The Chinese economy is booming with online purchases leading the way. Chinese consumers are eager to purchase from high-quality Canadian and American online sellers.

Jet Worldwide arranges for your online orders to be pre-labeled shipped direct via Hong Kong through Chinese customs. Parcel delivery has transformed the urban experience in China with countless couriers, electric bikes and three wheel carts delivering online parcels.

Interestingly, as China opens up their market to foreign carriers, more Chinese parcel companies are expanding into international markets.

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There are great opportunities for Canadian consumer goods firms to enter China through Jet's direct eCommerce processes. China is the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce market.

    • Online retail transactions reached over US $2 trillion in 2022.
    • There are over 700 million online consumers in China with an expected growth of online buyer to exceed 1 billion in the next 4 years.


Canada consumer goods firms can benefit from tax exemptions and reductions via integrated zones.

Tax exemptions and reductions

    • China has eased regulations on over the counter (OTC) medicine as consumer demands for self-medication and preventative care drugs provide market opportunities.
    • Imports to China of cosmetics and toiletries are showing ample opportunities for Canadian firms in the Chinese beauty market.
    • The healthcare market in China and Hong Kong is experiencing significant growth.

Cross border e-commerce will continue to grow alongside Shopify and other online platforms. Chinese purchases online from North America are significant due to the massive size of the market. We are able to provide service for high volume parcel shippers to China and expect to expand the service to allow direct shipping for all companies in Canada and the USA.

Jet Worldwide is building direct eCommerce shipping options to China for regular parcel shipments and online orders from Canada and the USA.

The "reverse flow" of shipping online orders TO China presents immense opportunities from North America. Contact our team for information and updates for shipping online orders from Canada and USA to China.

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Written by Timothy Byrnes