American and Canadian retailers are looking to the world for growth of their online business. The time is now for direct export / import to customers in Japan and other leading global economies. Jet Worldwide provides new commercial clearance ability for higher-volume package business shipped directly to Japan.

Kick-start your expansion to Japan with Jet Worldwide as your e-commerce logistics partner. Sell direct to Japan. Ship Direct.

Things to Consider for Selling and Sending to Japan

Japanese Consumers

Japanese consumers have extremely high expectations for cross border logistics services. This includes everything from transparency regarding import fees, transit times, tracking. Use a trusted local carrier with designated delivery slots and the ability to pick up packages.

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Ship From Canada

Using Fulfillment by Amazon to Japan

For many American and Canadian merchants, the preferred logistics for Japan is Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon’s FBA system offers several benefits for those already selling through the platform. For other retailers, it is preferable to protect their data and market position by managing direct logistics via other partners.

Rakuten for Delivery to Japan

Rakuten Super Logistics functions similarly to Amazon. American merchants can opt for warehousing, fulfillment and returns with Rakuten Super Logistics in Japan. You don’t have to sell on Rakuten's platform to use this service due to the multichannel fulfillment feature that’s similar to Amazon FBA.

Rakuten is the largest platform with more than 100 million registered members and annual gross merchandise sales (GMS) exceeding $27 billion per year.

Other Japanese Fulfillment and Distribution

There are several Japanese shipping and delivery companies to support the growth of online shopping. In addition, there are many Japanese courier services to choose from.

Using your local fulfillment for sales to Japan

As a way to reduce start up costs, merchants can choose to ship their international orders directly from North American fulfillment centers. Using air freight and express processes, the conveyance can be as fast as 4 days and usually within 1 week.

Payments for Japanese Orders

There are also a number of alternative payment options that have become popular including payment on acceptance and instalment payments. The list of participating banks and payment facilitators includes Pay Easy, Konbini, LINE Pay, and PayPal.

It is interesting to note that payment on receipt is a popular option via on Japan's over 50,000 convenience stores.

Making it easy for your Japanese buyer

Convenient delivery and popular payment methods are critical to success for online sales. This is especially true for Japanese consumers are conscientious of value and demand style and high quality products.

Partnering with a Japanese based company

To maximize their online sales to Japan, American and Canadian should partner with local partner. It is important for developing a Japanese-language website and conducting various promotions to increase traffic to a website.

If a foreign company, without a Japanese partner, wishes to proactively sell directly to consumers, there are a couple of options. However, it can be a challenge to find a distributor with competitive mark-ups.

Sales terms to consider when shipping to Japan

A key aspect of forwarding online sales to the world is controlling the amount of import fees charged to consumers. The default option for shipping internationally is Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). Common carriers use the term Ex Works (EXW) which essentially assigns all import related costs (duty, taxes and other fees) to the receiver/importer. Jet Worldwide's logistics team works with your business to minimize and eliminate import fees charged to your client.

Traditional Carrier methods for shipping to Japan

Utilizing parcel post for internet demands to Japan

The most common method for shipping cross border is via USPS or Canada Post small packet options. Items shipped via USPS have the advantage of postal clearance and usually the lowest unit cost. Jet Worldwide helps you access Japan Post last mile distribution options.

Consignment Shipping to Japan via UPS and FedEx

FedEx and UPS - along with DHL - provide reliable express options to Japan from the USA and Canada for e-commerce orders. These global carriers are an obvious choice. Yet, their unit costs are often too high and their ability to tailor the import processes are limited.

Send to Japan from Canada, USA and North America via Jet Worldwide

Jet Worldwide provides shippers from the USA and Canada direct access to cross border shipping to Japan, other leading economies. We also help businesses connect to attractive niche markets and regions.

How to Choose a Customs Broker for Japan? Customs brokerage services are a huge benefit to anyone looking to ship to Japan. Not only can they offer a range of different transport methods that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Customs brokers can also guide you through the customs clearances required and the actual process of clearance.

Import restrictions and other notes on sending parcels to Japan from Canada

For goods sent by international courier services, a customs broker clears the goods through customs. They can advance the duty payments such as customs duty to deliver the consignment to you. Payment is made either via Cash on acceptance or on account.

Note: Jet can provide DDP service to Japan to enable Canadian shippers to pay the import fees on behalf of the receiver.

Not all types of shipments are created equal. Shipping your catalogs of SKU's will require different paperwork, duties, and taxes.

CPTPP duty-free clearance of commodities shipped to Japan from Canada

Online orders from Canada - that contain Canadian origin goods - may qualify for duty-free import of Japan under the CPTPP trade agreement. Goods approved with proper ''proof of origin'' supporting paperwork can be exported from Canada for zero duty clearance in Japan.

It is important to understand that CPTPP applies to duty assessments but not taxes. All goods - even those cleared without duty - are subject to Japan's consumption tax of 10%.

Get a Quote for Shipping to Japan from Canada and USA

Jet Worldwide makes it easy for companies seeking for spot quotes for economy air shipping between Canada and Japan. Businesses can request a call back from Jet's logistics team.


Japan consumers are much like their North American counterparts with the expectation of full support product quality, transit times, and returns.

Jet helps you explore establish a logistics strategy as part of your overall customer acquisition planning. Selling your goods from distance requires being closer than ever to your customer: Wholeheartedly taking care of your customers.

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Disclaimer: The information in all Jet Worldwide online content is for general information only and is not intended to, constitute legal and/or tax advice. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this site are hereby expressly disclaimed. The content on this posting is provided “as is”; no representations are made that the content is error-free.

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