Jet Worldwide provides solutions to American and international retailers who are searching for new ways to take advantage of a new law that raises the threshold for duty free importation to $800 US. 


The tradition method of large bulk orders send via ocean, rail and truck to US distributions centres is being challenged by more direct methods.    Advanced methods of retailing involve shipping an order direct from the country of origin to the the American consumer following their on-line purchase.




Jet Worldwide helps retailers develop supply chain solutions themselves by providing industry insight, regulatory guidance to help develop innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage.   Direct connecting with consumers allows both international and American retailers to respond quickly to consumer demand, reduce waist, and dramatically lower inventory.   Goods no longer languish on ships, distribution centres and stores.


Using effective high volume parcel import programers, retailers can deliver to their customers within days from virtually anywhere in the world.


Jet helps retailers get closer to the actual service providers and manage (and, in some case eliminate) costly “logistic layers” the include Express Consignment Facilities (ECCF), Container Freight Stations (CFS), Customs Brokerage, Local trucking and handling to final mile delivery agents, and Express Consignment Clearance costs.    We try to develop a hybrid model the provides the most effective clearance within the regulatory guidelines.



Our team pulls together the expertise of a licensed customs brokers,  legal experts in customs law, and experts in express consignment (C.F.R. Part 128) regulations to develop a hybrid model that provides efficient clearance of your high volume parcel imports to the USA.


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Written by Tim Byrnes