The U.K.'s official departure from the EU marks the beginning - rather than an end. It has been over 1,300 days since the UK voted to leave the European Union. And now,  a renewed sense of urgency with only 11 months to reach a final agreement.

For Canada and USA Logistics: Brexit has been a de-facto reality

All major companies have set up alternative EU distribution on the continent to ensure continued Euro-Domestic distribution.


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Trade to the UK from Canada and the USA will continue as usual under WTO (World Trade Organization) rules.


Free Trade with the USA?

Despite an eagerness from both the UK and USA, completing a comprehensive trade deal in only 11 months would be historic.

Completing a comprehensive free trade agreement with the US in only 11 months would be historic. Completing a free trade agreement with both the EU and USA - with conflicting interests - would be historic and heroic.

Points of Contention between the UK and EU


Free Trade?  Yes, but with Rules

The UK is leaving the EU largely to avoid  mandates from Brussels that  EU says are needed in order to allow preferential access to the EU.    The negotiations are largely about which rules the UK will agree to abide by in exchange for access to the EU.

Fishing Rights and Financial access

The UK wants exclusive rights to their fishing areas (that Spain and France now rely on). In order to maintain this access, the EU has expressed a willingness to allow greater access for UK's extensive financial industry.


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From Political Posturing to Negotiating Reality

It has been reported that UK officials are seeking to rebrand "Brexit" and use other terms. The EU does not want to overplay what many consider to be a stronger hand. Healing bitter divisions benefits everyone.

Experts predict the upcoming negotiations will be tense likely miss the year-end deadline. The EU cannot be viewed as favouring the UK over its own members who will remain bound by the very rules the UK rejected.

UK and EU Distribution

For most Canadian and American e-commerce sites, the largest online market place is the UK. The UK's status as a launching point to the EU has been negated.   Shipping and connecting to the EU now must happen directly within the continent as the tunnel with the UK will cease being a border free crossing.

Free Trade will Continue despite Nationalist Sentiment

The EU and UK dilemma  was scene at the time time as a sign of things to come.      Since the Brexit vote, trade mark free trade agreements have been signed or under discussion.   The new North American Free Trade Agreement passed with strong majority votes in the USA, the EU - Canada free trade pact (CETA) was approved despite a difficult approval process, and the Trans Pacific partnership of 11 countries is now in force despite the US backing out.    

Even in the UK, with strong nationalist rhetoric - seems willing - and indeed anxious - to agree to rules and regulations necessary to join other free trade pacts around the world.      

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Written by Jet Team