Best Shipping Companies in Canada

Overview of Shipping Companies in Canada

Shipping companies in Canada present challenges and opportunities. The best solutions depend on the profile of your shipment or shipments. The optimal shipping companies in Canada vary according to your needs.

Discover the top shipping companies making waves in Canada's logistics industry. We consider both the shipping of cargo, commercial packages, personal packages and e-commerce. Finding the best shipping company is an exploration into the world of logistics. Jet helps you find the right choice to fit your budget.

Shipping Packages in Canada

Market Leaders in Canadian Shipping for parcel delivery

The market leaders in Canada include Canada Post (and their subsidiary Purolator), FedEx and UPS. Most know of these brands. They offer access direct or via one of their brokerage partners (such as Jet Worldwide!). The base rates of each carrier start high. Discounts for express, expedite and ground are available directly or via their partners. Express services can be as quick as next day delivery to major cities across Canada.

These big names and more let you ship within Canada, to the US, and overseas. Choice the courier with the best combination of cost, delivery speed, and support. From the major cities of Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver to smaller towns across the vast expanse of Canada.


Shipping in Canada via Canada Post

Canada Post is the best option for individuals shipping personal packages. They offer the standard postal type options available both online and via a local post office. Having a presence across Canada affords convenience and easy access. Canada Post is a great option for smaller e-commerce companies. Note that it can take a lot of volume to get a significant discount. Reliability of postal delivery and tracking in general is less than commercial carriers.

  • Regular Parcel
  • Canada Post Xpresspost
  • Canada Post Priority

Shipping via Purolator in Canada

Purolator at division of Canada Post. They are a market leader in Canada with both ground and air options. They are a great option for both businesses and individuals. Purolator offers both time definite delivery and complete tracking.

Fedex and UPS, Canada

Both Fedex and UPS are among the largest shipping companies in Canada. Their range of services are similar and include both express and ground.


Emerging Shipping Companies in Canada

Other carriers to consider include

GLS delivery in Canada

GLS allows service to large business to business customers and attempting to capture a greater share of business to consumer market. GLS is a division of Royal Mail.

Nationex: Low Cost Ground Delivery in Eastern Canada

A local company good for business to business ground shipping in eastern Canada service area.

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TFI Carriers: Ground Freight Transport Solutions

TFI Carriers is A financial holding company with activities larger trucking. TFI parcel carriers representing around 15% of total revenue and include Canpar, ICS and , Loomis.

canadian parcel carriers graphic

Intelcom: Serving mega e-commerce shippers in Canada

Primary vendor to Amazon with independent "gig economy" drivers. Offering low cost parcel delivery for large e-commerce sellers.

Leading couriers in Canada have multiple hubs across the country. Smaller couriers tend to specialize in domestic ground deliveries. Some of these companies offer expedite air between major cities.

Global Cargo Shipping Companies in Canada

The cargo shipping options from Canada involve third party logistics or 3PL's. Cargo to and from Canada transport via truck and rail across North America. Supply chains also include and ocean for overseas shipping. 3Pl's provide intermodal transportation services. The utilize a combination of truck, rail, ship, and courier for the most efficient shipping solution.

For rail, CN Rail is Canada's major railroad. CN Rail is an integral part of Canada's transportation infrastructure. Their network covers thousand of miles across the US and Canada.

Canadian couriers and fowarders

Service Offering via Canadian Shipping Companies

Canada Domestic Shipping Solutions

For courier and package shipping, there are 2 basic types of service: Express or ground.

Delivery within each province, ground delivery is often next day. It offers the most competitive pricing. Express options are useful for a more certain next day delivery. The cost inter provincial delivery via express is a small cost premium versus ground. It is the shipping across 2 more provinces that the ground versus express transit time matters most. Express delivery from Vancouver to Montreal is within a day or two. Ground delivery takes around 1 week. Actual transit time depends on the destination address.

Jet Worldwide features warehousing along with Canadian distribution, forwarding for Canadian and international companies. The key to our success is to help you build, manage and maintain a supply chain solution.

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International Shipping to and from Canada

International shipping to and from Canada is available via multiple carriers. Domestic carriers, such as Purolator, partner with international carriers such as UPS and FedEx. International carriers in Canada include DHL. While they do not offer domestic services, they provide international shipping to / from Canada. Cross border shipping combines Canada resources with international expertise.

Shipping to the USA from Canada

While international, shipping to the USA is a category unto itself. Most carriers have domestic, North America (i.e. USA/ Canada) and International (overseas) categories.

Shipping packages between USA and Canada

For shipping to and from the USA, FedEx and UPS offer both international ground and air express. Local postal options (USPS and Canada Post) are best for individuals shipping personal packages. Postal options are preferable for many e-commerce shippers. High volume e-commerce benefit from consolidations and shipping direct.

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North Bound Delivery take advantage of trucking routes between the US and Canada. Tailor your services for reliable cross border shipping. Purolator international offers exceptional cross-border shipping services from the US to Canada. Jet simplifies the complexities of international shipping even. when using such solutions. We provide local warehousing and Canadian support.

Shipping cargo between USA and Canada

Most cargo ship either via Fedex/ UPS ground or via truckload. Pallets can ship either less than truck load or via full truckload. Less than truck load is the most common way to ship pallet freight across North America.

best shipping modes USA to Canada

Shipping services international overseas to and from Canada

For international shipping beyond USA
  • Canada Post offers small packet services, air and surface to most countries. These services are great for individuals but lack the rates and support necessary from commercial packages.
  • FedEx, UPS and DHL offer air shipping for both packages and air cargo
Shipping via Ocean to and from Canada

There are several carriers that provide ocean shipping options to and from Canada. See chart above.

Map showing Major Canadian sea ports

Exporting and importing cargo between Canada and overseas locations

Companies can choose between air cargo and sea freight. Cargo that ships via air deliver within around 1 week. Ocean cargo averages between 1 to 3 months door to door.

  • Canada LCL sea freight option: Less than container load shares space with other shippers. Additional transit time for LCL is due to the additional loading and de-consolidation process.
  • FCL ocean cargo sea freight: Full container loads  can ship either via a 20 or 40 foot container.
  • Ocean cargo versus sea freight: Ocean's many surcharges can make shipping via air less expensive for smaller cargo consignments.

Overseas shipping options import export Canada graphic

International Shipping Expertise

International expertise and support extends to networks connecting Canadian and international companies. Most domestic delivery services lack the expertise of cross border shipping. 

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Jet Worldwide combines Canada domestic delivery capabilities with cross border expertise. Jet is the leading resource for international shipping to and from Canada. Including Canada domestic delivery for international companies.

Shipping Jet Worldwide Canada

Jet Worldwide partners with Canada's leading carriers and local couriers to provide unique Canadian shipping and total logistics support.

  • Jet Worldwide: Providing Canadian and international shipping solutions for over 40 years.
  • Jet Worldwide provides options for Canadian domestic and international shipping for parcels, pallets and online orders.

Jet Worldwide offers transparency and world class logistics support.

Find a courier service with proven services. Check their online platforms and testimonials. And, get a get support from Jet's best in class logistics team. Depend on our reliability and high level customer satisfaction.

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