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Parcel shipping between Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and all of Canada

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  • Delivery across Canada for parcels and pallets
  • Integrated solutions for international access
  • Bi-lingual customer service support
  • Warehousing and reverse logistics


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Canada has trade agreements with most of the world's major economies. The good news is that Canada’s newest Free Trade Agreements make declaring a Country of Origin much easier by allowing the Certification of Origin to be included on the shipping paperwork. The ability to ship Canada Origin goods to over 30 major economies duty-free is a major competitive advantage for Canadian Companies. If you’re a Small Business Shipping Internationally, getting familiar with the available Free Trade Agreements can make it easier to reach foreign markets and can save your international customer import duty (and ultimately lower the cost of your product). Learn more about Shipping from Canada to other parts of the world, as well as Importing into Canada.

Jet Worldwide's logistics team is committed to helping Canadians expand to global markets by shipping to and from Canada. Our online resources reflect our best-in-class logistics to facilitate the international movement of goods. In our posts, we provide an extensive review of things to consider when shipping.

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