Shipping from USA to Canada

Shipping from USA to Canada

When it comes to cross border shipping from the USA to Canada, there are several key factors to consider. Finding the most cost-effective solution depends on your shipment data . From choosing the right mode to understanding the logistics of international shipping to Canada. Jetship helps you find cheap shipping from USA to Canada.

The Cheapest Option Starts with Finding the Best Mode

The first step in finding the cheapest option is finding the right mode of shipping. In general, the best mode depends on the following:

  • Size and Weight of your consignment
  • Necessary speed of delivery
  • Regularity and shipping volume
  • Nature of the goods

best shipping modes USA to Canada

Shipping Mode based on Size and Weight

Cheapest option for individuals shipping personal packages to Canada

In general, the cheapest option for individuals sending international shipments is mail via the local post office.

Cheap Shipping from USA to Canada for commercial packages

The best option for businesses shipping small packages is usually via commercial carriers like FedEx and UPS. Discounts are available directly via the carriers or via one of their partner resellers.

Zone Jumping to Canada for commercial packages

American businesses can benefit by shipping consolidations direct to Canada. Clearing the goods as a non-resident importer, and shipping across Canada. Contact our team for details.

Cheapest option for sending e-commerce orders to Canada

The best e-commerce solution depends primarily on the volume of shipments. For occasional shipments, local postal options usually are best. USPS flat rate shipping option to Canada is a popular option for e-commerce orders. Tracking can be difficult via mail products. FedEx and UPS costs are simply too high. Even with +50% discounts.

Cheap Shipping from USA to Canada for regular e-commerce volumes

E-commerce sellers in the USA can benefit from shipping a bulk of orders directly to Canada. The goods consolidate product via pallets that travel via truckload. Cross border clearance is via a single entry. Injection of the goods to a Canadian carrier’s network follows customs clearance. The zone jumping method involves pallet transport, consolidation entry to customs, and final mile delivery via a domestic carrier.

You can save by shipping your packages within Canada. Local carriers include FedEx/UPS, Canada Post, Purolator, Canpar, Loomis, GLS/Dicom, and local couriers.


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Low cost Ground Courier transport options to Canada

FedEx and UPS offer ground service options to Canada. For heavier packages consider this option. It often ensures the cheapest option to Canada. The disadvantage of shipping ground to Canada is that it does not include customs entry preparation. This can be a significant cost especially for higher value shipments.

Affordable method to Canada from the United States is through a Web Reseller

Online resources are great for researching the cheapest shipping method to Canada from the US. This is especially true for occasional shippers and small packages. Their claims of huge savings is a bit misleading but a good tool to get you to click. While they can offer savings they often lack logistics expertise and in person support.

Shipping less than truckload from the US to Canada

If you’re shipping several heavy packages, the cheapest option may be less than truckload or LTL. The service is best when shipping a single pallet or several pallets to Canada. Customs clearance can be from the US or via the importing Canadian company. Read more about non-resident imports.

Common Canadian Import Fees to Consider

Cheap shipping from USA to Canada via full truckload from the USA to Canada i

Shipping a full truckload has the advantage of faster transit time and less handling. But of course you need the volume to make it cost-effective. This market is very efficient with truck brokerage technology leading the way. 

Contact Jets team for rates for LTL or full truckload to Canada from the USA.

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What other carriers are available for shipping from the US to Canada?

This post covers all the major carrier options. The cheapest way has more do with mode of shipping than choice of courier. For example, the base price of  sending via UPS Standard is similar in cost to FedEx ground.  It comes down to getting the greater discount. Discounts can be direct with a carrier or one of many resellers. 

Air freight: Fastest Transportation Option

The fastest way to transport your container is by air. Express cargo is the way to go when a faster delivery is necessary. Leverage North America’s interconnected network for delivery as fast as possible. Economy air freight offers the same type of benefit with minimal extra days transit.

I have to fill out if your shipment is over around 50 kg, contact our team for our cheapest spot quote for airfreight.

Air freight shipping options can include use of charter aircraft, couriers, and freight forwarders.

How to get the Best Shipping Price - Every time !

The best way to get the best shipping price every time you ship is to know the different modes. Mode choosing a carrier within each mode is the next step. Major carriers are for online price estimation tools. Provides a quick quote tool. Simply fill on the form below to get a rate quickly. Keep in mind that we recommend the local post for personal shipments. For shipping household goods, contact a moving specialist.

The major factors that impact price of shipping to Canada

Knowing what impacts the price of shipping to Canada can help you adjust within your control. Doing so will lead to the cheapest option.

  • The Size of your shipment

It is most important that you secure your shipment with proper packaging. It must withstand the rigours of courier handling. However overpacking can result in unnecessary charges. If the package is larger relative to its weight it is subject to volume weight.

  • Shipping distance impacts shipping costs

The greater the distance between pick up and destination usually results in higher costs. You may want to, for example, transfer your goods to a warehouse closer to the Canadian border to lower your shipping cost. Alternatively you can ship to Western Canada from your western resources. And Eastern Canada from East Coast USA.

  • Delivery address and remote areas

Canada is has incredibly large area. If your shipment is not to a major metropolitan area, it likely is subject to additional fees.

  • Comparing Courier Costs

The base rates of the FedEx and UPS are similar. To find the best estimate to Canada, start with USPS online parcel pricing tool. This provides a base rate to start from. Then visit FedEx and UPS sites to compare prices. There are also online pricing tool that appear in google searches. Such resellers can provide lower pricing but often their web centric models result in less customer support.

  • Shipping costs versus delivery speed

The faster the delivery, the higher costs. One to two today delivery via couriers are the higher price option. Especially for heavier packages. Ground delivery usually deliver within one to two weeks.

Shipping transit time to Canada

Shipping time depends on both distance and service option. It can take anywhere from a day or two via express courier. Ground shipments usually deliver within 1 week. Truck loads take on average 3 to 7 business days. USPS Priority delivery within 2 weeks.

Shipping costs for delivery to a home address

A key advantage of shipping via USPS is no surcharges for home delivery. Most commercial carriers will charge a surcharge to residential addresses. This fee is negotiable for high volume e-commerce shippers.

Other Cost Contributors when shipping to Canada

  • Special handling

Irregular shipments are subject to special handling charges. This can be anything from oversize, overweight or irregular shapes.

  • Address Correction

Address correction fees can apply even if there’s a small change to an address. Google maps is a good way to verify the address. For higher volume e-commerce shippers, best to incorporate address correction software.

Managing Canadian Returns back to the USA

Businesses shipping to Canada need a reliable return solution. Jet Worldwide provides a Canadian address and return solutions. Our support includes managing Canadian Amazon Removal Orders. Contact our team for details.

Shipping to Canada: How-to Guide

While shipping to Canada readily accessible, it is subject to an international border crossing. As such, standard import processes apply. This includes duty and tax assessment.

How-to-Video: Ship USA to Canada

Accompanying PDF presentation: Shipping USA to Canada

What You Need to Know About Shipping to Canada

Know that shipping price determination to Canada is by the type of package and several other metrics.

Understand Canadian Import Taxes

Most goods importing from the USA are subject to duty and tax. Many items shipping as gifts can import duty free if less than $60 CAD. Goods that meet the rules of origin under the CUSMA free trade agreement can import duty free. Read more about common Canadian import fees.

Shipping Guide For Sending to Canada

In conclusion: Finding the cheapest shipping option from the USA to Canada involves many factors. Notable determinants include shipment size and weight, necessary transit time, and the nature of the goods. Explore different modes of shipping, from air and ground couriers, to trucking and air freight , to cross border zone jumping.

For more information from our Canadian cross-border shipping team, contact Jetship today. Get assistance navigating the complexities of international shipping while finding the cheapest shipping option to Canada from the USA.

Best place to start for estimating shipping costs to Canada

Examine the couriers we cover in this post. All have online price estimate tools. Be aware of their services and restrictions. shipping times, and additional services. Pay particular attention to accessorial fees as they can be substantial. Jetship encourages the utilization of the service that give you the greatest benefit.

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