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Jet Worldwide has developed innovative new direct shipping options for shipping international online orders from Canada.

The key elements for shipping Internationally from Canada include knowledge of customs declarations to the target countries and last mile carrier.     Ecommerce sellers are going beyond simply choosing carriers but also building direct shipping solutions for both a competitive edge and to exponentially grow their to major international markets.  Contact Jet's team for information on building best in class international delivery solutions for online orders.

The "rest of the world" is no longer the "rest of the world"

For many Canadian companies, international means shipping cross border to the USA and then grouping all others as "rest of world."   At Jet Worldwide, we believe it is best for Canadian retailers to target specific countries or regions.  Doing so increases the likelihood of  success.   In other words, the best way to go global is to focus on local markets.


Build International Sales Direct From Canada

Jet Worldwide offers direct shipping and import solutions to the world's leading economies as well as niche markets.   Using selected targeting, sellers can scale their sales via a virtual presence in the UK, European Union, Japan, China and all world's leading economies.   Minimum volumes are required but the opportunity is incredible.  Contact Jet's team for an initial consultation.  Read about Jet's direct ecommerce shipping options from Canada.

Direct shipping solutions benefit from preferential duty free entry for Canadian origin goods, no charges to the consignee, tracking and lowest possible shipping costs.

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For many Canadian companies, international means shipping via Canada Post.    Jet Worldwide offers best in class shipping solutions to targeting regions, including the UK and European Union.

More Canadian sellers wish to remain independent of the mega platforms (namely Amazon and eBay) and sell direct to consumers.  The "go it alone" strategy requires that acquiring marketing and operational access that would otherwise be managed by the platform or, in the case of Amazon, logistics.    Jet helps direct to consumer sellers access low cost and best in class international shipping solutions.


Leading International Markets for Canadian Online Orders

The major growth opportunity for the  retail online marketplace is cross border sales.   Canadian retailers often serve niche markets - for example in winter wear - that are attractive to certain markets.   Furthermore,  Canadian retailers can embrace the value of being, well, Canadian.

The leading international markets for Canadian e-commerce sellers includes:

  • United Kingdom
  • European Union (see below)
  • China
  • Japan

Jet Worldwide has direct shipping, import and last mile delivery solutions to all the world's major economies.


Canadian Sellers Partnering with Local Domestic Brands

See Jet's ecommerce shipping ecommerce orders direct solutions from Canada (PDF).

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Ship direct to European Consumers

Via direct import solutions - Import One Stop Shop - goods shipped from Canada qualify for quick release by customs authorities.   

Shipping direct to Europe using IOSS processes

  • Prepaid VAT
  • No import charges to your European buyers
  • Tracking and rates that are lower than Canada Post

Jet has integrated our shipping service and provides preferred IOSS registration.  Contact Jet's team for details.


Custom Import Processes

Jet helps Canadian companies build durable, efficient import processes that can then be incorporated into the product listing.   

  • Harmonized System Code (HS):   It is not always necessary to include the HS Code but it is absolutely necessary that the codes are understood and implemented as needed.   Visit our blog on HS codes:  HS Codes for Cross Border Online Shipments.
  • Valuing your Item(s):  Although the correct declared value for import is most often the value of the sale or transaction, it is  important to understand methods of valuation.   Issues for valuation include whether or not to include transport costs, insurance, and/ or value added tax.    Visit our blog on valuation:  Declared Value, CIF and Valuation for international shipping.
  • Restricted Items:  It is necessary for online sellers to categorize shipments that may be restricted by virtue of the item itself or it may be permitted under certain circumstances.
  • Country of Origin:  Canada enjoys free trade agreements with most the countries Jet services.   Processes can be developed to ensure that  goods of Canadian origin (made in Canada) benefit from preferential duty free import.  Visit our blog regarding Canada's Free Trade Agreements:  Canada's Free Trade Agreements and Duty Free Import for  Online Orders. 
  • Value Add Tax:  Even goods that qualify for duty free import may be subjected to a value added tax.  It is a requirement when shipping online orders to many countries - most notably the UK and European Union members - that this be prepaid.  Jet helps companies understand and comply with these requirements. Read our blogs regarding: 

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Jet Worldwide provides transparency and best in class international e-commerce shipping solutions  and cross border logistics support.