Taken together, Caribbean countries represent a great opportunity for e-commerce platforms and sellers. E-commerce processes contribute to economic growth used for delivering everything from healthcare, business supplies, and direct to consumer purchases.

Caribbean countries share similarities and challenges when it comes to importing. Develop direct shipping options via consolidations and direct shipping for your online orders from Canada. Shipments via both ocean and air are part of finding the best solution.

Jet Worldwide and our partners bring a unified approach when shipping to the Caribbean

The great opportunity in shipping to the Caribbean is finding a delivery duty paid option. Efficient import clearance processes and having local support for final mile delivery.

We have experience helping businesses and individuals transport shipments - from packages to pallets - from Canada to the Caribbean. We help you find best in class logistics processes at affordable rates. Jet Worldwide offers forwarding services necessary for a strong Caribbean supply chain.

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What is the cheapest way to ship to the Caribbean from Canada?

The cheapest way for individuals to ship small packages and personal items is usually via Canada Post surface. For heavy household goods, many choose ocean barrel services. Both methods can take months to deliver. For shipping heavier parcels for delivery in around a week, shipping via a commercial carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL) can be a good option. A larger discount is often possible when using one of their partners (including Jet).

For distributions, last mile delivery and local logistics support contact Jet's team (www.jetworldwide.com/contact).

Beyond Ocean Barrel Services

Ocean shipping is a great option and, for the most part, well covered by the ocean carriers and their partners. Jet Worldwide does not offer general ocean shipping options but can do so as part of a broader logistics process.

Best Air Freight forwarding services to the Caribbean

Our air forwarding services are flexible, with a range of multi-modal (trucking from Canada to export hub in the USA). You can easily schedule shipments with tracking for fast affordable delivery to the Caribbean from Canada.

Our express team's goal is to provide reliable time delivery of all your Canadian online orders. We have decades long relationships with our logistic partners that transparently make available directly from Canada. Get unique access the Caribbean market for your company.

SIM Card i-phone from Canada to Trinidad and Tobago

Buying an iPhone with a physical SIM card from Canada

Phone manufacturers, including Apple, are moving towards “eSIM*.”If your carriers network does not support, you have to buy a physical nano-SIM. Nano-SIM Apple phones can still be purchased from Canada.

Arrange for the purchase of an iPhone and international shipping from Canada.

  • An eSIM is an industry-standard digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical SIM. While there are numerous advantages to eSIM, not all carriers support this technology.

Canada door to door delivery to the Caribbean

We offer door to door, door to port transportation services to the Caribbean from Canada, USA and Europe. Our commerce shipping solutions accommodate parcels of any size as well as specialized container transportation to the Caribbean.

Canada door to counter and local pickup in the Caribbean

Jet Worldwide provides a good opportunity to allow your customer to pick up the parcels from a local facility. This has the added advantage of flexible pickup times, payment of duty and identity confirmation. Such processes are important for credit card shipments, sensitive and other high value items.

Jet Worldwide has special services available throughout the Caribbean including destinations in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados.

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Shipping to the Caribbean from Canada, Europe and UK

We offer door to door, door to port transportation services to the Caribbean from Canada, USA and Europe. Our commerce shipping solutions accommodate parcels of any size as well as specialized container transportation to the Caribbean.

USA Miami and New York Hubs

The USA is geographically not far from the Caribbean and so our partners operate from Miami for direct air cargo connections to the Caribbean. From Canada, we can ship direct or via the Miami hub. We also offer discounted shipping via our global carriers partnerships.

Shipping Terms to the Caribbean

Duty payments to the Caribbean can be significant and need to be managed. Jet Worldwide's team helps you find ways to minimize import costs. You can also build a delivery duty paid option. Having no import fees is a key aspect to getting and maintaining your orders. Read more about shipping terms.

Multitude of Options Canada to Caribbean

The success of building sustainable e-commerce orders to the Caribbean depends mostly on the Caribbean shipping services you choose. Most important is finding a reputable carrier who is able to communicate the actual customs. Below market import costs are usually not sustainable or scalable.

Shipping Insurance to the Caribbean

Jet Worldwide offers package insurance as either the default option or on demand. Our flexible insurance options are offered at a lower cost than most commercial carriers.

Support for Caribbean shipping projects

Our team helps Canadian banks and international businesses with specific projects for shipping to a specific Caribbean country or the region overall. Our services include reverse logistics, in country distributions, warehousing and distribution directly from Canada. Contact our team for a consultation.

What is the lowest cost for individuals shipping from Canada to the Caribbean? Canada Post provides the lowest cost for individuals shipping small parcels to the Caribbean.


What does it cost to ship to the Caribbean from Canada

The cost of shipping to the Caribbean is around $52 for up to 2 pounds/ 1 kg to most Caribbean countries via Canada Post. The cost to ship 10 pounds/ 4.5 kg to the Caribbean from Canada averages around $150 via a commercial carrier and their partners. Get a shipping rate from Canada to the Caribbean.

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Building e-commerce Orders to the Caribbean from Canada

The best way to build your order volumes to the Caribbean is to build import fees free of charge to your customer. Build advanced freight cargo clearance processes with predefined costs. Shipping via ocean can be a good strategy but best if you have a faster, more time sensitive and integrated process.


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