Sending international shipments is becoming ever more important as companies seek to compete in the global economy.

Sending International from Montreal 

Here are 3 things your boss wants you know:




1.  There are more options than just FedEx and UPS

Many companies that send international shipments limit their choices to either FedEx or UPS.  


While FedEx and UPS dominate the parcel delivery market in North America, there are other great options including other global carriers, regional specialists and domestic carriers.    


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Jet Worldwide Canada partners with the world’s leading international express companies as well as regional specialists.    Partnering with a multitude of international delivery specialists has given Jet Worldwide the ability to provide unique international delivery solutions from anywhere to everywhere.   


Ship Smarter 

2. Understand the basic requirements for sending your international shipment


Sending international parcels has become easier than ever with on-line shipping systems offered by all carriers.   However, it is important to understand the basics of valuation, customs classification using the Harmonized System, invoice requirements, and export requirements (B-13 for Canadian Customs, for example).



3.  The benefit from a multi-carrier policy

The major integrators have extensive services that are designed to provide a full range of solutions for their customers.   However, we recommend against choosing one carrier for all your needs.   


Advantages of using one carrier:

    • Leverage all you volumes for  a greater discount
    • Simplified processes 


Disadvantage of using one carrier:

    • Not having access to carriers with greater abilities for a specific location or commodity
    • Having one carrier limits your knowledge of the overall  market and new services of other carriers
    • Not having an option when your primary carrier suffers from service issues to a specific region.


At Jet Worldwide, we are proudly service as the preferred alternate carrier.    No company can match the capability of the integrators.    Similarly, the integrators simply cannot provide the dedicated service and customer support of Jet Worldwide.   


In fact, the vast majority of our new customers are a result of requests for special services by a company’s existing carrier and/or when an integrator simply cannot fulfill a special request.


As a person in charge of shipping, you understand the pressure of a service failure and having to find a solution!     Our Canadian team is backed by over 35 years of international experience and we strive to become a valued member of your logistics team.




Written by Tim Byrnes