Businesses and people in Switzerland are increasingly looking for a Canadian Address to receive their online orders for shipping to Switzerland.     Parcel trade between Canada and Switzerland will continue to grow with the  European Free Trade Association/ EFTA and e-commerce  technologies

In this article, we review:

  • E-commerce  Canadian receiving address for shipping to Switzerland
  • Swiss customs clearance of goods sent from Canada
  • Delivery Carrier options for shipping Switzerland from Canada
  • EFTA/ Canada Switzerland Free Trade Agreement:  Duty free shipping to Switzerland


Jet worldwide provides a Canadian address for shipping to  Switzerland from Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and across Canada 



Jet Worldwide provides a receiving address for goods ordered online in Switzerland.  Swiss consumers can order from Canadian Amazon, e-bay, kiji, and Canadian retailers and have the orders shipped to Jet.   Jet can store the orders to consolidate and save shipping costs and then ship via low cost economy express or Canada Post to Switzerland.

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Information on Sending Parcels to Switzerland from Canada


Here is some useful information we provide to help those wishing to send a parcel to Switzerland. Note: Customs processes are subject to change and the information below are for general information only. It is important to check with the consignee in Switzerland to confirm your shipment is in regulatory compliance.

Duty Calculation for E-commerce Shipments to Switzerland
Customs duties are based on the type, material, characteristics, use, and weight of the goods. They
are calculated in accordance with the assessment basis (as a rule, gross weight at the time of
customs declaration). The actual gross weight (including transport packaging) may differ significantly
from the weight indicated on a delivery note.

Apart from any import duty, goods are subject to value added tax (VAT).
Value added tax amounts to 7,7% of the assessment basis. A reduced rate of 2.5% applies for certain goods (such as, books and magazines).


Paperwork and Swiss Customs for parcels sent from Canada

Having the proper paperwork is important when sending your parcel to Switzerland. Parcels can be subject to additional fees if it cannot clear customs due to missing, unreliable or incomplete customs documents. Fees for storage can be assessed for parcels that are held until the missing information is received or until the recipient or customs authorities take the decision concerning customs clearance.

Duty and Value Added Tax for shipments sent from Canada

As a rule, every parcel being imported to Switzerland is subject to customs duty and VAT.

Customs duties and value added tax are not charged if the amount calculated is less than CHF 5.00 per customs declaration, whereby customs and VAT charges are considered separately.


Can Gifts sent from Canada be imported Duty Free to Switzerland?

In general goods sent from Canada to Switzerland via courier valued less than CHF 50 (around $60 CAD) can be cleared duty free.   

Gifts sent from private individuals living abroad to private individuals in Switzerland are duty-free up to a goods value of CHF 100.00.

Notes on sending gifts to Switzerland from Canada: 

  • Goods purchased on the Internet do not qualify as gifts and thus subject to duty
  • To ensure the recipient of your gift is not charged any fees, we recommend using our prepaid duty service (DTP).

Valuation of Goods by Swiss Customs for Imported Parcels coming from Canada:

It is important to note that, when assessing value, Swiss Customs considers the transport cost as part of the good’s value.

  • We recommend our customers to clearly note that the value is the “CIF Value.” The CIF value is all inclusive and includes the Cost, Insurance and Transport cost (Freight).
  • Swiss Customs can assign a higher value if they deem the declared value too low.

Low value parcels imported to Switzerland

The upper limit of the goods value (incl. transport costs) for an import exempt from VAT is:

  • 8% VAT (applicable to majority of all consignments) => CHF 62.00
  • 2.5% VAT (special goods such as books) => CHF 200.00


Shipping parcels from Canada containing items to being repaired in Switzerland

  • Items of Swiss origin imported for repair can be cleared as duty-free provided the VAT value is no higher than CHF 1,250.00.
  • Goods imported for repair originating abroad are cleared for customs as normal or with free passage.
  • The consignee can claim the VAT back after re-export or clam the deduction of input tax (subject to a fee).

For goods that have been repaired abroad and are returning to Switzerland, VAT is only charged on the new material and the labour costs. However, these two elements must be clearly stated on the commercial invoice.


Shipping  Switzerland from Canada Carrier Options

Shipping parcels to Switzerland via Canada Post

Canada Post "packet" services provide low cost shipping options for Canadians shipping small parcels from Canada to Switzerland. Shipments sent via Canada Post are imported and delivered in Switzerland by Swiss Post.


Canada Post Delivery Shipping Services to Switzerland Include:

For shipping Canadian parcel post "packet" to Switzerland 

  • Canada Post Small Packet Surface toSwitzerland:  Uncertain delivery time
  • Canada Post Small Packet International Air to Switzerland
  • Canada Post Small Tracked Packet: Switzerland in 1 week


For shipping larger Canadian parcel post packages and pallets  to Switzerland 

Shipping to Switzerland via UPS and FedEx Canada

FedEx and UPS are North America's dominant couriers and offer - along with DHL - reliable express delivery from Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto to Geneva, Zurich and throughout Switzerland.    However, their service can be expensive for small and medium sized companies and their processes are often inflexible.

FedEx and UPS Canada Services to Switzerland Include:

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists

Jet Worldwide’s Parcel Delivery from Canada to Switzerland

Jet Worldwide offers low cost shipping for larger parcels sent from Canada for delivery throughout Switzerland. Delivery from Montreal, Quebec and Toronto to Zurich and Geneva can be done in as fast as 2 days.

Jet offers economy parcel delivery to Switzerland in 3-5 days from Canada

Shipping from Switzerland via Purolator Canada

Purolator Courier is a leading domestic carrier in Canada and offer international express delivery via partners - including UPS Canada.  



Switzerland and Canada have a Free Trade Agreement via the  European Free Trade Association/ EFTA (of which Switzerland is a member).    Qualifying Canada origin goods can be imported duty free  to Switzerland when accompanied by a qualifying origin declaration.
The origin declaration referred to in Articles 16 and 17 of Annex C to the Canada EFTAgreement is set out below:
The exporter of the products covered by this document [customs authorization No ...] declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of Canada/EFTA preferential origin.
When the origin declaration is completed by an approved exporter within the meaning of Article 17 of Annex C, the exporter's customs authorization number shall be included. A customs authorization number is required only where the exporter is an approved exporter.
Footnote 2:  Canada/EFTA preferential origin" means qualifying as originating under the rules of origin of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the States of the European Free Trade Association ( Iceland , Liechtenstein , Norway and Switzerland ).
Footnote 3:  The place and date of completion of the origin declaration may be indicated elsewhere on the invoice or on another document that describes the originating products and includes the origin declaration.
Footnote 4:   Articles 16 and 17 of Annex C provide certain exceptions to the requirement of the exporter's signature.
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  • Parcel Import from Switzerland to Canada
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Written by Timothy Byrnes