Quebec and Canadian merchants can easily sell to France by developing direct shipping processes that include prepaid VAT, low unit costs and no consignee import fees.   


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Carrier Shipping Options To France from Canada

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Shipping E-commerce to France via Canada Post:

For most e-commerce merchants, the best option is Canada Post - namely their international small packet service.  This service works well and can include tracking.     Shipments sent via Canada Post are imported and delivered to France via La Post.

New mandates regarding import compliance apply to both postal and commercial carrier clearance.  Having the increased burden of  managing VAT and duty payments, European postal operators often charge consignees presentation fees even for with prepaid VAT via  IOSS (see below).


Shipping to France via FedEx and UPS

jet-logo-vector-air 2North American mega carriers FedEx and UPS offer (along with DHL) express and economy air shipping options to France from Quebec and across Canada.   Their services, however, can be expensive and are often associated with hight import and "carrier disbursement fees" to the consignee.


Postal Consolidators to Europe for e-commerce from  Canada

Many European postal authorities have subsidiaries that take advantage of their unique access to the postal network and clearances.  These companies can offer low cost access and clearance advantages that may sometimes work.  Many of these companies route their Canadian volumes via their American consolidations.    

jet-secure-ship-vector-2022-webJet Worldwide:  Connecting Quebec Canada to France for 40 years!

Jet Worldwide provides a full range of logistics support to France from Canada.  Our extensive knowledge is shared via our market leading online resources (including this post!).  D

  • Direct shipping to France for online orders
  • Dedicated / specialized processes for specific product categories
  • Fulfillment and warehousing within France
  • Transport via our carrier partners
  • and.. most important of all.. expertise, transparency and trust.  Contact Jet.



IOSS to France and EU is not Mandatory but a great tool for shipping to Europe.   

The IOSS system allows Canadian companies to register and include payment of VAT as part their online check out processes allowing for prepayment at time of import and no consignee fees.

Registering for IOSS and Direct Import

Canadian  merchants can scale their sales to France virtually by registering with IOSS .   Contact our team  for information on shipping direct and assistance with IOSS registration via Jet.

  • IOSS:  Vat is collected at time of online purchase.  Marketplace Deemed supplier.  Voluntary. Once an operator is registered, they have to apply the scheme for all their shipments up to 150 euros.
  • VAT remains to be collected at importation.    
  • Special arrangements based on existing customs processes but only used in for consumer in each market.
  • Standard VAT collection remain from consignee

See section below:  Registering for IOSS.   



What does not change for shipments to the ?

  • Shipments valued under €150 are considered duty free but still subject to duty.  
  • IOSS is only for business to consumer sales.  
  • Canadian companies need to appoint an intermediary to register on their behalf


Opportunity for Panier Bleu sellers to France via prepaid VAT:

Jet Worldwide has developed direct import processes to France that includes payment at VAT at time of import with no charges to the consignee.

Shipping Canadian e-commerce to France


Steps for Registering for Import One Stop Shop:

  1. Register with an EU Fiscal Representative: Marketplaces and direct to consumer sellers outside the EU must appoint an EU  fiscal representative.
  2. Obtain an IOSS VAT ID Number: Note, although not necessarily confidential, sellers should beware of fraud and potential misuse of this information.
  3. Show the VAT rate and total due at check out : This transparency also meets the requirements related to consumer protection.
  4. VAT collected by seller: The buyer pays the VAT due at checkout (point of sale). 
  5. VAT and IOSS part of Data set required by EU customs: The required advance data /EAD sent to the national customs authority prior to shipping includes the IOSS VAT ID number.
  6. Monthly report and payment: The suppliers EU fiscal representative must submit an electronic VAT return on behalf the supplier along with payment.
  7. Data storage: The data must be digitally stored for 10 years


Jet Worldwide facilitates  IOSS registration for our Canadian customers using our direct e-commerce shipping options.

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