Understanding the duty rates and calculation before sending your parcels to Trinidad and Tobago from Canada and the USA. Jet helps you understand - and minimize - customs clearance costs. We also offer delivery duty paid service to Trinidad and Tobago from Canada and the USA.

Clearance notes for sending parcels to Trinidad and Tobago,

With the multiple ports of entry and multitude of items sent to Trinidad and Tobago, there is often confusion regarding the cost of clearance. Clearing costs via Trinidad and Tobago Customs is essential information for those wishing to send parcels to Trinidad and Tobago. Pricing and shipping times are largely dependent on customs laws.

Perhaps the most common question from our customers is how duty and Vat are charged by Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise. Businesses shipping to the Caribbean from Canada can contact our team to calculate their estimated clearance costs.

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Valuation and "landed cost"

Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise calculate the Duty on the "Landed Cost." Most shippers mistakenly assume that duty is calculated on their declared value.

To calculate duty, customs uses the “C.I.F.” value (Cost, Insurance Freight). This is also referred to as the “landed cost.”

Calculation of Landed Cost

Cost of the item
+ transport cost
+ insurance
= Landed Cost

Online Purchase Tax

Provisional Collection of Taxes Order, 2016

The Trinidadian Government imposes an additional 7% on goods purchased online and imported to Trinidad and Tobago.

Criteria for the implementation of the import tax include:

  • Goods purchased online
  • Parcels imported into Trinidad and Tobago by air transportation and "transit shed"
  • Parcels consigned to a consumer

Calculation of Duty for parcels to Trinidad and Tobago:

Duty rates average between 20% and 30% and calculated on the landed cost (as explained above)

Although duty rates vary by commodity and subject to change, most consumer commodities (including electronics and clothing) are subject to a 20% duty plus Vat (12.5%).

Duty Assessment

Item: New clothing
Landed Cost: $200 CAD
Amount in TTD$ (using 5.37787): TTD$ 1,075.57

Duty Calculation

Calculation for duty (landed cost x duty rate)
Duty rate for new clothing = 20%
Duty cost: $215.11 (1075.57 * 20%)

Duty Calculation with online import tax

Landed cost + 7%: 1057.57 + $75.29 =$1132.86
Duty rate for new clothing = 20%
Duty cost: $226.58 (1132.86 + 20%)


Calculation of Vat for parcels to Trinidad and Tobago

The Value added Tax (Vat) in Trinidad and Tobago is 12.5%. The Vat is calculated on the total of the landed cost + duty. Trinidadian businesses can often claim back the Vat they have paid.

So, to continue with the example from above:

Vat Sample Calculation

Landed rate + duty (1075.57 + 215.57) = TT$1291.14
Vat rate = 12.5%
Duty cost ($1291.14 * 1.125) = TT$161.39


Often, our Canadian clients wish to pay customs fees to ensure cost free delivery to their consignee (who is often a family member or client). Our Delivery Duty Paid service to Trinidad provides the option for the shipper to pay the Trinidad and Tobago Customs Duty and Vat.

Common Duty Rates for Parcels from Canada to Trinidad

Although duty rates vary, the fees generally can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Consumer commodities (such as clothing): 20%
  • Automotive parts: 30%
  • Educational Books for school: 0% (with no Vat)
  • Computer laptops and tablets: 0%


Restricted Items To Trinidad and Tobago:

The list of items that cannot be sent to Trinidad and Tobago are common to other destinations and include:

  • Pornography
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Certain Coins and currency
  • Any items that contain Camouflage patterns
  • Toy guns which closely resemble a real firearm
  • Goods with trademark infringements

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