Europe with lower costs. Shipping direct within Europe incurs warehousing but the most competitive rates and delivery times. This leads to higher average order value (AOV) and reduce cart abandonment.

If you have customers Europe, storing e-commerce inventory within a European country can reduce the cost of shipping from Canada. The added inventory cost can be offset by volume of deliveries.

Building inventory in Europe is best developed using data obtained from the initial launch of direct shipping.

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