Find the Cheapest Shipping UK to Canada

The cost of shipping to Canada depends on a few variables. The cost depends on package size, weight, address, timeframe, and the courier service you choose.

This guide helps you find the best shipping option to Canada from the UK.

  1. Royal Mail is the preferred choice in country for individual shipping personal items to Canada and the world.
  2. Market dominant carriers, such as UPS, FedEx and DHL have high base pricing but discounted delivery can be obtained via authorized resellers. Get a comparison shipping rate to Canada from the UK.

This post explores of the main elements of international shipping to Canada from the UK for your business. Things to now including use of the best carriers, import clearance and how the UK Canada Trade Free Trade Agreement may help.

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Parcel Carriers shipping from the UK to Canada

Shipping Canada from the UK via Royal Mail

Many of Royal Mail services to Canada are the preferred option for individuals shipping small parcels and personal items to Canada from the UK. As a guide to find the best standard international delivery, start with Royal Mail.

If your customers are fine with a longer delivery time then consider Royal Mail. Parcel post surface may be your best shipping option to Canada from the UK.

Using the Royal Mail as a baseline, you can then look at additional options that deliver what you need. When shipping with Royal Mail, allow for additional number of days for your box to be delivered.

The advantage of Royal Mail tends to lessen - especially for a company- for heavier packages and when you require better tracking.

Shipping Canada from the UK Via FedEx and UPS

Most everyone knows FedEx, UPS and DHL. They are great shipping services. You can access them directly save more via one of their partners. See our freight form to request a quote.

FedEx and UPS UK list of shipping options to Canada include

  • International air express shipping from the UK
  • International economy deferred air shipping to Canada

Tracking on all their delivery services and faster delivery time is a primary advantage of commercial carriers versus parcel post. The guarantee is usually for delivery in Canada within 2 days via their express option.

There are several online reseller sites in the UK that claim to offer the cheapest rates available. Parcel Monkey, for example, seems to show up on all google searches.

These sites are helpful for individuals to get an estimate of an item you wish to be shipped to Canada. We recommend these sites for individuals. A business often needs a more complete service beyond what you might pay for shipping.

Shipping between the UK and Canada via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide is new for many but actually has been a trusted for over 40 years. A global supplier based in Canada, we provide value added solutions at origin and destination. Our transparency easy access helps cover your company's team in finding the best shipping option to Canada from the UK.

Contact our logistics team.

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Shipping cargo UK to Canada

Companies can choose between air cargo and sea freight. Cargo that ships via air usually deliver within around 1 week. Ocean cargo averages around 2 months transit  door to door.

LCL cargo from the UK

Less than container load - LCL - is a service that shares space in a container with different consignment. It requires and additional transit time to account for loading and de-consolidation.

FCL ocean cargo UK to Canada

Full container loads - FCL - can ship either via a 20 or 40 foot container.

Ocean cargo versus sea freight: Which is cheaper?

Ocean cargo's many surcharges can add significant costs for smaller cargo shipments. Consignments up to around 100 kilograms often have a lower price via air versus ocean.

Canadian Domestic Carriers

There are several options for Canadian last mile delivery. The primary choice is via Canada Post. Canada is a large country and delivery to low density outside areas is a challenge for commercial carriers.

A market leader in Canada is Purolator. While they are a subsidiary of Canada Post, their express network competes directly with other commercial carriers. Their main competition is UPS and, to a lesser degree FedEx.

Other Canadian carriers to consider include:

  • GLS (a division of Royal Mail and formerly Dicom)
  • Nationex (primarily Quebec and Ontario)
  • Loomis (a division of Trans Force)
  • Canpar (also a division of Trans Force)
  • Intelcom (last mile subcontractor for Amazon)

Reverse Logistics from Canada to the UK

For information on managing the returns for you online orders, contact our Canadian logistics team.

Often return solutions, even for large projects, are small by comparison. We provide support for your customers to ship from their home via a local postal solution.

Different solutions are available to help you take charge of your returns. Our solutions include providing a local address and receiving Amazon removal orders.


Common Canadian Import Fees for Goods Shipped from the UK

Common import fees to Canada from the UK can include duty, federal and provincial sales tax, entry and carrier disbursement fees. It is important to know the way import fees may apply to your shipment. Read more about Understanding Canadian Import Fees.

Low Value Due Free Threshold

Canadian customs allows most goods valued under $20 CAD to be imported free to duty and tax. The process for clearing goods shipped via air express are cleared via customs Low Value System or LVS. Shipments valued over $3,300 or containing restricted goods do not qualify for LVS clearance.

Canadian UK Free Trade Agreement

The Canadian UK Free Trade Agreement allows goods made in the UK to be imported to Canada duty free. The benefit of preferential duty-free import applies to goods manufactured in the UK.

Simply being sent from the UK does not automatically grant duty-free import to Canada.

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