Phone manufacturers, including Apple, are moving towards “eSIM*.”If your carriers network does not support, you have to buy a physical nano-SIM. Nano-SIM Apple phones can still be purchased from Canada (most iPhone’s purchased in the USA are not available with a nano-SIM).

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Ship From Canada

Apple does not offer a physical SIM card for iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S.The US versions only offer embedded SIMs (eSIMs).

Does your carrier support eSIM?

Most worldwide mobile networks are working on updating their eSIM capabilities. If you carrier does not support eSIM and you want an iphone 14, your solution may be to purchase a phone from Canada.  

Jet Worldwide: Canada International Shipping for i-phone 14

We have been getting many requests regarding the possibility to ship an  i-phone 14 from Canada.  Our logistics processes and over 40 years of trusted service gives the confidence you need.

Get assistance with purchasing and shipping iphone14 Dual SIM (nano-SIM and eSIM)

Before going further, it is important to consider local import regulations and if the phone will be supported locally.  

Purchasing an iphone 14 from Canada

The iPhone 14 lineup sold in Canada still sport two eSIM cards and a physical SIM card slot. A set up similar to the iPhone 13. Apple also sells a unique versions of iPhone 14 models. Many still havea physical SIM card slot. In fact, in China versions include two physical SIM card slots.

Apple is likely working with global carriers to enable eSIM transition. Carriers are expected to be compliant with eSIM capabilities in the next year or so. In the meantime, you may want to order an i-phone 14 from Canada and have it shipped to you.

Most important is to check with your carrier to ensure you can use a Canadian iphone 14 with a physical SIM.

Do you need an Export Declaration for sending an  i-phone14 from Canada?

A Canadian export declaration is not needed to send an iphone14 as they are valued under $2,000. If you wish to send more than one phone a Canadian CERS declaration is required. Read more about CERS export requirement from Canada.

Can I insure the iphone  from Canada?

Yes, you can insure your iphone shipment from Canada.  '


What are the import fees for an iphone14?

The import fees depend on the duty rate of the importing country. It is important to understand the importing fees prior to shipping. For many countries, cell phones are often considered duty free. The correct HS code needs to be confirmed for import but an HS code often applied is 8517.12.00.00. 

How many phones can be shipped in one shipment?

There are three issues to consider when determining how many iphones can be shipped together. The factors include:

  • Value upon export (over $2,000 CAD require an export declaration
  • Carrier rules for shipping items with lithium Ion batteries
  • Import value threshold when a more restrictive formal entry is required 

Being able to ship a couple phones together can significantly reduce the per unit shipping cost.

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