For Canada based websites that do not ship internationally, Jet Worldwide Canada can receive your order and ship internationally via Canada Post or express carrier. We have added this service to meet the demand for help in ordering from Canadian online sites.

Canadian Based On-Line Merchants: Unique Offer

There are many uniquely Canadian products that international buyers would love to order. International buyers are often drawn to Canadian sites to buy what they otherwise are not able to get in their home market.

From E-Bay Canada, Reitmans, Tristan, Canadian Tire and Simons, Jet provides a Canada address for receiving and international shipping from all Canadian orders.

See the list below of some exciting - and uniquely Canadian - online merchants.


Jet's Canadian address forwarding service can consolidate multiple orders into one international shipment. Although many appreciate having the option to receive their unique Canadian order, the minimum charge for receiving and shipping just one item can be expensive.

Steps to Jet's Canada Address Receiving and Shipping Services:

  • Provide you with a Canadian Address and account code
  • Notify you upon receipt of your order
  • Store for up to 30 days and await additional orders
  • Prepare an invoice for customs and shipping labels.
  • Ship via economy express international carrier with tracking

Canada: A Unique Brand and Style shipping International

Mass market products in Canada mirror the US market and are easily available online by Amazon and in-store by Walmart. But, there are also many uniquely Canadian products that Canadian retailers offer within Canada. There is a demand from international buyers - not so much for price - but for uniqueness of a particular brand or style.

One advantage of having a Canada address forwarding service  is the ability to consolidate your Canadian online orders from multiple Canadian retailers.


Canada Address for your Canadian Orders

Jet Worldwide provides a Canadian shipping address to where Canadian online orders can be sent. Upon receipt of your online order, our team then:

  • Notifies you upon receipt of your order
  • Confirms the contents, weight, dimensions and shipping charges
  • Prepares an invoice for customs and forwards the package via economy express shipping.

The benefit of using Canadian address receiving services is the ability to consolidate online orders and better manage your international shipping from Canada.

jet world wide international parcel delivery specialists

International Businesses Ordering from Canada

International businesses can have their orders sent to our Canadian address for forwarding consolidation and international shipping from Canada. Canadian online market places offer access to machine parts, auto parts, dentists supplies and other goods used by international businesses.

Uniquely Canadian online retailers include:

Note: Due to web security issues, we do not provide URL links in the descriptions below. However, the Canadian sites below are easily to find via google and other search engines.
  • Sonya Lee: Vancouver based seller of leather accessories
  • Sustainable and ethically sourced items.
  • The Toronto based online merchant selling a uniquely Canadian Collection of fashion items.
  • A Toronto based consignment shop
  • Tristan: This Quebec based seller of goods offers a progressive uniquely Canadian style.
  • The Bay: Also known as Hudson’s Bay, this homegrown Canadian store offers a large category of goods online
  • E-Bay Canada: Jet provides assistance for ebay sellers and buyers who wish to send their parcels internationally.
  • Dress911: An independent online dress shop based in Ontario that offers vintage-style dresses and clothing
  • Frank and oak: Modern eco-friendly clothing
  • Boutique1861: Montreal based seller of prom dresses, graduation and wedding dresses.
  • Meundies: Online merchants specializing in under garments.
  • Laquaintrelle: A boutique based in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
  • Canadian tire: Perhaps best experienced by visiting in person, this iconic Canadian retailers offer a broad category of items with a focus on auto parts, outdoor hunting camping and hockey equipment
  • Roots: Uniquely Canadian clothing brand with over 200 stores across Canada
  • Jysk: A Danish seller of mattresses and storage solutions in over 40 countries, including Canada.
  • All Saints: A leading seller of leather goods.
  • Shop mango: Mediterranean style with a modern twist
  • Victoire Boutique: A true Ottawa-born Canadian boutique
  • TSOQ: Toronto-based boutique that features trendy and fashion items.
  • Oak + Fort: Vancouver-born boutique featuring minimalist clothing, shoes and accessories for women.
  • Partoem: A Montreal brand inspired by origami and jewelry with unique leather bags and small leather goods
  • Boutique 1861: This Montreal-based women’s boutique offers a selection of vintage inspired clothing and accessories.
  • Reitmans: One of Canada's largest women's apparel retailer and leading fashion brand
  • Laura and Melanie Lyne: Unique woman's clothing line
  • Suzy Shier: provides the latest and hottest fashion trends and exclusive collection available online.
  • Park & Province:  Canadian menswear boutique 
  • GOTSTYLE: Toronto premium menswear
  • Uncle Otis: Toronto based seller of menswear
  • Petit Lem: Montreal based seller of stylish children’s wear
  • mini mioche: All organic kid and baby’s wear designed and made in Canada
  • Drake General Store: Specializes in quirky gift items including mugs, cards, and clothing
  • Peace Collective:  Toronto based retailer with a Canadian pride with Toronto-based Peace Collective.
  • MACKAGE: Featuring outerwear brands made from leathers, down, and wool
  • DUTIL: Casual clothing and denim collection.
  • Joe Fresh: A Canadian fashion brand and retail chain including adult and children's wear and accessories.

Keep shopping Canada! There are many more Canadian online sites you can shop online with. Have your orders sent to your Jet Canadian Address for consolidation and shipping.

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Goods made in Canada? If the online order of goods were made in Canada, you may be able to take advantage of duty free import via the Canadian European Free Trade Agreement (CETA) or Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement (CPTPP).

Jet Worldwide can assist you with ways to reduce the shipping costs of your online orders from Canada. One way to is see if duty free clearance is possible for your Canadian online order.



Written by Timothy Byrnes