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Discover Key Concepts for USA Importing

Section 321 / Part 128 Express Consignment clearance solutions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.


Jet Worldwide provides consulting services for companies seeking access to the USA and Canada e-commerce orders.

  • Unique "section 321 clearance" solutions for parcels valued under $800 USD    (* see explanation below of "Section 321")
  • Type 11 and new type 86 duty free parcel import 
  • Express (ECCF) and  cargo (CFS) clearance
  • Learn process online high volume parcel import to USA


Transfer your logistics flow from containers to parcels for direct connection from your overseas supplier to your American customer.

*  Technical explanation of Section 321 entry:   

"Section 321” is a subcategory informal entry,  allows the duty-free entry of a shipment valued less than $800 that is imported by one person on one day, with fewer documentation requirements.

The term “Section 321” is derived from this provision’s statutory source, 19 U.S.C. § 1321(a)(2)(C).   




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