shipping to the UK and europe plus more

International Shipping from Canada to the EU, UK, and more destinations.

Jet Worldwide has developed innovative new direct shipping options for shipping international online orders from Canada.

The key elements for shipping Internationally from Canada include knowledge of customs declarations to the target countries and last mile carrier.

Lowest Cost for online orders to the UK and Europe

Generally, the lowest cost for shipping international online orders to Europe and the UK is via Canada Post. However, Canadian retailers need lower costs than even the postal packet option. The way to achieve the lowest unit costs is to ship direct air freight.

Ship online orders air freight from YYZ, YUL, YVR

The way to achieve the lowest cost with tracking to the UK and Europe is to consolidate and send via direct air freight. Doing so requires minimum volumes but also provides the greatest opportunity to scale your online sales.

By using your existing Canadian infrastructure minimizes the CAPEX and allows a virtual presence in your leading global economies.

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Direct to E.U. and UK Customers

Jet Worldwide offers best in class shipping solutions to targeting regions, including the UK and European Union. Canadian sellers need lower costs, tracking and guaranteed no hidden import charges to their customers. Prepayment of VAT is now required and, we help build duty prepaid solutions as well.


Europe and the UK: Leading Markets for Canadian Online Orders

The major growth opportunity for the Quebec and retail is to expand their sales internationally without having to invest in foreign infrastructure. Shipping direct brings Canadian retailers closer than ever and using known local carriers - such as DPD and Chronopost - brings added security and trust with their European customers.

Jet Worldwide has direct shipping, import and last mile delivery solutions to all the world's major economies.


The "rest of the world" is no longer the "rest of the world"

For many Canadian companies, international means shipping cross border to the USA and then grouping all others as "rest of world." There is now great opportunity for Canadian companies to target specific countries or regions. Doing so increases the likelihood of success. In other words, the best way to go global is to focus on local markets.

Jet helps Canadian retailers target major global markets via our direct shipping import solutions. In addition to the UK and EU, Jet direct shipping solutions includes:

  • China (China Post)
  • Japan (Japan Post)
  • Australia and New Zealand (Toll)
  • South East Asia (Ninja Van)
  • Caribbean (eZone)

See PDF link below to view the presentation of Jet's e-commerce offer.

CUSTOMS-DOUNE-GRAPHICCustom Import Processes

Jet helps Canadian companies build durable, efficient import processes that can then be incorporated into the product listing. This includes the import one stop shop (IOSS) in the European union.

happy-female-courier-600x600 JetJet WorldwideJet Worldwide is a trusted brand helping Canadians connect with international markets for over 40 years. Consult with your team to build best in class e-commerce shipping solutions from Canada.

Shipping Canadian e-commerce to France